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Ghouliani is the King of all Liars

"America's Mayor" Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa
Watching someone as slimy and degenerate as Rudolpho Giuliani constantly defending someone even sleazier and more evil than himself is an exercise in sheer mind-blowing astonishment. America has finally sunk to the bottom of the civilization barrel as this megalomaniac vampire from the legal sewers of New York struts his psychopathic stuff across the world's TV screens. Anchormen feign shock and awe at Rudy's unmitigated lies and innuendos and sheer falsehoods as the Trump machine coughs, bleeds and sputters on it's own moronic petard. They cry "what happened to America's Mayor?" as he displays every stereotyped component of the vicious, mega-aggressive prosecutor. I guess the Mob was right when they branded him a sorry ass punk who wouldn't have won a stolen dog case if it weren't for the RICO statutes that imprisoned hundreds because their last names ended with a vowel. Those images from 911 of "Brave Rudi" chancing the radioactive dust from the nukes in the WTC basements, gauze mask pressed to his "concerned" face as he strolled through the dust and death he helped to implement, Rudy sold the bullshit 911 fairy tale to the American public with a great display of energy and patriotism, harnessing Rock and movie stars for his Madison Square Garden "benefit" with himself as the main attraction. But New Yorkers of color know the real Rudy only all too well. The mayor who instituted "stop and frisk" laws based on race and a cop's "feelings". Thousands of lives ruined over a joint or two found in these unwarranted unconstitutional "searches". Rudy is a hard core racist just like his hero The Donald. He treated his wife exactly like Trump treated his- marathon cheating and public humiliation of his spouse without a care in the world. Giuliani, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Silverstein, the USAF and the Federal Government all worked hand in hand to plan and initiate the 911 attacks. They blamed it on Bin Laden and then all Muslims. It's a Nazi-inspired racist neo-Christian crusade and the Democrats are not going to save us from the consequences. The very sight of Ghouliani as he desperately tries to prop up Humpty Trumpty should wake people out of their post-911 coma and make them realize that all this nonsense and seemingly insane shit he spouts daily is his method of operation as a King Troll among Trolls. He SOLD the 911 commission gobbledygook to mainstream America in exactly the same way he's trying to sell the idea of Trump's innocence as far as being a treasonous dickhead is concerned. He's a professional world class liar and deception expert. He talks so fast that it's almost impossible to fully understand what he's babbling about even when it makes sense. He eats TV "journalists" for breakfast. Like some crackhead bully gangster always looking for an excuse to rumble. He's now the best advertisement for "911 Truth" that there ever was. His "please ignore the man behind the curtain" riff is getting stale- even to seasoned reporters. Why can't they take their 911 blinders off and understand Rudy's true role in the scheme of things then and now? Trump's election was the second phase of 911 and it seems to be working out pretty well for the bad guys so far. Who has a good film of those planes hitting the towers? Someone does somewhere. Nice and clear and crisp. It was NY after all. CCTV everywhere. It's time to upload them if you do. Blow some whistles.

Rudolph Giuliani — see also : 31.Jul.2018 01:38


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re: Trump and Giuliani — 31.Jul.2018 03:59


Trump doesn't "need" Giuliani (any more than he needs/had needed third-string players like Gen. Flynn)...

the only reason Trump and Giuliani are ever mentioned in tandem, is because they are old buddies from way back in '80s NYC. And RG happened to be an 'adviser' who introduced most of Trump's 2016 campaign stump speeches.

Trump doesn't "know" anything about 9/11 i.e. he isn't part of the 'privy inner circle' (Silverstein WTC-insurance-payoff et al.)
He doesn't have to be. He's an independently wealthy billionaire and doesn't need a 'cut' of that pie.

In addition Trump has made many statements which go against the 9/11 ensuing imperial conquest e.g. 2003 invasion of Iraq:

and, he is not nearly the Dream Candidate for Lockheed Martin et al. who had endorsed Hillary Clinton:

at the Al Smith elite charity dinner late in the 2016 campaign, Trump roasted Clinton to the aghast attendees :

Trump was not supposed to win the 2016 presidential election. Entire U.S. corporate mass media, military industrial complex, Wall Street Mafia had endorsed Clinton and paid big bux to torpedo Trump's own campaign.

Trump himself may ? perhaps think there's something "odd" about 9/11 but, there isn't any evidence he's in on the details of the operation.

Yes he is continuing the "war on terror" (in an administrative sense, chief exec boosting military etc.) but not in the form of Illegal Military Invasions and Occupations, <---which he opposes.

