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#1A (Tweet) U.S. Corporate Mass Media Self-Congratulates As Standing Up For 1st Amendment

Yes folks, as of July 2018 reality has become fantasy (or are otherwise intertwined).

CNN journalist Ryan Nobles just tweeted that he was congratulated by an unidentified individual at a hotel location covering the President; the individual purportedly said to Mr. Nobles:
"Thank you for your service, the First Amendment is so important right now."

Ryan Nobles
This rarely happens so I thought it was worth documenting.. Gentleman stops me at the hotel where the press are staging covering POTUS- asks if I'm part of the press corp. I say yes— he replies "Thank you for your service, the First Amendment is so important right now." #1A

3:09 PM - 20 Jul 2018

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Absolutely incredible that U.S. Corporate Mass Media reporters are, today in 2018, self-promoting as :

'Knights of the First Amendment'

or otherwise as individuals representing a (corporate-controlled and -owned) organization which somehow "stands up" for the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

On behalf of all us peon citizens. Who ought to be blissfully and appreciatively thankful for pluto-corporate-controlled CNN et al.'s noble efforts.

(...in terms of the present-day Trump obsession) All this of course, after the U.S. Corporate Mass Media shilled for/on behalf of the Clinton campaign — even after U.S. Corporate Mass Media hand-in-hand with the DNC had systematically destroyed the Sanders candidacy — constantly for a year-and-a-half, with billions of dollars and unlimited airtime "I'm With Her" and U.S. Corporate Mass Media predictions of 80% in favor of Clinton right up through 8 November 2016.

Thank you For Your Service, CNN et al.

historian Timothy Snyder replied to CNN journalist Nobles' tweet — 22.Jul.2018 01:37


in replying, Snyder provided a link to his YouTube podcast episode talking about *investigative* reporters :

Timothy Snyder Speaks, ep. 9: Reporters - the Heroes of Our Time

Snyder is an Eastern Europe specialist at Yale, who warned in a May 2017 interview with Salon that the Trump administration will attempt to subvert democracy by declaring a state of emergency and take full control of the government, similar to the Reichstag fire: "it's pretty much inevitable that they will try."

(5 July 2018 Montana DT speech) CNN claims to be "free, independent" media 22.Jul.2018 03:26


Trump Montana Speech: CNN 'Editor-at-Large' Claims To Be "Free And Independent" Media

President Trump was at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, Montana on July 5, 2018 for a rally and speech. In response CNN's 'Editor-at-Large' Chris Cillizza posted an article  http://www.cnn.com/2018/07/06/politics/donald-trump-montana-speech/index.html titled :
'The 11 most dangerous things Donald Trump said in his Montana speech'.

Cillizza claims that the speech "contained a number of genuinely dangerous lines," which "no president before Trump would even considering uttering among a small group of friends".

Number 6 of Cillizza's 11 points claims that Trump's "impugning" of [corporate media's use of] "unnamed sources is part of a broader attempt on his part to undermine a free and independent media." The multibillion-dollar corporate media 'Editor-at-Large' also rhetorically asks: "Have you ever seen what life is like for the citizenry in a country in which the media is state-run?"

You People are so far behind ... 22.Jul.2018 09:24

Tracy Mapes

...the only hero journalists in this country are either unemployed or homeless.