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Destruction of the American Family

5 Reasons the Government and Big Business gave the Green Light on the Destruction of the American Family.
by Tracy Mapes
SACRAMENTO,Ca--Money, Profit, Opportunity, Lack of Moral Conscience, Greed, and the 5. Elements that made it possible.
1. Dr. Spock and the introduction of 'No Spanking' of children during parental discipline. This opened the door to induce the feeling of "I can get away with anything, including the most basic tenets of respectful behavior.

2. The 'Feminist Movement' and introduction of most all Women to the workplace. Primary impacts that had the negative on the sanctity of the American Family all started with Children without dedicated care and supervision due to various Major Social changes that opened the doors of opportunity to solicit females into the work force, exposing them to the illicit implications of sexual affairs, for money, favor or threats of job security. And this was most especially true of the pressures put upon married couples.

These Two Events led to the Destruction of Head of Household: This basically opened the door to the destruction of the 'Head of Household', 'One Bread Winner' Model of Family Management. Along with the doubling of employment competition for men, and leaving them with the social stigma of no longer being able to maintain control of the Family unit.

Feminism becomes the Trap: Along with this,the additional pressures of having their wives pushed out of the safety of the home environment, only to be exploited in the workplace, where they were vulnerable to coercive sexual advances by wealthier men (their Boss') than their husbands, to engage in activities which would further erode man's feeling of maintaining his household, and ultimately destroy what had for Centuries form what had become the Standard Family Unit through outside, 3rd Party interference.

3. Divide and Conquer. Both Business and Industry took full advantage of these Family disabling events, to profit and destroy the Family Unit. With Lower Labor Rates, and a doubling of money earning consumers with the introduced mindset of 'Individual Satisfaction' and 'Materialism' over the Importance of Family Success, generation after generation.

4. Debilitating Poverty: With the New Family Management Model in full effect by the Mid-1970's, children became more independent and demanding of the Parents, to fulfill all of the expectations of juvenile competition to have or possess all of the material trappings to be in the "In Crowd" at school.

This made keeping up with all the New Marketing trends being fed into young minds, and the subsequent Cost without benefits increase. This along with having to have 2 Cars, 2 sets of work clothes, and the Pressure to "Keep up with the Jones' Mentality opened the door for One of the Most Divisive & Debilitating Advents in American History, creating the "Final Nail in the Coffin" of the American Family. Family Court.

5. Family Court, Law Enforcement and the Judicial Body Destroy America: This is where the culmination of all the New Society's pressures showed full, its ability to maim, destroy, separate, and ruin Families. With State Agents called such innocuous things as Child Protective Services, the government invaded the households that has succumbed to the oppressive demands of unbridled Capitalism run amok. Most Family problems, stemming from debt and the misfortunes of Credit to purchase all of the things Society told us that would make us civilized human beings, all start with the Financial Stability of the Family Unit.

Law Enforcement and the Court have taken full advantage of this egregious exploitation to further their own goals and enrich themselves at the expense of the Average Citizen, and Most especially the sanctity of the Safety and Security of the American Family.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes