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Why the Russia-Trump Collusion Conspiracy Theory Isn’t Catching On

July 26, 2018

The Democrat-led anti-Trump "Resistance" and its numerous media mouthpieces have been promoting their "Russia hacked the election" narrative for two years. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fired the biggest recent salvo in this campaign after Trump invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Washington.

"The notion that President Trump would invite a tyrant to Washington is beyond belief," Pelosi said in a statement on Friday, calling Putin a "thug." (The recurring use of "thug" to describe Russians has become so consistent as to have become a de facto ethnic slur.) "Putin's ongoing attacks on our elections and on Western democracies and his illegal actions in Crimea and the rest of Ukraine deserve the fierce, unanimous condemnation of the international community, not a VIP ticket to our nation's capital."

Despite liberals' uncharacteristically focused and sustained efforts — imagine if Obama and company had pushed as hard for a public option on healthcare! — their #RussophobiaMatters campaign is doing poorly. Fewer than one percent of voters think Russia is a major issue.

Democratic leaders are confused. They've got the newspapers and NPR and a passel of cable news stations all over their "Trump colluded with Russia" story. Why don't people care? Christ, even Democratic voters don't care!

Aside from famine and war few things are sadder than the sight of a hopelessly perplexed House and Senate Democratic leadership. So rather than let them spend a third year wondering why Russiagate keeps being greeted by a great national yawn, I'm here to explain it to them.

Everyone else can stop reading now.

Dear Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi:
First: even if the story were true, it wouldn't make sense. You're asking us to believe that Trump's people met with Putin's people, not to discuss Trump's sleazy real estate developments in the former Soviet Union, but to encourage Russian hackers to break into the DNC, steal Hillary's emails and funnel them to WikiLeaks with a view toward angering enough voters to change the outcome of the election in Trump's favor.

Trump doesn't even read one-page memos. Yet we're being asked to believe that he supervised a ridiculously complex Machiavellian conspiracy?

WikiLeaks didn't get the DNC documents from Russia or any other state actor. They got them from a disgruntled pro-Bernie Sanders staffer at the DNC.

Anyway, the intelligence community — you know, the friendly folks at the CIA, FBI and NSA whom Democrats worship the way Republicans revered firefighters after 9/11 — says whatever Russian hacking occurred did not affect the outcome of the election.

Then there's this: Trump didn't actually want to win. Why would he go to such lengths to steal something he didn't want?

Second: everything you accuse Russia and/or Putin of doing is something the U.S. has done or is doing bigger and worse. Russia undermined Ukraine and forcibly annexed Crimea. By current international standards Russia committed a misdemeanor; as The Washington Post noted at the time: "Most people in Crimea wanted to break away from Ukraine and join Russia." Meanwhile, the U.S. was occupying both Afghanistan and Iraq. Those are felonies: neither the Afghans nor the Iraqis want us around.

Third: I'm going to use small words here — where's the evidence of Russian "meddling"?

In 1962 President John F. Kennedy went on TV to discuss the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba. Because he needed Americans to trust and believe that the threat he described was real, he displayed aerial surveillance photos of the missiles in his speech to the nation. This meant revealing the existence of spy technology the Soviets weren't aware of, so it was a difficult decision for him. But providing credible evidence was more important.

At this writing, the Democrats' Russia arguments boil down to:

o Media outlet quotes anonymous congressional official or anonymous intelligence agency employee.

o Said anonymous source says the intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia meddled in the election.

o Details of how Russia accomplished said meddling are absent.

o Details of how effective said meddling was are absent.

If evidence of said meddling actually exists, Democrats should follow the JFK example and cough it up. In detail. And explain what it means ­— also in detail.

Until then, Russia as a political issue will continue to be a dead letter.



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"Russia, Russia, Russia!"

They slap you in the face with your own, or, our shared stupidity. 26.Jul.2018 04:21

The Red 'X' Society


Once you know the formula, stop letting them hit you in the head with it over and over again until you begin chasing your own tale.

