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CNN, 911 and The Continuing Saga of the Greatest Hoax in American History

Looking through the prism of 911 at current events can only make one shudder even more.
Only the Good Die Young
Only the Good Die Young
Anyone who even vaguely peruses all the articles on Indy about 911 (and there's a zillion) soon comes to the realization that the event never even remotely resembled the official narrative of the Bush/Cheney murder machine. There isn't a politician over 40 who doesn't know what really happened that day. No wreckage on the Pentagon lawn. Buildings built to withstand the force of multiple jet aircraft impacts turning to dust in mid-air and hurtled to the ground in mere seconds. Building 7's crushing demise although no jet, debris or fire damaged the fifty story structure. 911 was the biggest hoax and mass murder ever committed in the USA in order to ignite the Iraq wars and put the brakes on America's civil rights not just for Muslims, but for everyone else too. Your shoes off please. And now with Trump and his Nazi-minded general staff on the ropes over Russia, Hookers, Bunnies and Porno Stars just before mid-term elections, the most unlikely and idiotic characters are coming forth daily to pose as true patriots in opposition to His Redness. The funniest appearance was that of Michael Chertoff, a certified 911 criminal and manic destroyer of the Constitution and Civil Rights under Bush's evil war regime. This week CNN and the idiot that played Forrest Gump continue their propaganda NWO assault on historical fact with a fake news-ridden nostalgia dog dump on "The 2000's" They don't even wait twenty years anymore. Creeps like former Nixon speechwriter Pat Buchanan almost come to tears as they extol the virtues of the glorious Bush family in the wake of the terrible tragedy. CNN pretends to be a voice to the left of whatever the hell FOX is supposed to be, but shows it's true colors when it comes to reinforcing the 911 myths about Bin Laden and hijacked jets piloted by drunk and coked-up "holy men" on a mission for Mohammed. Obama and the Democrats went along with it too. Bin Laden was killed during saturation bombing raids over Tora Bora right after the attacks. A dead patsy is always the best patsy. Obama's staged killing years later (complete with fake video of a very fat "Osama") and quick disposal of the alleged body was accepted as truth by the now Anthrax-cowered MSM. Hillary's staged excitement during OBL's "capture" is an Academy Award winning performance if I've ever seen one. All this hand-wringing and fake tears over Trump's "betrayal" of America, the completely hypocritical condemnation of Trump's kowtowing to our greatest adversary as "treason" (which it really is!) by people who participated in and still engage in the cover-up of the most evil, Satanic act of government and military ever committed on U.S. soil is repulsive. Putin once threatened to spill the beans on 911. He still could. Trump knows all about the attacks and the reasons for them. CNN knows too. They're bastards but they are not stupid. Keeping us all stupid and blind to the unbelievably cruel events perpetrated by what Ike fondly called the military-industrial-complex. The world of gambling and casinos is essential to the financial health of the black operations units of the government. When Howard Hughes (who many claim was the true head of the CIA for years) literally bought up most of the casinos and gambling empires of Las Vegas, he essentially put the CIA and other entities in charge of what had belonged to the Chicago Outfit for decades. Trump's entries into the hazy maze of casino gambling makes his long time associations with spooks and gangsters a foregone conclusion. His courting of other agents of chaos and mega-capitalism is a given also. His shameless ass kissing of fake radicals like Alex Jones was the ultimate in hypocrisy gone wild. He agreed that 911 could be an inside job just to get votes from the morons who believe Jones is anti NWO when in actuality he's one of Satan's chosen. Allowed to cast his net of fear and irrational racist bullshit just to f*ck people's mind over completely. Is he a crack head or what? The NWO created Jones to absorb the opposition and then make it seem insane by endorsing every right wing bullshit fairy tale ever created. Plus he creates his own on a regular basis. Trump courted Jesse Ventura too, hoping to get a 911 "edge" in his campaign. But even the former sweaty wrestler couldn't hold his nose that long and declined to endorse. Jones swore Giuliani was an integral component of the attacks and cover-ups, but now he adores him because he's defending Trump. Forget the 911 attacks, he's defending the great god Donald J Asshole so he's OK now. Jones used to try and take credit for producing the 911 Truth classic "Loose Change", neglecting to mention one Dylan Avery, the sole producer and director. So f*ck Tom Hanks and CNN. The only good thing on CNN was Anthony Bourdain and God only knows what really happened to him. He was like our REAL President- a world travelling diplomat of humanity who put Marco Polo to shame. An anti-war advocate and committed weed smoker and anti-Trumper and anti- Weinsteiner who tried to show that all humanity is basically the same critter and are worth saving. The polar opposite of the ugly specimen now infecting the White House.

Anthrax attacks 22.Jul.2018 23:48


many focus on (for example) the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 as a "smoking gun" in the major narrative of 9/11.

but the Anthrax attacks are actually a bigger tipoff, to just how much of the security apparatus participated in what amounted to a Chilling Coup of the United States of America in September 2001.

now-exiled journalist Glenn Greenwald (despite his own lack of openly published 9/11-events skepticism in his journalistic output) has done an outstanding job of exposing and factually investigating the Anthrax coup and the FBI's failure to properly investigate the responsible party for releasing this unmistakably-identifiable strategic warfare substance, sourced from a specific U.S. bioweapons laboratory location.

the Anthrax attacks which closely followed the 9/11 event, were a keystone in establishing the Bush administration's fascistic control over both the U.S. government and populace to ensure Homeland Unity for the illegal invasions and military occupations which were to take place in the ensuing year and a half.

The Greatest Hoax is the American Press and the Presidency of the United States. 23.Jul.2018 20:30

The Red 'X' Society

You can't complete what happened on 9/11 without complete control of the Press. Remember who the early recipients of the Anthrax Letters were? Press and assorted Politician. Now everybody is on board or been replaced.

They need to be drug from their building and be killed.

Addendum RE: Anthrax attacks 23.Jul.2018 21:58


Another thing about the Anthrax attacks.... in similarity with WTC 7, many people "don't recall" or not readily anyway, that it occurred, or precisely when.

Investigation of the Anthrax attacks (further similarity with WTC 7 - see NIST) was dragged out over a period of years; multiple 'false' accusations and 'blind alleys' reached. All this for a substance specifically identified that could only have emanated from a single highly-secure Pentagon administered source.

The notes left and mail envelopes addressed for the attack are perhaps the most absurd and ridiculous "evidence" in all of the 9/11 related events. Hand-scrawled "Allah Is Great" and "Death To Israel". (?) Straight out of a bad 1950s Cold War movie script yet intelligent 'thinking' people in the year 2001, with help from U.S. corporate mass media and the Federal government, lapped it up.

As mentioned above the attacks served as a Chilling Coup psychological operation in the United States government and mass media during late fall 2001, which was its total intended purpose (while illegal invasions, military occupations, and the USA Patriot Act were being implemented and executed). Corporate mass media coverage or mention of the envelope mailings and probe into who "was responsible" mostly ceased or was exceedingly sparse during the years following the anthrax attacks. Only journalists such as ^above-mentioned Glenn Greenwald paid any attention to the details and anomalies of the FBI's investigation.

(*recommended reading for rAT*) The Cancer Thinks It's The Body Politic 23.Jul.2018 23:28

author: Norman Ball

*read* the _whole_ article, rAT.

emanations 24.Jul.2018 23:25


The only positive thing emanating from Trump is the positively awful smell of FASCISM.

"the positively awful smell of FASCISM" didn't emanate from Obama? 25.Jul.2018 00:19


Obama adminstration was hand-in-glove --> Merger of Corporate and State power.
( as were the Bill Clinton, GWB administrations )

GET OVER IT 30.Jul.2018 17:21


Obama is history

get over *yourself*, rAT 01.Aug.2018 09:29




and furthermore (RE: Obama et al.) :

With the outrageous decision by the Trump White House to bar a CNN propagandist posing as a reporter, more people are now starting to make the connection between press freedom and the issue of the "right to know" and of unimpeded information. But we have to ask once again, where was this concern when democrats under Obama were using the espionage act to jail whistleblowers and prosecuting journalists? Why no outrage on the eve of the Ecuadorian government turning over Julian Assange to be prosecuted by Western intelligence for the crime of publishing accounts of their nefarious actions? Where were these objective defenders of the right to information when the state was collaborating with private corporations like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to alter and limit political speech and information?

For some, attempting within the context of the ongoing and intensifying ideological struggle to move the focus and analysis away from an opportunistic and simplistic framework that focuses on personalities and individualized psychologies to material interests, structures and class interests can open one up to charges of not being sufficiently anti-Trump enough, or strangely "pro-Trump." But it wasn't Trump but Obama and both capitalist parties that inserted the "Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act" into the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act during the last few days of his administration. An act that establishes a propaganda center in the State Department that objectively has been coordinating psychological operations (psyops) in the U.S. in conjunction with private corporations and intelligence agencies.

Muted opposition or outright support for these efforts from liberal Democrats is not just a case of hypocrisy. It is a willful ideological position that affirms that certain speech and information is acceptable and other isn't.
In an era in which capitalist concentration has resulted in six corporations now controlling over 90% of mainstream news content, the narrow range of reporting and "newsworthy" content should not be a surprise to anyone still capable of critical thinking. These liberal Democrats are complicit in sustaining the lie that the capitalist press represents a non-partisan, objective world-view.