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at least fwiw (?...) Giuliani still licensed to practice, unlike Bill Clinton— 31.Jul.2018 04:22


Giuliani may be slime of the Earth but he still is licensed to practice law.

and also fwiw:

1983-1989 RG was US Attorney for the Southern District of New York —

the same swamp District where Loretta Lynch, James Comey served in, and handled a lot of NY / East Coast 'terrorism' cases in the 1980s/1990s leading up to 9/11.

Lies 31.Jul.2018 09:39


Who cares what Trump ever said about anything? He's liar.com man. You have a clever way of defining 911 in a way that sidesteps the Rudy role in the whole aftermath. Sure- plenty of $$$ was ripped off from the basements and Silverstein broke the bank on insurance claims. But that was just a sideshow compared to the zillions made on armaments to fuel the ensuing wars of Bush & Co. in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't forget the billions in heroin from Kabul cartels that flowed like water during the entire debacle. "Follow the Drugs" is a better motto, and the Bush's and drugs are like peanut butter and jelly. 911 destroyed civil rights like nothing before. There's no way a NYC high roller like Trump (who is NOT a billionaire by the way- let's see those tax returns) wasn't aware of what really went down on 911. You can regurgitate attack details all you want but it doesn't let RG off the hook- Building Seven contained his specially fortified "emergency headquarters" built to withstand any "terror attack". It fell like a stack of playing cards in seconds although no plane ever hit it. David Ray Griffin covered every aspect of 911 long ago. His book "911 and the American Empire" is still the best objective source on what really happened and why.

they go WAY back 31.Jul.2018 10:20


"You have a clever way of defining 911" — *W*T*F*, over?! 31.Jul.2018 11:08


dude I've posted half the 9/11 content to this newswire for over 18 years.

I am familiar (given available evidence) with what 9/11 is all about. And the attendant fascist coup of USA Patriot and Anthrax attacks.

Trump had nothing to do with 9/11. Even if Giuliani was part and parcel of that operation. ("doesn't let RG off the hook" — WTF are you <--talking about/implying there?!, Rudy G was integral to the New York component of 9/11.)

Trump is not part of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) — the husband of his recent opponent in 2016 election was a charter member of PNAC.

Trump may — being an East coast billionaire — have some 'interaction' with wealthy banker-real estate-WallSt elites given his developer heritage... and he's done plenty of international business with Asia/Russia since the 1970s. He's a modern global brand on his own / with his own operations and capital.

But he is not in the NeoCon Imperialist club, and the sponsorship (^^ see above) of his opponent in 2016 election cycle is absolute proof of that. Along with his consistent statements about tragedy of Iraq :
U.S. human rights (he's ambivalent) record  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/06/436177.shtml

Trump is a billionaire businessman/construction developer (not a Lawyer or Politician). White House occupation is merely temporary, and really kind of a 'side job' (volunteer work?...) for him. He doesn't *need* (much as he might ? enjoy/relish it) the Presidency, as for example the likes of career-politician-lawyer Clintons/Obamas do for their very identity and financial/cultural 'prestige' and existence.

Further he isn't wrapped up in the whole geopolitical Globalist NeoCon 'world domination' philosophy
BECAUSE HE IS A BILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMAN WHO IS FINANCIALLY SET FOR LIFE, HIMSELF ON HIS OWN. He doesn't need to be in the 'globalist' club to assert himself. Nor does he believe that the Globalist policy courses are appropriate for the American nation state. ( TPP / NAFTA trade agreements. Et cetera.)

you're a blithering idiot, rAT and your continued misreading of Trump (No OF COURSE he is not a "saint" of any kind but he's a far cry from Clintons/NeoCon warmongers) only further demonstrates your slide into irrelevance.

liar? 31.Jul.2018 14:50


I'm a guy who has been posting 911 articles here for over 18 years under the same by-line. I don't recognize your style or philosophy at all plus you don't even use a name much less a nom-de-plume. Trump is phase TWO of 911. People like you and Alex Jones pretend to uncover what happened that day but it's just a ploy to bend minds to favor neo-fascists like Trump in the end. Just because 911 was an inside job doesn't mean you or Jones are right about anything else. Trump PRETENDED to be interested in 911 truth so people like you would defend him and vote for him. I never said he planned the attacks either. But he's in bed with all the players one way or the other. Rave on. Any defense of Trump is BULLSHIT. He's a racist cretin and so are his crazed followers.

war 31.Jul.2018 14:51


Trump isn't a warmonger? He's threatened Iran and NK with nuclear destruction ferchrissakes.

rudy girl 31.Jul.2018 14:54


They go way back. Back DOOR.

