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Ryan Zinke Is Charging Taxpayers For A Trophy Hunters' Council

Trophy hunters rarely hunt for meat but because they love to stalk terrorized animals, murder them, see them
gutted, arrange for their stuffing by taxidermists and nail their heads to a wall.
Ryan Zinke has established a group of 16 trophy hunters, gun sellers, and meatmongersto promote trophy hunting at public expense. The 16 will be given travel expenses. There is a staff which will be paid, as well as other expenses. This group called the International Wildlife Conservation Council is considered illegal by a coalition of 20 animal rights and environment groups. The name of the council is deceptive, since all 16 members believe that the best way to conserve mammals is to kill them.
Although Donald Trump Sr. has called trophy hunting 'a horror show', he has done nothing to rein in or replace the former Navy Seal and trophy hunter Ryan Zinke, who has murdered an elephant and other animals.

A Maris poll done in 2015 indicated that 90% of the country disapprove of trophy hunting and 60% want it outlawed.

An image of an elephant pointing a rifle at Donald Trump Jr was posted to the redditblog. It was prompted by Donald Trump Jr's posting a picture of himself holding the tail of an elephant he had just cut off the elephant he murdered. Trump Jr at 1 of his properties has 5 hunter treestands
within 500 yards of his home. Your tax dollars pay for the Secret Service personnel who are forced
to trudge behind him as he murders animals in the Yukon, Montana, and other places. Trump Jr convinced Donald Trump to make Ryan Zinke, trophy hunter, the head of the Dept of Interior which is charged with protecting the nation's wildlife.

Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones and Michael Bieseker of Associated Press have done excellent reporting about the council. In response to Bieseker, one council member said
she'd killed a white rhino, not a black rhino. Their articles (links below) give biographical blurbs of 11 of the
16 members.



 https://www.facadatabase.gov/committee/members.aspx?cid=2636 16 members of IWCC, the Trump Zinke trophy hunting promotion group



Ryan Zinke has removed dozens of Native Americans from powerful positions, has massacred bear cubs, mustangs, endangered whales, opened the Atlantic coast to drilling, eviscerated fracking regulations

He is a trophy hunter, horse abuser, who has opened Yellowstone bears, Washington state goats, wild mustangs, the grouse, all animals in national parks to his fellow stalking hunters. He is currently trying to sell off national park lands.

'We are very aware that offshore drilling could lead to catastrophe' said Ryan Zinke.
Nevertheless he went ahead with drilling offshore of every US state except Florida.

Zinke calls himself a Theodore Roosevelt Republican. There is ways in which he is. Like Roosevelt he loves killing mammals. Roosevelt killed over 800 bears but is known for the 1 cub he made an orphan and saved. But Roosevelt wanted to preserve wilderness for all while Zinke is axing its trees, polluting national parks with oil drilling, mining,and encouraging mammals' bloodspilling.

He was a big lobbyist for the murder of bear cubs in Alaska's national wildlife refuge which Trump signed into law. Was this the first time that hunters were allowed to murder animals in our parks?


1. Zinke coordinated the passing of a bill which made it
legal for stalking hunters to murder bear cubs in their dens.
Every GOP senator but ailing Izakson voted for it. Not a single
Democrat or Independent did.
2. Zinke is working to have offshore drilling off of every Atlantic state. To accommodate Trump's Mar A Lago and executionergovernor Rick Scott's tourism business he exempted Floridaand is being sued by some other states. All marine mammals, reptiles, fishes, coral are endangerd by this. Besides the animal rights and environment aspects, NRDC.org has published the negative impact on revenue for coastal national parks
3. The slaughter of 90,000 wild mustangs and their roundup by
helicopters has gone ahead despite objection by 80% of the public.
4. Zinke is an avid trophy hunter and like Roy Moore likes to travel a lot on the back of a horse. He has killed mammals in Africa and attended a Safari Club convention. Less than 5% of the country are
hunters, some for meat, others for trophies. An examination of
serial killers in our country reveals that over 90% of them were
taught to kill in hunting, lab research on animals, slaughterhouses, or war. Dept of Interior press releases indicate he wants to extend hunting. it follows that if he is successful there will be more psychopaths.
5. In bringing hunting for the first time into our national park
sanctuaries and helped by the congressional (blood)sportsmen's caucus, (something Senator Rob Portman tried to do in the Bush
administration) he is terrorizing animals through stalking hunters,
and endangering the lives of all those who live near the park or work in it, to endanger visitors to the park.
6. Zinke is trying to end federal protection of the giant redwoods called sequoia, massive sentient pillars several millennia old, habitat for many animals.
7. Zinke is working to eviscerate NEPA in order to remove public power from his plans to give oil, deforested timber, minerals and ranchers federal lands at pennies on the dollar.
8. Zinke claims to want to prevent forest fires, but he is raising prices for entrance to national parks while reducing the costs of ranchers' grazing which deforests lands removing raininvoking trees
9. The world's 2 biggest bee killers, Bayer and Monsanto, recently merged. The world's bees have not recovered
from the apicides. Bees are still endangered but Trump and Zinke have just acted to end the ban on
bee killing insecticides.
10. Zinke rolled back hydraulic fracking regulations, and in
so doing endangered all people, animals, birds, fishes
and reptiles through poisoning the watershed and causing
earthquakes (Pruitt's OK has had 5000. Mike DeWine's OH has
had over 1000.)
11. Zinke in violation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,
of which the US was a signatory, has transferred out of more powerful positions
at DOI all employees with any tribal links, as he continues 400 years of violation of Native Americans by Caucasians.
12. Zinke insists a special flag be flown whenever he is in his office.
13. Zinke called Senators Murkowski and Sullivan to subtly threaten them, telling MurkowskiTrump wasn't happy that she'd voted against his truncation of health care vote
and threatening both to block energy projects in Alaska.
14. Zinke has acted on his announced plan to sell the lands of the people of the US to the highest bidders.
15. His excess travels including flights on military planes at 25,000 dollars per hour are being investigated.
16. His wife's use of tax supported planes is also being investigated.
17. Zinke has settled a lawsuit over his $5800 a month home in DC
18. Ever since the Teapot Dome scandal of 1921 to 1923, the oil industry has stolen the oil of public lands at ridiculously low prices. They are continuing to do so, ripping off the public for billions of dollars.. Zinke has violated transparency rules by meeting with them in secret (as Pruitt has done at the EPA paying $43,000 for a soundproof area in which to speak on the phone.)
19 Zinke's office doors cost $75,000 and were fixed at a cost of $139,000
20. Zinke and Sessions think California has no right to come before corporations in purchasing federal lands
21. As the Bueau of Land Management leases pieces of public land for drilling, mining, tree deforestation, cattle grazing etc.
Zinke has eliminated the public comment period before these leases are granted.
22. Zinke's role in creating more disaster for Puerto Rico lack of electricity by pushing Whitefish, is investigated.
23. Zinke violation of the Hatch Act in giving a speech to a team owned by one of Zinke's
contributors and his use of a chartered jet.
24. Zinke in a tweet asks what he should name the stuffed murdered bear he stands next to.
25. Trump and Zinke wildlife 'protection' board stuffed with trophy hunters
26. The Center For Biological Diversity has sued stating that Zinke has unlawfully withheld public records
27. Environmental, Tribal Groups Joined To Sue Over BLM's Stay of NatGas Venting/Flaring Rules, yet another favor of Trump Zinke Pruitt to petroplutocrats.
28. Zinke is an avid trophy hunter... attended Safari Club trophy hunters' convention... has hunted mammals in Africa.
29. Zinke has sided with killthrill trophy hunters re zebras.
30. Zinke in a tweet ridiculed the suffering a grizzly bear was put through before being murdered, his body stuffed. See link below.
31. In raising fees for the national parks and lowering them for megabutcher cattle and sheep ranchers who deforest the planet and cause forest fires and drought, Zinke has forced American taxpayers and those who abstain from killing animals for ethical, religious, health, or environmental reasons to subsidize his dictatorial action.
32. A Chilean billionaire had nickel and other mining leases in Minnesota renewed by Trump and Zinke after Obama canceled leasing. The billionaire rents to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
33. Zinke corruption involved giving a 300 million dollar contract re Puerto Rico electricity to his friends after Puerto Rico's hurricane. Many moons later Puerto Rico still has much of the island in darkness and mud.
34, Trump listens to trophy hunters Don Trump Jr, his brother and Ryan Zinke.. allowing elephant mass murder
35. Majority of National Park Service Board resigns citing Zinke indifference to their opinions
36. Zinke installs a prohunting video game in the employee cafeteria at DOI, as he continues to push his bloody trophy hunter ways on the many employees who find murdering animals heinous. Less than 5% of the US stalk animals in the woods. Some kill in order to eat toxic animal flesh but others kill because they love the thrill of bloodspill.
37. It was Donald Trump Jr who loves to murder mammals for trophies who pushed the candidacy of fellow trophy hunter Ryan Zinke with Donald Trump Sr.
38. Zinke and Trump want miners, oil drillers, tree axers and animal killers no longer to have to pay compensation for
the damage they cause
39. Zinke and Trump are working to mine for uranium in the Grand Canyon, which would be a travesty on 2 counts: the great dangers of uranium mining as well as marring one of the world's natural wonders
40. Don Trump Jr, trophy hunter of many species, convinced his father to make Ryan Zinke, trophy hunter, head of DOI. Zinke is using the DOI now to promote trophy hunting as a good thing. His cronies in this are the bloodlust killers of Safari Club Intl based in Texas.
41. Corruption between Zinke and Halliburton re a brewery
42. In August 2018 'The HSUS and HSI, with a coalition of wildlife protection organizations, sued Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and USFWS, to disband the IWCC, which has been stocked by the USFWS with trophy hunters and firearms lobbyists. The lawsuit seeks to ensure that federal wildlife policy is based on sound conservation science in order to protect iconic species'
43 Wilderness Watch and others have sued Trump and Zinke over plans to build a road in Izembek which was designated by law as wilderness.
44 Secretary Zinke issues memo to maximize federal water deliveries at expense of fish



