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43 Million SNAP Users Slated for Extermination

by Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO,Ca-Hypothesis: Based upon all observations I have made over the last 9 years, the U.S. Government along with private security forces have implemented a program of Human destruction on a before unheard of scale. SNAP recipients, Homeless, Indigent, and anyone forced into that type of societal situation through un-natural interference in their lives, may be a Target.
by Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO,Ca-Hypothesis: Based upon all observations I have made over the last 9 years, the U.S. Government along with private security forces have implemented a program of Human destruction on a before unheard of scale. SNAP recipients, Homeless, Indigent, and anyone forced into that type of societal situation through un-natural interference in their lives, may be a Target.

Through the use and exposure to Directed Energy Weapons, EMF, Microwave and Laser technologies, Humans are being irradiated from Aircraft, and Ground Based Radar and frequency distribution via AC Power Grid and Cell Towers. While, I might be one of the first ones to say that sounds like Tin Hat territory? After Years of exposure, and interference in the daily going on in my life, have to conclude that conspiracy is falling far closer to the truth than anything that will ever be reported in the Media.

Certain parameters put in place by government as time moves along are becoming seemingly more hostile to the disenfranchised Americans, including cities like Cincinnati, Oh, which has virtually outlawed homelessness, or Lodi, Ca, where the homeless are being targeted by a city ordinance to no longer allow daytime pitching of tents which are necessary for the protection of disenfranchised Humans under harsh heat and weather related conditions.

Sacramento City, has decided to allow their shelter for the homeless to remain open for the next three months due to charitable funding and the need of protection for individuals from extreme heat conditions. Normally, the shelter was meant for Winter time use only, usually predicated by funding constraints cited as the driving factor.

On the outside, that seems like a conscious and well thought out humanitarian move on Sacramento City's part in this regard, but my biggest fear based upon trending behavior in regard to the mis-use of weapons grade microwave/EMF equipment, is that homeless shelters themselves will become the microwave "Kill Zones" of the future.

Government at this time is making some severely critical mistakes in regard to the over-all health of the American economy, which can only lead to more disenfranchised citizens. If this ends up feeding the Agenda 21 Population reduction goals, homeless shelters will be the last place anyone who intended to survive, would seek such assistance.

In my personal fight with the government, ray gunning for lack of a better term, subsided at the end of 2015 like someone had turned off the budgetary switch on the 1st of January 2016. This is after the loss of my sister Becky, to the same type of equipment misuse, and a trip for me to the Emergency Room under similar circumstances.

Ray gunning resumed at this location over the last three months, due, I believe, mostly to some of the latest outings of persons installed in government through criminal, rather than natural process, into key government positions, including names such as James Comey's firing, the firing of Donald Trump's Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucchi, and the early beginnings of White House Press Briefing's, Sarah Sanders-Huckabee's Sacramento location of origin, and Russian Lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya - AKA Stonya Stodimeyer out of So. Lake Tahoe. When you strike a nerve, government strikes back, despite the illegality.

All of these People can be traced back to the FBI at 4500 Orange Grove Ave. in Sacramento County, the DEA in Sacramento, or connections with the Reno/Lake Tahoe Mob which is also linked to Clinton/Obama election fund raising. These trends of government infiltration were not immediately apparent, and are a culmination of over 35 years of observation of practice and policy in the Sacramento, Reno/Tahoe Area. Here in Sacramento lie the Circus Masters of the U.S. Government.

Back to the assumption, need, cause, effect of having 43 Million People disappear of the Planet.

This is a situation that has been caused by greed within a capitalistic economic model fro so many years, that the profitable economic payoff to adequately satisfy those are accustomed to receive such benefit as the wealth of our entire Nation, can't justify the feeding and care for the 43 Million People that no longer show up on any measure of American Labor statistics. They financially no longer exist in the eyes of power, and are just an ever expanding burden as America itself is bought, sold and downsized by Wall Street and Corporate Global Interests.

So, whether you are a Social Security recipient, that had all of the monies paid into the Social Security system were squandered by your government before you were able to retire? Or? ...you're just unlucky because your job was sold out from under you over seas, or succumbed to the pressures of both legal and illegal immigration? You are no longer needed. Your Dying is the solution to the problem they allowed to propagate and ultimately take over your Country.

You, Me, and anyone who is not "Prospering", are not intended to survive their Mis-Management of this Country. We have been Voted off of the Island by Them.


Things to watch for?

Food Shortages, Water Shortages due to green/blue algae contamination and the fight between LA and Agriculture over water rights. Contaminated, Spoiled food sources being poisoned at at cheap food source stores, such as dollars stores.

Homicides of this nature are not being cataloged or reported.

Any Persons born before 1980, Aged 38 years plus, may be targeted for the following reasons, Age, Un-Employed, Homeless, SNAP/Food Stamps recipient, Social Security of Dis-Ability recipient, Political Dissenter, Concerned Citizen, Alternative or Counter Culture.

Persons born before 1980 are not inoculated for the Small Pox Virus. Any person 38 and older that received the Small Pox vaccine could potentially be a blood source anti-viral donor should the Military employ the Small Pox virus as a weapon against U.S. Citizens. So? ...You are now a problem.

The Red 'X' Society is certain that We Can Win this War against Humanity only as One People. Race, Gender, Economic Status, Political Leanings have to be put to the side for the preservation of Community and Common Sense.

Itís about time - a system abused by many hurting those truly in need 15.Aug.2018 11:31


Whenever something is free with no accountability it will be abused. This is unfortunate for those people who truly depend on SNAP.

Actually? ... 15.Aug.2018 12:50

Tracy Mapes

The pressures that created a 43 Million user base, are not within the control of the person forced into that situation.

An unusual anomaly of the Welfare Dollars is that is one of the only places that money expenditures by the Government are making their way back into the Economy for the maximum benefit for the entire Nation.

Other Government efforts to stem the tide of economic collapse generally are injected into things like the Auto Industry, and the Military which doesn't really help the small business community or the ordinary citizen.

Welfare Dollars, on the other hand, come in at the very base of the Societal Pyramid, benefiting every single tier on the Economic Social Ladder. Every purchase, whether food or alcohol is coming in at the bottom, and as each monetary transaction occurs, from the store clerk, to the truck drivers delivering corporate products, those dollars are keeping business' doors open to invigorate employment and those who haven't lost everything, some enjoyment of economy.

This is money that shares more social benefit in the generation of economy than any other expenditure in the purpose, or accidental consequence, to touch more lives in a positive element driving the U.S. economy because of it's large, but minimal dispersion pattern in depth, to create an Interest Free source of funding for services or products provided without attracting the attention of the Corporate Shark Tank to siphon the money out of the economy.

Those dollars will eventually make their way up the food chain like all dollars do, but the overall economic advantage to the Country cannot be dismissed.

So? ...The next time you see a homeless man eating a Popsicle outside of a convenience store? You might say, "Thanks, I knew you took the hard road".


The continuous example of Government printing 'Bad Checks' every fiscal year to maintain government itself, is no lees a Welfare System than the SNAP Program. And this constant greed and educational disaster that We as a People keep propagating that everyone has to be #1, and there are no 2nd place finishers, will certainly become the story and demise of all future generations.