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Portland Aug 4 Help Antifa Push Back Nazis

Move to front page please.

Kick Joey Gibson and his Nazis sorry asses back across the river.
Resist Patriot Prayer: Violent Alt-Right Bigots Off Our Streets

Saturday August 4 at 11:30 AM
Tom McCall Waterfront Park Portland OR 97124

Patriot Prayer is bringing White Nationalists to Portland again. At their last event on June 30th they brought in out of state Alt Right celebrities and brawlers to create what was the most violent confrontation to date in Portland. It was a thinly veiled excuse to attack vulnerable communities and leftists. They want to send a send a message of intimidation to any and all people that oppose the fascist, totalitarian direction the US is currently headed in and swarming on progressive cities is part of that program. Patriot Prayer is bringing national Alt Right figures like Gavin McInnes and Alex Jones to our city. Our community must stand up and defend itself from Joey and his Alt Right goons.

History has shown that militant resistance is a necessary and important tool in the fight against fascism. We make no apologies for the use of force in keeping our communities safe from the scourge of right-wing violence. Make no mistake, these people are coming here with the intent to harm and threaten people. If you look at any of their forums they are filled with disturbing, Turner Diaries type fantasies of purges and cleansing the streets of those they seem undesirable. If you look at their year-long pattern of behavior there can be no confusion about their objectives. The genocidal ideas they espouse and their belligerent tactics should not be dignified with a debate. They need to be routed.

We are proud of the courage that antifascists showed on the streets on June 30th. We were in a 3-way fight. Outnumbered by both the cops and fash individually and we still came away with stopping their march. It was a tough battle, but we stood our ground and risked or sustained arrest and injury to do what is right. We need to do the same but with larger numbers on August 4th.

We must be that front line. We may not be muscle bound gym rats, we certainly aren't the sort of sadistic bullies we are facing, but never the less we have to go out there and be the ones willing to physically protect people already under attack in our communities. We are regular people called to do extraordinary things. That is the historic moment we live in. So if you are someone that has the capability and the courage to be able to do this too we say to you: this is the time to act. Be prepared, be smart, but do not be a bystander.

We realize there are many valid reasons why people cannot necessarily engage in physical confrontation. There are plenty of ways to help besides that. Be a medic, stand together with others to create a shield that people can duck behind, create a distraction, cop watch. There are any number of creative things that can be done to help. But we all must work together. To defeat the rising tide of fascism in the US it is important that leftists of all stripes stand in solidarity. We encourage people to come out and show their opposition in whatever capacity they are able. We will abide by the St. Paul principles:

1. Our solidarity will be based on respect for a diversity of tactics and the plans of other groups.
2. The actions and tactics used will be organized to maintain a separation of time or space.
3. Any debates or criticisms will stay internal to the movement, avoiding any public or media denunciations of fellow activists and events.
4. We oppose any state repression of dissent, including surveillance,infiltration, disruption and violence. We agree not to assist law enforcement actions against activists and others

Eugene Antifa
Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective
Rose City Antifa

. 31.Jul.2018 01:41



badda 31.Jul.2018 11:51



Alt-right, White Supremacists Will Be Armed In PDX A4 31.Jul.2018 16:51


Another Charlottesville? Threats of violence loom over upcoming Portland Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer rally
July 25, 2018
Hatewatch Staff

Since early last year, the far-right groups Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys have held more than a dozen rallies throughout the Pacific Northwest under the banner of "freedom" — and with talk of bringing weapons and declarations that "this is war," members are threatening to make next weekend's march the most combustible yet.

Update: Since this story was originally published last week, Patriot Movement AZ announced they were dropping out of the Portland and Berkeley rallies. Instead, they will be holding their own event in Tucson called "Refuse Alt-Left Fascism." The status of the August 5 rally in Berkeley is uncertain after a rash of infighting and an announcement from Gavin McInnes that the Proud Boys "DISAVOW" the event. Berkeley rally organizer Amber Gwen Cummings still plans to hold the event, but has warned attendees it "is not gonna be someplace you're gonna be safe." Joey Gibson condemned Cummings' original decision to include the American Guard in the Berkeley rally, but will still attend.