This is why all Protests should be staged at the TV Stations. They are the Enemy, and the Eyes of All that is Power.

You want to commit to change? Punch them in the Eye, Over and Over Again.

Cut their fingers off, so they can no longer touch our people. Smash them in the face, and Yell!,"Tell me the Truth! I Don't give a Fuck about the next Cute Dog that won the dogshow."

yeah, but ("hate Trump+Putin") Russia, Russia, Russia! 26.Jul.2018 04:47



don't you get it? can't you SEE! It was Her Turn!


Putin, Trump, Russia! That's who runs the U.S. now — Russia!

and we're gonna PROVE it!

Conspiracies ate Rall's brain 26.Jul.2018 17:14


Sad to hear Rally had fallen down a rabbit hole. He'll fit right in at indymedia.

Sad fell down Russia-DT's-A-Racist rabbit hole &"fits right in at indymedia." 26.Jul.2018 19:34


Today NYT posted a 'hypothetical' article titled
'How Trump Won Re-election: A sneak peek at the Times's news analysis from Nov. 4, 2020'.

Donald J. Trump has been decisively re-elected as president of the United States, winning every state he carried in 2016 and adding Nevada, even as he once again failed, albeit narrowly, to gain a majority of the popular vote. Extraordinary turnout in California, New York, Illinois and other Democratic bastions could not compensate for the president's abiding popularity in the states that still decide who gets to live in the White House: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Yet, unlike 2016, last night's outcome came neither as a political upset nor as a global shock.

As is his way, Mr. Trump wasted little time rubbing salt into Democratic wounds. "Democrats used to stand with the Working Man," he tweeted Wednesday morning. "Now it's the party of Abortion and Amnesty. All that's missing is Acid. Sad!"

( Oh and if you think that Bret Stephens' ^^ above article is some kind of 'reverse psychology' itself.... Remember that those such as Michael Moore accurately and clearly explained why Trump would win in November 2016, prior to that election. )




can continue your blah-de-blah-de-blah, just as you have been since November 8th 2016 RIGHT HERE ON PORTLAND INDYMEDIA, AND IN PORTLAND DOWNTOWN, about how "ra-a-aaaaa-cist!" Trump supposedly is, how ICE is supposedly going to be abolished (even Rep. Maxine Waters doesn't agree with that), how "socialism" is needed (the 'major opposition' Democrat party isn't going that direction, as Maxine Waters also agrees  link to www.cnbc.com ), "Russia" (Lol), and any number of other Democrat Party talking points and Identity Politics delusions.

As someone on a right wing forum correctly observed : "Trump literally is brain cancer for libs. He lives rent free in their heads and every day he just roots in deeper and deeper like a throbbing tumor. He's the hemorrhoid in their ass. The aneurysm in their heart. It's glorious to see."

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the ultimate Reverse Psychology operation of the current U.S. political era.

Its victims are literally setting themselves up for their very own slaughter by their sheer inability to articulate and put forth a real economic and political alternative (thanks partly to the Plutocrat Corporate Democrat 'opposition' party  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/07/436473.shtml#453308 which has no platform representing or appealing to the American working classes).

U.S. corporate mass media, which convinced everyone there was no way Trump could win ('Hillary by 80+%') in 2016 and has propogated "Russia Russia" after his election, offers zero substantive analysis of what is happening with working Americans or the U.S. economy.

Leftism, as it currently exists in the U.S. is headed by wealthy corporate plutocrat elites who espouse to be "anti racist" and "pro LGBT _ " as their absolute leading edge. Having totally abandoned CLASS awareness  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433786.shtml and economics-rooted politics, they soldier on with a meaningless postage-stamp-sized "platform".

Here on Indymedia (just as began on 9th November 2016) we're seeing the repeated "Trump's making chemtrails", "Trump eats babies and feeds them to Aliens" nonsense which is TDS on steriods for 'activists' afflicted with it.

