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Joint Base Lewis McChord Says AntiFa Is A Domestic Terrorist Organization

The JBLM Force Protection Division - AntiTerrorism - has declared Antifa to be a domestic terrorist organization that "creates violent confrontation" and poses a danger to military personnel.
The JBLM Force Protection Division - the same military organization that conducted attacks on political activists, ordered false arrests and detentions of individuals that opposed the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and engaged in a systematic pattern of harassment of the families, homes, and friendships of Port Militarization Resistance supporters - has now set its sites on Antifa.

From documents obtained through FOIA and from information provided to us by friends at JBLM we see that the JBLM Force Protection Division continues to collect information about Constitutionally protected political activity. They have stated that Antifa creates violent confrontation and "fully fits the definition of a domestic terrorist organization". They have ordered personnel to report - directly to the Force Protection Office - any suspicious activities or information gathered about Antifa or individuals participating in Antifa activities. The say to gather information at events - photos, names, vehicle plate numbers - search social media for Antifa posts, and to remember that "nothing is too trivial to report". All information obtain will be shared with their "intelligence sharing partners" they say.

If you show up to support Antifa, to oppose Proud Boys and other Nazis in our community, to call for an end to ICE, or anyone of a 1000 other socially responsible political activities you could easily find yourself listed in a JBLM database of domestic terrorists.

This isn't new. They have done this for years  https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2017/09/23/18803121.php and will continue to do this until there is a strong enough demand that this illegal activity be stopped. #OCCUPYJBLM

if you oppose the Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy you will be profiled. 04.Aug.2018 11:58


this is a given in the 21st century.

You are a designated 'domestic terrorist' if you do anything to oppose the implemented Federal U.S. government which is the Protectorate for the Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy. Inclusive of all forms of speech, telecommunications and internet-based transmissions (not merely planning-instigating actions such as protests, demonstrations).

As far as military installations such as JBLM: take your life into your own hands messing with those facilities. Poking the hornet's nest.

all of the ^ above are excellent reasons to doubt the U.S. government explanation for what occurred on (kickoff event of the Global War On Terror) 11 September 2001; and subsequent implementation of USA Patriot Act, creation of Department of Homeland Security etc.

Criminals in JBLM Protection Division 06.Aug.2018 15:26


I work on JBLM and have serious issues with what goes on in DES and the Protection Division. There is no way that what they are doing can be legal. I've tried to report my concerns but only get told to keep my mouth shut and not worry about the antiterrorism guys (Mr. Vessels and Mr. Rudd). I am not the only one here that is concerned about illegal activity in DES, but the "leadership" won't listen and will do nothing about it.

Directorate of Emergency Services Totally Corrupt 09.Aug.2018 09:18

Friends in Pierce County

I don't work for JBLM, but I used to work for the county and would have to interact with the post sometimes. The Directorate of Emergency Services and the Protection Division (it's part of DES) is one of the most corrupt organizations I have ever had the displeasure of associating with. The Protection Division supervisors - Rudd and Vessels - show a complete disregard for civil rights and constitutional protections of people in the community.

This is no secret and it has gone on for years. If you question JBLM or DES they list you as a domestic terrorist and do everything they can to ruin your life.