Gibson also made explicit Patriot Prayer's intention to attend the Portland rally fully armed. "We've always had guns at the rally," he said. "Everyone should be carrying around guns at all times, especially people in our situation."

These events have always been about exhibiting machismo, but — as political divisions in the country have grown — they've developed a more targeted purpose: far-right activists taking out their aggression on political opponents. As Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes once put it, "Fighting solves everything."

Or, as their slogan goes, "Fuck around and find out."

The glorification of violence was indisputable late last month, when the Proud Boys found a new hero on the streets of Portland. At a rally hosted by Patriot Prayer, 28-year-old Ethan Nordean — a burly member of the "Western chauvinist" group who goes by the moniker Rufio Panman in a reference to Stephen Spielberg's Peter Pan film Hook — knocked out a black-clad counter-protester in a single swift punch.

A video of the hit went viral, landing Panman a chummy interview with McInnes and another with Alex Jones on Infowars. It even earned praise from those who normally mock the Proud Boys for their bizarre conventions: matching black-and-yellow polos, rules against masturbation and initiation rituals that include screaming the names of breakfast cereals while being beaten by fellow members. "I'm never makin fun of proudboys again," Jesse Dunstan, co-host of the white supremacist podcast "The Daily Shoah," tweeted in response to Nordean's punch.

On Patriot Prayer's private Facebook page, a member rejoiced as he speculated about the medical consequences the counter-protester suffered, writing that after video ended, the person began "having a seizure and I'm like good!" Another responded, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

Nine people were arrested at the event. The Portland police declared it a riot after deploying flash grenades to break up the brawling crowd of far-right marchers and anti-fascist counter-protesters.

The June 30 melee, which featured violence that echoed last summer's rally in Charlottesville, has galvanized Patriot Prayer, the Proud Boys, far-right activists and keyboard warriors around the country. Convinced that returning for another rally is the only way to counter the left-wing menace they see plaguing Portland — a city Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson recently said was "disgusting" and filled "with so much darkness" — Patriot Prayer has scheduled another rally for August 4.
The next Charlottesville?

This time, the conceit remains the same but the potential for violence may be greater. As they have done for many prior rallies, Patriot Prayer (a group Gibson says he founded in 2016 to counter allegedly rampant street violence against Trump supporters) has preemptively declared any violence an act of self-defense.

But the group intends to create a combustible situation where brawls against counter-protesters are virtually guaranteed. As they've done before, Gibson and the Proud Boys can then hold up these clashes as evidence of rampant left-wing violence that supports the right-wing conspiracy that the left is out to start a civil war.

Left-wing protesters, Gibson said in a recent speech, "are literally foaming at the mouth with pure hatred toward us, and it is spiritual."

If, as Gibson insists, the upcoming rally is both an exercise in free speech and a campaign event for his U.S. Senate run, then the decision to get "suited and booted," as one Proud Boy put it, and march through Portland is an odd choice. Gibson doesn't even live there, but in Vancouver, Washington — the state he is hoping to represent in the Senate. What Portland does have is a reputation for being one of the most liberal cities in the country, as well as a large contingent of anti-fascists who will turn out to face them in the streets.

The plan for this rally is different: Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys do not expect to be disarmed by law enforcement like they were at the last event. Open carry is legal in Oregon, even without a concealed carry permit.

Patriot Prayer also intends to keep the event location secret. Gibson has stated that the rally will be downtown, though not in Terry Schrunk Plaza, a federally owned park where Patriot Prayer usually holds their events. Guns are prohibited in federally owned facilities in Oregon.

In addition to Proud Boys who will be bused in from Vancouver, a number of other groups from outside the state are planning to attend. Those include anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim outfit Patriot Movement AZ and the Hiwaymen from Arkansas, a group led by "Confederate Patriot" Billy Sessions that attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Even far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has said he may attend.

