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Every war needs a manufactured excuse And make no mistake- America's business is WAR.
Lusitania- total war bait- hello WW1- dead babies always gets them excited
Lusitania- total war bait- hello WW1- dead babies always gets them excited
Pearl Harbor- we knew the Japan code- moved our carriers to sea  WWII on a plate
Pearl Harbor- we knew the Japan code- moved our carriers to sea WWII on a plate
Gulf of Tonkin-Never even happened-Complete fable- Good Morning Vietnam!
Gulf of Tonkin-Never even happened-Complete fable- Good Morning Vietnam!
911- No USAF for HOURS-Bldg 7 falls-No Pentagon wreckage- Hello Iraq/Afghanistan
911- No USAF for HOURS-Bldg 7 falls-No Pentagon wreckage- Hello Iraq/Afghanistan
So where's the next government sponsored camouflaged "enemy attack incident" going to come from? Iran? Korea? An administration on the ropes and going down for the count. A good WAR might be just the thing to stop the impeachment bus as it roars toward the White House. Don't be surprised. Hey kids- 911 was an inside job. First thing you learn in college.

9.11 investigation topic pages 10.Sep.2018 23:08

see also

Re:9.11 investigation topic pages 11.Sep.2018 05:52

see also debunking conspiracies


Debunking 9/11 conspiracies:






link to globalbrief.ca

These conspiracies all have their origins in the far racist right going back to 2002:



And then for maximum lulz we have the Bentham Vanity Press Paper Chaser Fiasco created by failed scientist Steven Jones and assorted conspiracy loons:







"The Open Information Science Journal failed to spot that the incomprehensible computer-generated paper was a fake. This was despite heavy hints from its authors, who claimed they were from the Centre for Research in Applied Phrenology - which forms the acronym Crap.

The journal, which claims to subject every paper to the scrutiny of other academics, so-called "peer review", accepted the paper."

Snopes is BS 11.Sep.2018 09:48


give us a break

RE: "see also debunking conspiracies" — 11.Sep.2018 11:09


so a dozen decade-&-more-old links have "debunked" even the most recent postings to this newswire RE: 9/11?


InternationalSkeptics.com >> JREF >> James Randi, "magician". LOL 11.Sep.2018 11:13


'International Skeptics' forum huh?

started out as JREF James Randi Education forum...

NOW we are talking *credibility* with a capital C !

as in Conjuring.

Carnival roadshow.

Mentalist (in nightclubs).

Astrologer (in tabloids).

High school dropout.


Magician ("retired stage").


Randi was born on August 7, 1928 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the son of Marie Alice (née Paradis) and George Randall Zwinge. He took up magic after seeing Harry Blackstone Sr. and reading conjuring books while spending 13 months in a body cast following a bicycle accident. He confounded doctors who expected he would never walk again. Randi often skipped classes and, at 17, dropped out of high school to perform as a conjurer in a carnival roadshow. He practised as a mentalist in local nightclubs and at Toronto's Canadian National Exhibition and wrote for Montreal's tabloid press.

In his twenties, Randi posed as an astrologer and, to establish that they were actually doing simple tricks, he briefly wrote an astrological column in the Canadian tabloid Midnight under the name "Zo-ran" by simply shuffling up items from newspaper astrology columns and pasting them randomly into a column. In his thirties, Randi worked in the UK, Europe, Philippine nightclubs, and all across Japan. He witnessed many tricks that were presented as being supernatural. One of his earliest reported experiences is that of seeing an evangelist using a version of the "one-ahead" technique to convince churchgoers of his divine powers.

RE: Snopes / "hunt the Boeing" — Agreed. 11.Sep.2018 12:02

Evidence At The Pentagon

Explanation Of The Evidence At The Pentagon On 9/11

author: Wayne Coste and David Chandler

Wayne Coste's epic analysis of the evidence at the Pentagon (originally a 5hr 40 min video Powerpoint) is now available in easily digested chapter-by-chapter form narrated by David Chandler.

Wayne started this project when he was on the other side of the fence, convinced that no plane hit the Pentagon. He was working on a compilation to prove that case and ended up convincing himself otherwise. This represents a massive effort and deserves careful consideration and study.

I was reflecting recently on something Barbara Honegger pointed out. She said the Pentagon was the most important piece of the 9/11 operation, from the perpetrator's point of view, because an attack on the military turned this from a mere crime to an act of war, justifying military retaliation. It does not follow, however, that the evidence we need for proving government involvement is at the Pentagon. The evidence we need to show government complicity is at the World Trade Center. All that needed to be done at the Pentagon was to hit it with something...anything.

