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George Soros: Obama "My Greatest Disappointment" On His Money Wielding Enough Influence

George Soros Complains His Money Didn't Wield Enough Influence During Obama Years

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George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist, Democratic political donor, and GOP boogeyman, called Barack Obama his "greatest disappointment" in a recent interview for the New York Times Magazine and accused the former president of "clos[ing] the door" on him after winning the election.


George Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing.

His enemies paint him as all-powerful, but the billionaire philanthropist believes that his political legacy has never been in greater jeopardy.

In Paris, Soros told [NYT's Michael Steinberger] that Obama was "actually my greatest disappointment." Prompted by an aide, he immediately qualified himself, saying that he hadn't been disappointed by Obama's presidency but felt let down on a professional level.