The combination of violent rhetoric, promotion by far-right media figures and growing interest from extremist groups around the country threatens to turn Portland into the next "Charlottesville."
After the Portland rally, Gibson and many members of the Proud Boys plan to travel to Berkeley, California, for a "No to Marxism in America" rally on August 5 — some via buses they've chartered to transport people from one rally to the next. Both groups also plan to participate in nationwide protests on August 18, called the "National March Against Far-Left Violence."
"We're gonna have to get some swollen fists"

The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer members have taken on a markedly more aggressive tone in the aftermath of the June 30 rally. "There will come a day when antifa will meet their match: about 30 guys or more with AR15s with bum [sic] stocks," a poster wrote on a Patriot Prayer Facebook page after the rally.

"NOT me," he continued, "because I don't condone violence. I'm just laying down a prediction."

Gabe Silva, a leader of the Sacramento Proud Boys who is a regular at right-wing rallies on the West Coast, made a frank call for violence in a Facebook video he streamed days after he attended the June Portland rally. The little political substance in Silva's rambling 32-minute video, which he captioned "Portland... the game has changed," centered on his opposition to communism and belief that antifa — the bogeyman of the far right — has some nefarious plot to spread it throughout the U.S.

But Silva's vague complaints about "universal moralism," "gender fluidity" and high taxes were overshadowed by his repeated insistence that violence is the only way forward and, in fact, inevitable. "The time is now. We're gonna have to get some swollen fists. We're gonna have to get some swollen fists. We're gonna have to fight, alright?" he said.

"Guess what antifa?" Silva continued, "We are pissed off Americans. We're coming for you. We're not playing no games no more. You like what we served up? We got more where that's coming from." He repeatedly bragged about their apparent victory in the streets of Portland and, numerous times, declared, "This is war."

Though Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys claim to fiercely believe in free speech, Silva's tirade uncovered a major caveat in their defense of the First Amendment. What they want is to be able to speak without consequence, but they don't believe those same rules should apply to their political opponents, who should fear reprisal — sometimes in the form of violence — when they shout back.

"We're coming at you," Silva said. "You're not gonna run your mouth about communism to us without getting smacked."

Perhaps realizing his angry speech belied the Proud Boys' oft-repeated argument that they only act in self-defense, Silva has since removed the video from Facebook (despite declaring at the end, "I said what I said, and I believe it with all my heart!").
The "green light"

Others, including Gibson, have helped fuel the "patriots'" belief that they alone can save the liberal Pacific Northwest. In a Facebook video about the upcoming rally, Gibson told his followers that the police intend to treat the event as "mutual combat," meaning that each side willingly engages in the fight and, therefore, will not be given police protection.

In response, Jen Loh of San Antonio, who helps coordinate with Patriot Prayer while running an organization called Texans United for America, took Gibson's post as proof that the police had essentially given them permission to engage in violence. "[I]t means that if you show up to a fight that means your [sic] willing and there is no law broken," she posted on Facebook. "So either you stand up and take that dam [sic] green light you've been given or stay home and let it spill over to your own city."

Portland public information officer Sergeant Christopher Burley told Hatewatch the Portland Police Bureau "will intervene to the best of its ability whenever there is a life/safety issue." Burley sidestepped a question about Gibson's characterization of the event as "mutual combat."

"Crowd management events are complex incidents that require a balance of many different interests and factors," he said instead, adding that officers "are not able to immediately appear wherever a violent act may be occurring."

Because the Police Bureau does not know what venue will be used for the August 4 rally, Burley said they could not comment on whether rally attendees would be disarmed by law enforcement at a security checkpoint, as they were at the last two Patriot Prayer rallies.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation confirmed Gibson has not sought a permit for his march. Telephone messages left Tuesday with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's office and emails to Sen. Jeff Merkley's office were not returned, nor were phone and email messages to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's office. The Federal Protective Service in Oregon and the Department of Homeland Security also did not return calls or emails.