1. Green light to the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. The Army! approved Dakota Access after Trump ordered it
2a. Allowed mining companies to dump poisons into streams
2b and power companies to dump boric acid leaks, sulfur compounds, nuclear waste etc into watershed
3. Reinstituted coal leases and mining on public lands... tree destruction, animal habitat destruction, stream pollution effects
4a. Erased rule requiring reporting of methane emissions
4b Instituted rule review which limited methane emissions at new oil and gas drilling sites.
4c Ended limits on methane emissions on public lands
4d Postponed a lawsuit over regulation limiting airborne mercury emissions from power plants.. mercury destroys brain cells
5. Cancelled an environmental rule regarding public land use
6. Ended the ban on carcinogenic insecticides including those made by Dow Chemical which met with Pruitt shortly before
the action was taken. Besides insects, birds, animals farmworkers and people are killed by the insecticide.
7. Allowed the murder of bear cubs in their caves and wolf pups... Zinke and Trump helped Rep. Young and Senator Murkowski of Alaska
8. Ended reporting requirements for greenhouse gas emissions.
9. Cancelled protection for tributaries and wetlands required by Clean Water Act.. endangering birds, reptiles, fishes, aquatic plants
.. wetlands are the kidneys of Mother Earth
10. Working to make trucks and cars' emissions more filthy and carcinogenic, thereby continuing to give more export money to Japanese, Swedish, German cars
ultimately hurting American car business.
11. Instituted reevaluation of the Clean Power Plan
12 In order to facilitate mining, treekilling and drilling at national monuments sites, started a review of national monuments created since 1996.
13a Endangering whales, dolphins, turtles, fishes, coral and other plants, a review of offshore drilling rules was begun, preparatory to later action
initiating offshore drilling on the entire Atlantic coast, harming many industries including tourism. Because of Mar A Lago and executioner governor
Rick Scott, Florida was exempted
13b The ban on Arctic drilling was also lifted..
14 Cancelled a rule helping public purchase more fuel efficient tires.
15 Delayed changes to pricing of federal grazing fees, oil, gas, coal, lumber on public lands
Postponed changes to how oil, gas and coal from federal lands are priced. Feb. 22
16 Endangered worker safety postponing a rule protectng workers from hazardous chemicals
17 Postponed regulations improving energy efficiency standards for some federal buildings, some appliances
18 Postponed regulations improving federal highway system.. safety, environment etc


