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One Thing I'm Really Tired Of From U.S. Fundamentalist Christians :

sorry, this is kind of a rant [sub-classification within Portland IMC's 'commentary' category]; bear with me.

as an American citizen I've been dealing with fundamentalist Christians (of various skin colors) my entire life. As a survivor of the Reagan Era it's particularly "close to my heart" because, those were the 'glory years' for the resurgence of fundamentalist Christian culture nationwide.

Here's the 'one thing I'm really tired of' :

It truly bothers me when I see/read/hear fundamentalist Christians either 1) calling for or, 2) justifying the death of others with whom they happen to not agree with, share the same ideological/"spiritual" [<--latter word is stretching credibility for most U.S. FundieChristians] viewpoint, or those who are somehow 'beneath' their compassion or (even) subhuman.

Some examples :
* fundamentalist Christian people who see the death of criminals and attributed it directly, indirectly or obliquely to some form of 'God's will', 'judgment' or even 'God's just desserts'. This includes criminals who die in street crime, robbery, or even accidental deaths. Because these people were current or prior criminals who had been-are convicted and so designated by the State, it makes it all "Ok" and "just fine" that they were "wasted".

* fundamentalist Christian people who observe executions in states in which the death penalty is legal, and cheer it on.

* fundamentalist Christian people who cheer on "death to Muzzies" and other such-related "raghead killing" incidents in the name of the U.S.-sponsored Global War On Terror (which isn't even an actual "war", just imperial military occupations and general militarized death-destruction-harassment), because "Muslim" is a "death cult" and "not even a religion". Yes, a great proportion of fundamentalist Christian U.S. citizen fruit loops actually believe that last statement.

The reason this kind of thing bugs me so much is not just that I'm a veteran of Reagan Fundie-Whack-Job era. It's because when this kind of opinion / "justification" emanates from fundamentalist Christians, they are not only implying that 'God' (?) somehow "supports" or "is all behind" their pathetic opinion or point of view (about it being "awesome" that "undesireables" have been 'deaded'), but also that the State i.e. the Government, is also "in league with" their own pathetic opinion or point of view.

That is, not only 'God' is cool with it, but they're cool with the State as a purported Tag-team with 'God'.

to me ^ that is a form of fascism.
(It is certainly by definition a form of theocracy, or at least theocratic ideology / ideological posturing.)

And, although some (who may even get on here below and comment about the vagaries of U.S. constitution / "founding fathers" et cetera) view the U.S. as inherently founded on Christian hypocrisy, my own personal opinion is that this sort of theocratic ideological posturing, about how the State is "always justified" in 'God's terms' is inherently and innately anti-American.

So to sum up (my opinion, how I feel):

if, As a fundamentalist Christian U.S. citizen, you espouse such views about God, death (of criminals, "terrorists" etc.) as outlined ^above, you're an anti-American traitor. And should be deported.

Just had to get this off my chest and publish it somewhere, thanks for reading.