Patriot Prayer's private Facebook page has been replete with references to violence since the June 30 rally, when its membership began to tick upward. There are now more than 1,200 members, roughly 200 of whom have joined in the past few weeks.

One poster created a poll that presented the group with three options: "Arm the group and train," "Don't arm the group but train," and "Don't arm the group and don't train." About an hour after it was posted, 15 had elected to arm the group, seven believed they should only train and one voted to do neither. "I've always been pro training and arming folks," a poster responded."Close quarter street fighting, riot control & shield tactics."

In another post, members discussed tagging counter-protesters with dye or spray paint so they could be identified later. They mused about creating a "spray team" using skunk spray. One man suggested they should "brainstorm abiut [sic] pepper spray delegate outside park." "I'm telling you," one particularly sadistic member wrote, "food dye in sugar water. The insects will fucking love it. Also you can soak habanero peppers in the sugar water overnight to make the experience really interesting."

In a comment on one of his videos, Silva said marchers would carry bear spray on them since the police would not be disarming them before the event.

"What it's gonna take"

Andrew Allwander, who posts under the name "Jim Baker," has championed violence in the private Patriot Prayer group. A martial arts instructor from Eugene, Allwander attended the most recent Patriot Prayer rally with a handkerchief masking his face. Last year, he posted a tribute video to Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman, the leader of the Proud Boys paramilitary wing Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights and repeat felon, titled "How to Become a Based Stick Man: Kekistani Martial Arts & IRL Weaponized Autism."

"Communists only understand Force," Allwander told members of the group. Later, when others began to push back against the rampant glorification of violence on the page, Allwander lashed out. "If you are not going to August 4th please stop telling people what to do when we are defending ourselves. Do you realize we MAY DIE AT THIS RALLY? You think it's not that serious??"

He's not the only one talking about martyrdom. In a video from July 9, Silva told viewers, "This is a true war and, you know, at some point — I hate to say this — someone's gonna probably get injured pretty bad." But apparently that's the entire point, because only through acts of violence can they get the attention of politicians they believe are friendly to their cause.

"You know," he continued, "maybe that's what it's gonna take to bring this to national attention, for maybe Trump to step in and say 'You know what? This is ridiculous."



Community DOES NOT support You. 01.Aug.2018 06:45


As A Community Member I Do NOT Support Your Street Gang Violence IDEOLOGY.

both Antifa and WNs / Neo-Nazis, equally and intentionally provoked the disgraceful and threatening display of Violence in downtown Portland yesterday.

Antifa = Violent Street Gang
Proud Boys = Violent Street Gang
Patriot Pryer = Violent Street Gang

I do not care about, or care for, either PBs / Prayer or Antifa's "ideology" or claims to either intellectual or moral "superiority"

Shove your violence up your collective asses (where all your heads currently reside)

sit on youre ass 01.Aug.2018 08:12

Do Nothing ?

then sit on your ass and do NOTHING (but ridicule those who make a stand)
white Supremacists come to town and YOU WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT IT (we got it)
(but flap your lips)

"sit on youre ass white Supremacists come to town"—You BET YOUR ASS. 01.Aug.2018 08:47


sure as ***t I'm gonna be "sitting" here,

with a cold one cracked. To comfortably view the head crackings on live stream.

Entertainment for the masses (after all, Rose City 'Antifa' purports to represent The Masses do they not?)

You are the ones pimping it "stand together" [actually it is Street Gang Violence but convince your own selves of righteousness at any cost] right here on the community's Indymedia venue.


and neither will you.

Nothing will occur as a result of your 'action' (apart from medical care and social media/internet search engine results for "portland antifa knockout" and the like).

the world, U.S. culture et cetera will continue on its path. Nothing you "do" in the streets on August 4th will have any impact on how culture, let alone social-media-iPhone-addled culture, functions.

Antifa = Violent Street Gang
Proud Boys = Violent Street Gang
Patriot Pryer = Violent Street Gang

Lol 01.Aug.2018 09:13

Fuck You

Underscore under achieves again. Loser.