RE: "under the same by-line. I don't recognize your style or philosophy" — 01.Aug.2018 07:39


"style or philosophy" ??!

what the **** does that have to do with anything? Is that all you care about rAT, "style" and "philosophy"?

It figures (based on your postings).

You are and always have been here, Unhinged. You are the 'Alex Jones' of portland indymedia and always have been.

rAT Wrote:
"Trump is phase TWO of 911."


Trump is himself. Entire U.S. corporate mass media, Democratic party, a substantial chunk of the Republican party electorate, elite heads of both DNC and RNC (each who <--- paid millions $$$$ to prevent Trump's GOP nomination and torpedo his entire campaign), military industrial complex, Wall Street elites, NeoCons and many others did not want him in the White House. Since his

no he has not called for a "new investigation" into 9/11 and no president ever will. Did any president after JFK, themselves, initiate an investigation into the assassination on 22 November 1963 in Dallas? Nope. It was the U.S. Congress that belatedly got involved (as the 1977-78 House Committee on Assassinations).

rAT Wrote:
"so people like you would defend him and vote for him"


I didn't vote for either of the GOP or Democrat president candidates in 2016, nor did I have *any* motivation or inclination to.

Trump "defend"s himself, and doesn't need the likes of me or his own 'fan club'. He has '**** you' money which allows him to "get away" with what he says on Twitter, to/in the media or other elites, politicians etc. There was a point after he'd been GOP-nominated, in his campaign where it was truly uncertain whether he could realistically and actually win... given the U.S. corporate mass media bias for Hillary Clinton (who'd been predicted as the winner with 80%-plus victory margins in a 24-hour mantra by media right up until the polls closed on November 8th 2016)... this uncertainty was reflected in his campaign speech demeanor and remarks, particularly during late September and all through October 2016.

Trump was **NOT** endorsed by political or financial elites, U.S. corporate mass media or their pundits, or any other part of the U.S. political leadership throughout 2016 even within his own nomination-Party the GOP (many elements of which donated millions $$$ to permanently destroy him).

rAT Wrote:
"Any defense of Trump is BULLSHIT. He's a racist cretin and so are his crazed followers. "

See ^ above.

Nobody was "defending" Trump in mid- to late 2016. On October 13, 2016 in a West Palm Beach, Florida campaign speech Trump did what no Republican presidential candidate (or later White House occupant) has *ever* done:

Trump Calls Out 'Corporate Media' West Palm Beach, Florida Live Speech 10/13/2016

"... the most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media — 'the press'. Let's be clear on one thing: the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They're a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity, with a total political agenda; and the agenda is not for you [points to audience], it's for themselves.

When has a Republican presidential candidate _ever_ called out or otherwise criticized corporate mass media, for any purpose or reason?

So no, not with the millions spent by his own Republican Party and other financial and political elites to directly sabotage his Republican nomination, not with the entire multibillion dollar U.S. corporate mass media, and many other powerful, wealthy elite forces working against him can it be stated that Trump was

during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

rAT Wrote:
"But he's in bed with all the players one way or the other."

^ See above in preceding posts. Trump is not "in bed" with the U.S. political establishment (although being a billionaire he of course has elite financial/business/political connections, particularly in New York). They hate his guts and think he's a "cretin" overall.
Just look at the faces of fellow dinner-goers at his roasting of Hillary Clinton late in the campaign at the Catholic fundraising dinner.

That is how much "in bed" with "the players" Trump is. Everyone (not just little pissant peanut gallery rATs and "It Was Her Turn" / "Saint Obama" lovers) hates his guts. He was *NOT* wanted in the White House.

rAT Wrote:
"I never said he planned the attacks either."

Who said ^ that until you did?

None of the top politicians — except for Cheney and Rumsfeld — "planned" the attacks, or had a hand in "planning" them.
You actually think DubYah "planned" or had a hand in "planning" 9/11? Like they would allow him in on that?
DubYah was just a dupe president like Ronald Reagan (whose 8 years in White House were presided over and steered by DubYah's dad and RR's successor, former Head-of-CIA GHWB; see Iran-Contra and Mena, Arkansas).

