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Video: Lawrence Tribe: To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment, 59 min

Presidents misusing power may even be strengthened by the impeachment process. A Senate delegation convinced Nixon to resign in August 1974. He did everything wrong and fought everyone including the media. Power can corrupt and reveal. We have a spineless Congress which makes our plight perilous. Is impeachment talk the best messaging? While impeachment talk may be dangerous, impeachment thinking is indispensable. Is American democracy in peril? Has Trump broken the law?
Video: Lawrence Tribe: To End a Presidency: The Power of Impeachment
by www.booktv.org
This book review was first broadcast in May 2018.

Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and lawyer Joshua Matz explored the history of impeachment and its potential role in the 21st century.


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("Has Trump broken the law?") Nothing whatsoever that would _impeach_ him. 14.Aug.2018 10:05


Impeachment of a U.S. president can occur when a majority of Congress in both parties can come around to it.

That most certainly is not, and will not, be the case with Donald Trump.

The "best" that anyone has even remotely approached coming up with is salacious sex tapes from his "reality TV show" era (which was threatened over 2 years ago during the presidential campaign and never surfaced).... Even good old Bill "Blowjob" Clinton wasn't fully impeached by the United States Senate vote (2/3 majority required, and no member the Democratic Party voted guilty on either of his obstruction of justice or perjury charges). Not to mention, if the Democrat-let hysteria actually results in impeachment of Trump we get: Pence. See below for more on how much on the side of the 'good guys' the Democrats are.

The problem (of 21st century and it took the country decades to arrive at this point) isn't the U.S. presidency, or the executive / legislative / judicial branches of U.S. government. Shadow government and deep state are the problem: CIA, NSA, "Federal Reserve" (<--which is neither of those 2 words), IRS, DEA, DHS, NRO, Military-Industrial-Complex, multinational corporate lobbyists, U.S. corporate mass media et al.

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Totally Irrusianal 18.Aug.2018 01:27

by Paul Edwards

August 17, 2018

Enough with accusations. Let's assume the worst. Or maybe you think of it as the best. Let's stipulate that Trump, never mind how, is the helpless tool of evil Putin. Putin posted social media attack rants to sow confusion and doubt in American minds about their country, and ordered the DNC hacking to expose and discredit Hillary on Wikileaks and get his puppet elected. What follows? What was his grand purpose, the endgame?

So, as President, Trump was Putin's abject slave. What did Putin want? Diplomatic relations. Trump expelled a hundred Russian diplomats. He demanded sanctions against Russia be dropped. Trump added more. He ordered Trump to stay in the Iran deal. Trump dumped it. He directed Trump to de-fund Kiev's neo-Nazi regime and drop demands to give up Crimea. Trump said no. He told Trump to cut the military budget. Trump increased it. He insisted Trump get out of Syria. Trump refused and had to be forced out. At Helsinki, he may even have asked Trump for-gasp!-a nuclear arms control deal. Trump demurred. No go, Vlad, said the slave.

One would have to say that, to date, Putin's having Trump by the plums has produced no great triumphs. How can that be? What slavery is this? Either you have leverage or you don't; you can exert pressure or you can't.

Ah, but one bonehead military braintruster has revealed that it's all about undermining America's "moral authority" in the world. That, you see, is Putin's truly diabolical desire. Never mind all the oppositional policies and antagonistic acts by Trump; they are but clever cover for a far more sinister plot by the fiend Putin to diminish our cherished respect in the world mind.

One might have thought our grotesquely vicious blood-and-horror shows in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria would have sufficed to render our "moral authority" moot for Putin since we no longer have any, but not so.

There is evidently no limit to his malevolent passion to see America become the most hated nation on earth, and he wants it done-the gods know how!-faster than we're doing it ourselves. That being so, one might suspect his evil meddling reaches far back to Clilnton, the Bushes, and Obama, but that' s not how the story goes. What Putin wants Trump to do is to eliminate non-existent admiration and respect, a tough order indeed.

For the sake of rigorous inquiry, let's set aside the poor performance Putin is getting despite his deathgrip on his victim, and speculate about what

Vlad Teufelsdreck might ideally hope for with a slave who honored his obligations better. If you've followed me so far, his goal seems clear.

He wants to recreate a Russian Empire and rule the world. This may not be obvious from his actual behavior but we need not be fooled by mere evidence. After subverting, disarming and occupying the U.S.-having asked Xi and China to hang tight while he conquers his moral authority-impaired foes-he will then turn on China, just as Hitler did on...

Can you go on with this line of bullshit? Can anyone? Taking an honest look at the wild goat's nest of irrationality and deceit behind the claim that Putin has any hold of any kind whatever on Trump, and then parsing the implications of that idea, the infantile fatuity, the mind-numbing idiocy of the whole sham has to slam one like a hi-balling train.

An assertion of fact is, in logic, a premise, which is a proposition supporting a conclusion. The assertion that Trump is Putin's puppet supports the conclusion that Trump must obey his will, which, QED, is howlingly absurd.

Clintonista Corporate Democrats, obdurate in hara-kiri mode, have gone all in to attack Trump with this baseless fantasy rather than blister him for the glaring evils he has actually perpetratred. That would be damned awkward for them as many of their big donors are just fine with the looney fiats of the Imperial Pagliacco. And, their ploy has failed. Trump's riding them out.

They've embraced the Goldwater mantra, "Better Dead Than Red", and are stoking the fires of the gullible for a face-off with Russia. Gearing up for that Big One would be a jackpot for the War Machine. It could gouge out a far fatter hunk of budget than they've gotten beating up defenseless little nations and it'd be fat city right up to the point where Russia, generations ahead of Aunt Sam in weaponry, tore The Empire a great big new one.

If this desperate madness persists, we may yet have both Trump and war. It may be as Kafka reflected: "There is infinite hope... but not for us."