The Japanese Soldier On That Island... 02.Aug.2018 07:53


.... who kept fighting WWII ten years after it was "over" -- remember him? Well that's what this is. It's the Fake Allies against the fake Nazis. In reality, real fascists are rather rare. There are a few in the Ukraine, and maybe the neocons qualify. These fools who are the so-called "white nationalists" have simply been sold a bill of goods by super-rich manipulators such as the Koch Brothers.

The term "white nationalism" makes no sense at the end of the day. I am a "nationalist" in the sense that I think we should keep up with the tradition of having nations, since that's how it's been done since forever. If you want you can demand an end to "housingism" and insist that we all take the locks off our doors. Or you could demand an end to "clothingism" and we would all have to go naked. You could demand such things. Your call.

As far as the "white" thing, I am a "white" person in the silly sense that I would be generally regarded as such. Do these things make me a "white nationalist"? No. And besides, only albinos are actually white -- the so-called "white" people are actually beige people.

So they are not "white nationalists" -- they are simply the victims of the fake "white nationalist" franchise that is owned and operated by the rich puppet masters.

And the "Antifas" are not "antifascists" -- since there aren't any real fascists. The "Antifas" are also owned and operated by rich puppet masters such as George Soros.

I would protest the whole sorry mess. I certainly don't want these fake so-called "white nationalists" marching around, but I don't want these "Antifas" either.

Never mind the Satanic vegetarian vs. Angelic carnivore battles.

I would go directly after those rich puppet masters.

to 'blues' RE: "white nationalism"— 02.Aug.2018 08:50


It isn't that, "WN" does not exist whatsoever; the issue is that its purported 'danger' and prevalence — particularly in the United States — is vastly overstated and overemphasized.

(This is of course for a specific reason: the American Left's current foundation and focus on Identity Politics.... which Trump Derangement Syndrome has helpfully driven into Overdrive.)

WN does of course exist in Europe and West Asia where it has a far longer and deeper-rooted tradition than here. But even so, its movement-impact varies according to region and nation.

As far as the "Fake Allies against the fake Nazis" juxtaposition of the present-day Trump-era far left in the United States —
yes this is all Trump Derangement Syndrome fallout. WNs, Proud Boys are an absolute ('identity politics' again) strawman. Baseless, foundation-less and directionless (except of course for Identity Politics, which doesn't at all address economic conditions) American 'Left'. See, in part, the previously linked discussion here  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/07/436493.shtml#453370

I wholly agree that Antifa aren't "antifascists" -- since there aren't any real fascists. One might (???....) perhaps be able to make a case for *neo*-fascism in America  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/08/436527.shtml .... I would identify it having risen after the November 1980 election of Ronald Reagan, over a 4-decade timespan.

But the Antifascists, with a brigade of staunchly-embedded intellectuals (a prominent one of whom teaches at Portland State for example) convincing themselves of their own 'historical connection' with the epic past European 20th century antifascist movements, are self-deluding as being part of a grand narrative of "fighting fascism".

Ideologically, ^ this is Antifa's main fly in its ointment.

. 02.Aug.2018 22:07


Why am I not surprised that people on indymedia will actively try to stop people from defending there communities from violent Nazis? This is why nobody gives a crap about you anymore.

"defending there[sic] communities from violent Nazis"— No, no they're not. 03.Aug.2018 03:57


No, no they're not. YOU'RE **WRONG**.

Nazis, aka National Socialists of 1933-45 era Germany have not been around since the end of World War II.
I don't know about every single minutiae of the PB membership, but as far as I can tell they espouse a significant amount of White Nationalist ideology. Which — by extension if not 'officially stated policy' — ties in with *neo*-Nazi ideology (<---a totally separate and different thing from the Nazis). All of them, of course, absolutely have in common ideological themes of white supremacy.

But no: the PBs are not 'Nazis'.