Ramming a plane into the Pentagon did not require any kind of fancy deception. The more blatant the better. If shrouding it in secrecy and false speculation helped throw the dissenters into disarray, all the better. What is required of the 9/11 Truth Movement is a mature assessment of the evidence...all of the evidence. There is no win in finding some spectacular deception. The "win" is in seeing the truth of the matter with clear eyes.

Is this the official story? Not at all. The official story is we were attacked by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. That is certainly false. Big planes hit the WTC, a big plane hit the Pentagon. That's what the evidence shows, and a clear look at the evidence is what provides a path out of the wilderness for the 9/11 Truth Movement.

evidence??? 12.Sep.2018 14:10


"the evidence shows a big plane hit the Pentagon.." NOT!!! It's exactly the opposite. Unbroken windows, no wreckage, no engines, no 40 foot tail section. They try and say the fuselage zipped right through that six foot hole and rammed right trough several concrete walls and it all disintegrated into fine powder just like the WTC. Including all the bodies. But somehow they ID'd them all through DNA. If you believe ANY of this official BS you must be an idiot.

yup? 12.Sep.2018 14:11


nope! The trolls really came out for this one.

rAT is officially a ("No Plane") Troll, with the others— 12.Sep.2018 14:20


For purposes of education and self enlightenment, rAT you may want to view the view the Wayne Coste presentation narrated by David Chandler.
(--> which is the opposite of "official BS", and refutes 100% your "unbroken windows, no wreckage, no engines, no 40 foot tail section, zipped right through" irrational droolings )

Yeah rAT (contributor of 'Trump Alien Kidnappings' to the Portland Indymedia newswire) is an official Disinformationalist Troll.

RE: the so called "truther" movement. 12.Sep.2018 14:23


so the U.S. government (including NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology — subsidiary of the Department of Commerce) explanation for what occurred on 11 September 2001

is still "alive" and well?

Yeah everyone still uses VHS tapes to watch movies at home. And dial up modems to access the internet.

As Long as the Truth comes from the Mouths of Whores ... 18.Sep.2018 02:21

Tracy Mapes

...You will be in the Dark.

Truther, Non-Truther, alike.

troll * 09.Oct.2018 19:37


" * " is a MAJOR troll. The infamous "No Plane Theory" refers to the belief that no jets were involved in the WTC attacks- that somehow they might be holographs or projections. It's laughable but it's there. But the "No Plane Theory" has absolutely nothing to do with the attack on the Pentagon. SOMETHING hit the Pentagon, but it sure wasn't a jumbo jet. So obvious too. There were bombs in the Pentagon according to many survivors. "911 Truthers are so UNFAIR to the victim's families!" they cry, but actually it's the families that fought Bush & Co. for over TWO YEARS for some kind of investigation. Bush & Cheney stonewalled the "sacred families for YEARS!" Anyone who really does a little homework will soon become convinced that the 911 Commission Report isn't worth wiping your dog's vomit up with.

wiping up rAT's vomit 12.Oct.2018 14:52


"SOMETHING hit the Pentagon, but it sure wasn't a jumbo jet."

a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11/2001. Those who assert otherwise are Disinformationalists who seek to undermine truth.

As noted ^^ above,
WATCH the Wayne Coste / David Chandler presentation :

no plane hit the fucking Pentgon 19.Oct.2018 12:19



liars 19.Oct.2018 12:27


A modern 747 jet cannot even FLY at that low an altitude. The air pressure at almost ground level would cancel out the needed lift and any stability- it's totally impossible according to pilots and technicians. Our own government murdered 3000 of it's own citizens so Cheney and Halliburton could make billions destroying Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted Uranium bombs and outraged 18 year old military recruits pumped up over 911.

Chandler & Coste are TROLLS 19.Oct.2018 12:41


Coste's entire presentation rests on some TREE BRANCHES that mysteriously moved around. Unbelievable! His videos do nothing but confuse and lead you down blind alleys. Read DAVID RAY GRIFFIN'S "THE NEW PEARL HARBOR". His intelligence and education ring loud and true compared to this 400 pound moron sitting on his bed making up lies about 911. I've seen literally hundreds of 911 vids and these are not only the dumbest but the most deceptive ever.

^^ ( three posts 19.Oct.2018 ) 29.Oct.2018 19:36

hey rAT

can you take a break from the internet for a while, please?

Nothing you posted has any relevance to the topic, let alone any relevance to the English language or logic/sense more broadly.

If you would like to actually _discuss_ a topic by taking facts and points piece-at-a-time and dealing with them / refuting-asserting them and the like we'd be happy to see it. Ranting and raving like a lunatic does nothing for anyone's image or perception of you (rAT) though.


( p.s. no, the Coste presentation does not rest on "tree branches"; obviously that was not the main point of the presentation and such a comment shows only your pathetic intellect and attempt to distract from the actual substantive facts and points which were carefully and clearly presented therein )