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INFO: 2nd August Directives for review: Immigration and Copwatching

Below is the announcement posted 8.14.18 by the Portland Police about the
policies ("Directives") they are reviewing and on which they are seeking
public input. The community has 15 days to comment on the current
Immigration Enforcement policy, and 30 days to comment on their
Copwatching directive.
PCW supporters and allies

There's been speculation about the review of the Immigration Enforcement
policy being up for review-- the set review date was August 1 but the
PPB doesn't always follow their own calendar. This is important in light
of the (bogus) threatened lawsuit by ICE agents against the City for
failing to protect them based on their source of income, as a 14th
Amendment right... and the reality that the PPB responded to the ICE
facility numerous times during Occupy based on emergency calls, to block
traffic as federal agents pushed protestors out of their driveway, and
to ultimately sweep the encampment.

PCW made comments on this Directive last May:
including this:

In Section 3 it's also stated that the PPB can assist federal
agencies with "pre-planned missions." The old draft talked about
"mission[s] to enforce federal immigration laws." In theory, this
section would include such missions and are thus in conflict with the
prohibitions. Providing traffic control (3.2.1) or "law enforcement
cover" (3.2.2) to agents trying to deport Portland residents is akin to
aiding and abetting people engaged in criminal conduct.

As for the Copwatching policy, we made a large number of comments back
in March when these were posted. The 2nd review packet includes our
comments (and strangely, nobody else seems to have weighed in). The
"redline" version shows that the PPB made efforts toward incorporating
some of our suggestions, but in at least one case did the exact opposite
of what we said. They are proposing taking out a phrase saying a
person's video recorder needs to be returned with the content still on
it. !!.

Anyway, we'll have our new comments out on these before the deadlines,
they likely won't be terribly different from our old comments.
--dan h
portland copwatch

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Subject: Updates from Portland Police Directives
From: PPB Directives < PPBDirectives@PortlandOregon.gov>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2018 19:01:30 +0000

Updated Directives have been posted to the Portland Police Bureau website.


** 635.20 Community Member Observation of Police
2nd Universal Review- Drafting Comments Collected: 8/15/18 -9/14/18
PDF Document, 147kb
Category: Second Universal Review and Public Comment Period (/index.cfm?c=73678)
Read on  https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/article/694188

** 810.10 Immigration Enforcement and Diplomatic Immunity
1st Universal Review- Drafting Comments Collected- 8/15/18 - 8/30/18
Read on  https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/article/694180

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