1) Who is in need of 'defense'? Is anyone in Portland, needing defense from a group which has obtained a permit from the City of Portland to march in its streets? If the Stupid Idiot 'Proud Boys' want to have a little GayPrideParade for themselves and their IDIOCY let them have it.
Who "asked" Rose City Antifa to "defend", anyone? (Oh that's right no one asked; RCA **appointed themselves**.)
Will the PBs physically assault anyone during their march? Portland Police Bureau will be there to enforce any violations of law, should a person be physically assaulted by a PB.

2) Self-appointment by Rose City Antifa? Who says that Rose City Antifa is "defending" anyone, let alone the imaginary "community" by DELIBERATELY starting a PREMEDITATED Violent Street Gang Brawl with another Violent Street Gang of which they are a self-professed 'sworn enemy'?
White Boy privilege right there. Rose City Antifa is comprised mostly of White Males in their 20s and 30s.
How is it that they "speak for" an imaginary 'community' and what Privilege gives them any right to claim they are "defending" anyone, WHEN ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS HAVE A VIOLENT GANG BRAWL with their 'sworn enemies'?

"actively try to stop people from defending"—

Who is "trying to stop" anyone?

I'm simply pointing out what a STUPID idea it would be, to go to downtown Portland on August 4th with an expectation of ANYTHING BUT a Violent Street Gang Brawl. Because that is exactly what has been premeditated, planned and will occur.

Is it VERBOTEN to point out to people and/or remind them, that hey... Maybe you might want to re-think your enthusiasm about 'going downtown to curbstomp some Nazi ass".

No discussion allowed, here on Indymedia of tactics or philosophy of action? Not ok to have exchange of ideas (even if they 'differ')?

Not permitted to point out flaws in this pro-violence philosophy, on Independent Media?

No variation from the platform is permitted? No suggestions about alternatives to Street Gang Violence?

Know what Groupthink is?

yeah, ".." This is why nobody gives a crap about *you* anymore.

.. 03.Aug.2018 15:42


Hmm well Christian whoever killed two people on the max and tried to kill another one for defending two Muslim women. I will let you figure out if people need to defend themselves and their communities from these people.

Underscore 03.Aug.2018 19:03

Fuck you

Is obviously white.

Lots of experts out here 04.Aug.2018 21:28

--) | (--

~~~ in reality some people commenting, are only smart experts & wise on this... as "they" think they are, in their own minds ~~~

"list of suggestions for getting a real life" — Start with RCA/Eugene Antifa. 05.Aug.2018 10:11


---> "fantasies of purges and cleansing the streets of those that seem undesirable".

^ Think, deeply, about use of these words-this rhetoric in the RCA / Eugene Antifa / Pacific Northwest Anti-Fascist Workers Collective / RASH NW public announcement of this August 4th event.

"in their own minds ~~~" Sums it up for both sides. 05.Aug.2018 10:17


Both of the Violent Street Gangs involved in this confrontation share an Ideology of Violence, summed up in the following rhetoric :

"fantasies of purges and cleansing the streets of those that seem undesirable"

Rose City / Eugene Antifa, Workers Collective, RASH see themselves as Righteous Warriors who will "purge and cleanse the streets of those that seem undesirable".

Likewise, PBs / Patriot Prayer / WNs see themselves as Righteous Warriors who will "purge and cleanse the streets of those that seem undesirable".

Ideologies of Violence which are Identical.

in the (both sides) group members' own minds.

meanwhile the real world turns onward.

Thank you to all of the brave folks on the front line 06.Aug.2018 11:08


I am not able-bodied enough to be there with you, but everyone who fought against the White Male Supremacists this weekend: Thank you!
I can not imagine how many of you have paid a big price for this.

What a joke 06.Aug.2018 11:17


All you Antifa's out there...the real enemies in this wrestling match are the refs, you know, the ones with guns and riot equipment protecting the ultra wealthy elites, bangsters, corp. execs. & landgrabbers, but you're all too busy with your choreographed dance with a bunch of religious loonies. Rest of the time you're posing and posturing about fake hate crimes, gender identity nonsense, mass migrations and the latest puppet installed into the White House.