Anyway as noted ^ above, Trump isn't a member of PNAC — look who was.

rAT Wrote:
"People like you and Alex Jones"

see ^^ above. You're the 'Alex Jones' of portland indymedia and always have been.

You're the one who posted  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/07/436507.shtml#453392
^that incoherent unsubstantiated "blah 9/11 Giuliani tax returns blah cartels blah Bush" rant, showing photoshopped Trump in front of Twin Towers alongside photos of the Bushes. What the **** does any of that drivel have to do with each other?

If you want to start being taken seriously (or even credibly) by persons who read what you spew on to here, start actually researching and presenting documented facts and rational explanations.

rAT Wrote:
"pretend to uncover what happened that day"

Who is "uncovering" what happened?

The only thing any of us can possibly do is interpret the evidence scientficially and compare, contrast it versus what the U.S. government claims happend on 11 September 2001, with the anthrax attacks etc.

Is it all just a facade circus to you, rAT for purposes of Alex-Jonesian "discussion" and hyped up conspiratorial postings to Indymedia?

You're a fraud. "Pretending" as a portland indymedia 'street preacher' for conspiracy distraction (and I'm beginning to suspect your motivations and actual background as well).

rAT Wrote:
"Just because 911 was an inside job doesn't mean you or Jones are right about anything else"

says rAT, the self appointed Mayor of portland-indymedia-Jonestown (with regard to 9/11 and Trump feeding babies to aliens).

Like we're going to take rAT 'seriously'... uh huh.

I'm really starting to (quote: "just because 911 was an inside job"...) suspect you rAT. Fits in with your long term presence here on this site as well. It's one thing if you're deliberately posting and always have been solely for 'entertainment' value; but....

rAT Wrote:
"but it's just a ploy"

(speaking of "ploy"...) as noted ^ above I'm really ? beginning to question your motivations and presence here on Portland Indymedia, rAT.

rAT Wrote:
"bend minds to favor neo-fascists like Trump in the end"

Trump's not a "neo-fascist". He's a capitalist plutocrat in the "purest" sense (as compared to Obama, Bushes, Clintons who are Corporate Capitalist Fascist Plutocrats).

"bend minds".... speaking only for myself I don't 'favor' Trump. And the U.S. corporate media, political and other plutocrat elites most definitely are NOT "in favor" of him.

The latter (about U.S. corp media, existing elites not favoring Trump) should tell you something.

In some ways America as it presently exists in its Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy has a totally "appropriate" presidency in the Trump administration. Took many decades, of preceding plutocrats like the Clintons, Bushes and all kicked off with the November 1980 of "Saint" Reagan, whose 8 years were actually steered and run by the VeePee and former CIA Director, George Herbert Walker Bush, to create the conditions for Trump's ascendance. But, only a self-motivated billionaire willing to pour his own money into a political effort for the White House, over millions of dollars in opposition from not only his own declared Republican party (who did after all the circus end up nominating him) but also the rest of the U.S. corporate mass media and presiding elite plutocratic forces.

Remains to be seen what ? his "legacy" is. Corporate capitalist plutocrat elites are already salivating over possibilities for the next wave of illegal international military invasions and occupations to follow DT after he leaves office.

(fwiw...) Donald Trump and the Next Wave of 9/11 Truth Telling 02.Aug.2018 08:26


Topic thread from 2017 with videos and discussion regarding Trump's view of 9/11 in New York, his friendship with Larry Silverstein etc.


( skip down to the comment by Robbie Martin on Fri, 02/24/2017 - 2:43am .... )

Photoshopped? hahahahah 04.Aug.2018 16:07


No photo shop here. Not even a nice try blunderscore. And Alex Jones is an asshole vitamin salesman. How much do they pay you to pretend to be concerned?
No photo shop here
No photo shop here
or here either
or here either
"Leadership" Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

RE: "photoshop" — 05.Aug.2018 10:25


Nobody gives a **** about your pictures rAT, I was pointing out in the 3 PICTURES YOU POSTED TOGETHER
that, Trump's photo is placed alongside photos of the Bushes post-9/11.

^^ It is this sort of Disinformation that you constantly spew, Implying that Trump somehow had a direct hand — somehow 'equivalent' and on par with the Bu$h PNAC cabal — in either the planning leading up to or events immediately subsequent to the 9/11 attacks.

Anyway all of the ^^^discussion about Trump, Giuliani (who actually *was* involved in 9/11) has been posted already.

One more pic of rAT in his element :
rAT "Giuliani BOOGA BOOGA!"