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CNN Anchor: "Don't Denigrate Our Reporting".


CNN, the multibillion-dollar media network, had the guts to post ^ this video under their own account name on YouTube.

It is an interview of former governor John Sununu (a Cuban-born Palestinian-American who served as the 75th Governor of New Hampshire and later White House Chief of Staff under President George H. W. Bush), by CNN's Alisyn Camerota, who insists that her network's reportage of the White House's apparent unwillingness to issue official statements on the recent passing of Sen. John McCain "a truism" and was not to be doubted or called into question.

Sununu, when repeatedly asked about and pressed by Camerota on this tp[oc during the latter half of the interview, calmly states that he is only there being interviewed (as he'd been asked from the outset) to reflect on the life and career of Senator McCain.

Camerota sternly served the former governor with an explicit warning: "Don't denigrate our reporting." She imperiously continues to ask her program guest to genuflect and kowtow at the altar of CNN's indisputable "fact" journalism until the end of the 9-minute segment.
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