The facts in mid-2018 are :

*- U.S. economy is doing well (far better than under 8 years of Obama) and jobs are plentiful, particularly for African Americans

*- people (mostly Republicans but some Democrats too) who voted for Donald Trump "reluctantly" Nov 2016 will be enthusiastic about it this time around

*- people who voted third party (mostly Republicans and 'libertarian'-leaning) because they didn't think Trump would fulfill his promises will now readily vote for him

*- many Hillary voters who are put off by the Democrats purportedly moving further left ( see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/07/436430.shtml ) will vote Trump because they see what he's done for the economy, jobs, etc.

*- "Russia Russia Russia" has been droning on for almost two straight years, and produced nothing but more Trump Derangement Syndrome and DT's-In-Your-Head hysteria

*- After the Bernie Sanders debacle of July 2016 and the DNC's proven treachery, disaffected voters from both left and right are seeing the possibility of voting Republican (for example --> see #walkaway YouTube )

*- Although Trump's illusory "wall" will never (and for anyone with a brain, including Trump himself who presented it as an unachievable pie-in-sky metaphor, knew that from the outset) be actually built, the immigration issue has failed to catch the full sympathies of middle America with a plurality, if not a majority, of Americans lining themselves up alongside the Trump administration's tightened border controls policies. As noted ^^ above, even left "anti racist" Democrats such as Maxine Waters say that ICE will not be abolished.

At this point the only thing that can 'stop' Trump — besides a complete collapse or deflation of the U.S. economy — is old age or if his own physical health begins to falter precipitously in the next couple of years. He will gain many new supporters in the 2020 election cycle and, will also serve as a 'rejuvenator' for the scattered (but they're not nearly as haphazard or disorganized as Democrats) Republican party, which could possibly win just as big again this fall and in 2020, as well.

congratulations 'progressives', Identity Politics (combined with Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a genius strategy.

Leftism as it currently exists.... 27.Jul.2018 10:23


- You said: Leftism, as it currently exists in the U.S. is headed by wealthy corporate plutocrat elites who espouse to be "anti racist" and "pro LGBT _ " as their absolute leading edge. Having totally abandoned CLASS awareness  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433786.shtml and economics-rooted politics, they soldier on with a meaningless postage-stamp-sized "platform".

Yes, well said, on point and a critique that the majority of so called "leftists" are completely oblivious to...so called leftists usually pay only token attention to critical issues like the environment, species extinction, world overpopulation as a planned profit making enterprise, true worldwide female empowerment, classism which are all issue very much backburner or ignored by so called "progressives", especially here on Indymedia...they're all too busy watching the carrots being dangled in front of their faces (corporate/government sponsored mass migrations, so called "hate crimes", LGBT issues, Trump hysteria, Patriot Prayer numbskulls)...any attempt to expand their perspective is usually met with vigorous resistance...which is why they'll never be a significant force for actual change...they exist primarily as pawns promoting the agenda of the existing power structure...sad, but true.

here's the Maxine Waters "don't abolish ICE" / "NO to socialism" piece — 28.Jul.2018 00:20


"The Democratic Party is not a socialist party," California Rep. Maxine Waters said in an interview with CNBC's John Harwood on Wednesday.

Waters is a frequent target of President Trump, whom she wants impeached. "He does not intimidate me, and I am not going to stop talking about him," she said.

Asked about another hot-button issue dividing the party, whether ICE should be abolished, Waters said it should not be.

Scapegoating or Russophobia is Hitlerian! 28.Jul.2018 10:03


Scapegoating or Russophobia is Hitlerian!

Russia sells energy to Germany to survive. Russians can live ten years longer and are free from the privatizing kleptocratic Yeltzin. The Ukraine coup was a US or CIA project in 2014 like the Honduras coup in 2009. NATO expanded from 16 to 28 despite James Baker's promise to Gorbachev that there would be no eastern expansion!

The empire has a short or selective memory as Trump has only a 4th-grade reading ability (he likes one-page reports with maps)!

A future of generalized security and respect for international law needs radical change and critical and independent journalism!

Henry Giroux wrote "Reading Against Fascism" in July 2018:

Paul Craig Roberts wrote "Putin Confronts the American Dystopia" on July 17, 2018: