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Illegal Copyright Infringement by InvisionFree.Com and Taptalk.Com

Invisionfree.com of Bowie Maryland, without notifying the millions who had free websites through it, sold itself to Tapatalk of Santa Monica to a man calling himself Winter Wong of Santa Monica (address below) He has demanded payment for what were free sites. He has deleted content as well as
changing content in violation of copyright laws. Some groups and individuals are considering a class action and individual lawsuits against Tapatalk for its
criminal behavior. Neither InvisionFree nor Tapatalk notified millions of authors and organizations so that they might be provided with copies of their work
We demand that our content in entirety be restored by Tapatalk and that flash drives of our entire content be made available to us.

Below is the text of a petition by Change.Org about the situation.


"Tapatalk Group trapped us. They must let us leave with our property: our database
LFQ LeFrenchQuarter started this petition to Governor of California Jerry Brown and 1 other

Some time ago some providers of free forums (including freeforums.org and yuku.com) were taken over by Tapatalk Inc.
Tapatalk is developing its forums hosting activity (called Tapatalk Groups) to create a kind of monopoly in the field. These things happen. So be it.
The problem is that Tapatalk Group does more harm than good. All forums, taken care of by thousands of administrators and followed by hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, suffer from bugs which have created substantial damage, erased data, and suppressed basic features. Previously it had been promised that there would be no significant changes
We have obviously been told untruths. The user experience is a fiasco.
The worst thing is that the Tapatalk Team doesn't care at all, either fighting with or ignoring those who are not satisfied and arbitrarily deleting complaints/requests as well as banning those who try to make things better by pointing out their shortcomings. Liberty of expression is being trampled.
We need to leave this disaster and recreate our forums elsewhere and to continue developing our boards, which for some represent years of work and efforts.
Tapatalk doesn't hear that. They have trapped their users and reject any board owner's request to get his database back and move. Users who are more active in defending this cause are simply banned and will end up losing control over their communities. These are in addition to the unacceptable user experience Tapatalk forces board owners to give to their members.
Tapatalk offered unacceptable Terms of Service without regard to whether the previous boards owners accepted them or not. This is an attack on basic rights and is illegal. If the boards are not owned by admins and members, the content is intellectual property and must be returned to the rightful owners. Tapatalk should not force people to accept Terms of Service which substantially differ from those which were previously agreed upon.

Through this petition, we would like the Governor of the State of California to be aware that Freedom of Speech is being impinged by Tapatalk, a Company based in California. That is also detrimental to the reputation of other US service providers, who are seen as unfair to their users/customers through the policies of Tapatalk.

Tapatalk, Inc.
2105 Colorado Avenue, Suite 109
Santa Monica, CA 90404

We also inform Mr Sanjay Sabnani, Chairman and CEO @ Crowdgather, who heads Freeforums, and is also involved with Tapatalk. Note the policies of Tapatalk, which violates your Code of Ethics and neglects those people who are your revenue sources.

CrowdGather, Inc.
15165 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 245
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

A few examples of unacceptable behaviors (not related to our own projects) :


We request the right to have returned to us a fully functional back up of our databases, allowing us to move on. Although Tapatalk has bought the boards, they did not buy the people or that which they created. This is our intellectual property. Tapatalk has acted improperly and is behaving unethically toward the forum owners they took over.

Please forward this petition to all those who have been forced to migrate to Tapatalk against their will, to your members and friends.
Share your feelings and problems at #tapatalk #tapatalktrapped @tapatalk @crowdgather
Thank you



homepage: homepage: http:// https://www.change.org/p/tapatalk-group-trapped-us-they-must-let-us-leave-with-our-property-our-database