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Judge Kavanaugh Has Been A Foe Of Animals & Their Protectors

Kavanaugh's endorsement by the hunter dominated NRA, ruling against slaughterhouse workers, prosecution of the illegal Bush invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, antienvironment judgments, religious beliefs are some of several areas in which he has not shown consciousness of the rights of animals.
1. The hunter dominated NRA is spending millions to push for Kavanaugh's affirmation.
2. We are defined to some extent by those we cite as authorities. Kavanaugh's admiration for hunter, warmonger, racist, franchise denier, unionbuster, thief of the 2000 presidential election Scalia is regrettable.
3. Kavanaugh's opposition to environmental protection regulations has meant animals' water was poisoned or eliminated by drought, their air fouled, their earth made suffocatingly hot.
4. In 2010, a SeaWorld trainer was killed by a killer whale in front of a crowd of people. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ordered the company to take measures to keep trainers safe and said that SeaWorld knew these animals were dangerous. Sea World continued to appeal the case after the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission upheld OSHA's citation, which brought it to the D.C. Circuit Court. In 2014, the Court found that the business' current precautions were inadequate. But Kavanaugh dissented and called the show at SeaWorld a sport like many others.
 https://thinkprogress.org/brett-kavanaugh-sides-with-big-b... /
5. Senator Dick Durbin: 'At least 1/3 of workers in slaughterhouses are immigrants doing lowpaid dangerous hot sweaty work. Immigrants are pressured not toreport injuries. Exposure to dangerous chemicals, sexual imposition and child labor are common.
Judge Kavanaugh was one of the judges in Agri Processor, a Brooklyn slaughterhouse v the NLRB. There were 12 hour shifts, no overtime, 400 of the workers were undocumented immigrants (The owner knew they could not complain because of fear of police). If they complained they were fired. The plant owner was sentenced to 27 years in jail (Trump recently pardoned him).
Only Judge Kavanaugh of the judges assigned to this case before and after sided with the owner rather than the workers. He ruled that the workere were not employees,
though NLRB regulation said otherwise.' (typed from tv testimony)
 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/... /brett-kavanaugh-ruled-agai...
6. Not only human beings but animals, birds, frogs, fishes, butterflies and bees have been harmed by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which Brett Kavanaugh helped G W Bush initiate.
7. As a conservative Catholic does Brett Kavanaugh believe, as some bishops have taught in violation to the teachings of Jesus, that animals have no souls. If so that would affect his rulings on any animal rights issues.
8. Judge Kavanaugh is not a vegan or vegetarian which indicates that he believes his right to eat animals is greater than their right not to be eaten. As a circuit court judge, his
opinions are amplified.

Please ask your friends living in states with 1 or 2 Republican senators to call 202 224 3121 to ask
for a no vote on Kavanaugh. Please call talkshows such as
CSpan's Washington Journal (7 to 10 am EST) 202 748 8002,]202 748 8001, 202 748 8000 depending on party affiliation.



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