Zinke has worked to round up with helicopters and slaughter almost the last of the wild mustangs.
Zinke endangered the health of all people, animals by poisoning the watershed and ending Obama rules about hydraulic fracking
He's been sued by the State of California
Zinke worked with Trump, the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, Senator Portman
who first tried to have hunting in natl parks in Bush adm. etc to bring stalking hunters into natl parks to terrorize animals and endanger tourists
Zinke has contempt for law in opening up billions of acres of federal land to hunters, deforesting fire causing ranchers' grazing, mineral extraction, treekilling lumber industries, oil and gas.
Trump, Zinke and others violate the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples In DOI alone, 1/3 of employees with tribal affiliation were transferred  https://shareblue.com/zinke-reassigned-a-third-native-american-staffers- Montana Alaska and elsewhere Zinke has moved Native Americans out of jobs at DOI
Cattle and sheep ranchers pressure for
grizzly murder
Zinke Trump and every single GOP senator except ailing Izakson voted to allow the murder of bear cubs in their dens
/> /> Oil co thieves don't pay going rate for federal oil
nor should they be drilling on federal lands at all
Zinke requires staff to fly special flag when he's in residence
Zinke opens up drilling in Atlantic and exempts Florida because of politics of Trump's Mar a Lago and execution gov Rick Scott
Sen Van Hollen of Md, Sen King of Maine, most Atlantic senators and governors oppose Zinke
Zinke corruption
Zinke deforester
Zinke is trying to end federal protection of giant redwoods
Zinke is trying to eviscerate environmental law
CSpan rebroadcast Zinke's testimony before Senate... Senator Tester and others ask penetrating questions while Sen. Rubio speaks of suffocating fish on federal
park land in Florida After the livestream is finished the link should be available
Zinke is raising prices on national parks while reducing costs of rancher grazing on federal lands.
Zinke lack of tranparency meeting with oil execs
CREW, a citizens ethics group, filed lawsuit against Zinke for lack of transparency about meetings with oil cos.
Zinke sued over grouse
NC plans suit against Zinke over ofshore drilling
Snator Udall questioned Zinke about following:
Zinke eliminates public comment period on oil and gas leases with BLM  https://climatewest.org/2017/08/07/zinke-eliminates-public-comment-perio/
Zinke working to sell the people's land to the highest bidder
Serial killers more than 90% have been trained to hunt vivisect or kill.
zinke wants more hunting
Avid hunter Zinke wants more trophy hunting
The DOI Inspector General is the wrong person to investigate Zinke's travel corruption
lawsuit re lolita zinke travel
Zinke passes on Trump's threat to Murkowski
Lawsuit over Zinke rental agreement in DC. Like Pruitt he has caused conflict over rental arrangements.
Zinke's office doors cost $75,000
Zinke: Interior's New Doors Now Cost $75K By 'Manipulating ...  https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/zinke-upgraded-interior-doors
Zinke doors cost 75 K... but their fixing cost 139,000
Trump and Zinke wildlife 'protection' board stuffed with trophy hunters
More on Zinke travel.. this time to Las Vegas
Corrupt Utah judge helps Zinke dismiss transparency
Ryan Zinke vs park loving clothing manufacturers
California sues Zinke DOJ sues California
Wilderness Watch works to protect Alaska from Zinke and Murkowski bulldozers
Federa; kidge ruled Zinke acted illegally re oil and gas prices, but failed to reinstate the regulations
Zinke violation of Hatch Act and use of a chartered jet to promote his own politics to the team of a Zinke donor
Zinke in a tweet asks what he should name the stuffed murdered bear next to whose remains he stands

Zinke role in the disastrous and incompetent Whitefish electrical contract for Puerto Rico
The Center For Biological Diversity has sued stating that Zinke has unlawfully withheld public records
Because of public opposition to Zinke's raising prices for natl parks while reducing prices for cattle rancher grazing, Zinke has rolled back some of the park increase.
Environmental, Tribal Groups Joined To Sue Over BLM's Stay of NatGas Venting/Flaring Rules
Zinke sides with killthrill trophy hunters re zebras
trophy hunters wishlist sent to zinke
scrutiny of zinke PAC
 http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/351434-zinke-putting-big-buc ...
img from couprising.blogspot com


homepage: homepage: http://https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/03/reality-stars-trophy-hunter/