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The Shortwave Report 07/13/18 Listen Globally!

A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Radio Deutsche-Welle, Sputnik Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and NHK Japan.
Dear Radio Friend,
This week's show features stories from Radio Deutsche-Welle, Sputnik Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and NHK World Radio Japan.

From GERMANY- A brief report on the NATO Summit where Trump made remarks that Europeans considered shocking and false information. They were offended by his mixing economics and military partnership. He then went on to Britain where over 100 protests were planned and 2 million citizens had petitioned the government to block his visit. Syrian government forces have reoccupied Deraa, site of the original rebel uprising 7 years ago. Israel attacked Syrian forces near the Golan Heights.

From RUSSIA- Afshin Rattansi spoke with Fares Shehabi, a Syrian Parliamentarian in Aleppo, about the recent unauthorized British bombings in his country. Fares opposes the establishment of a US/NATO base in his country and criticizes the EU for condemning Syrian government forces for attacking terrorist strongholds. He accuses the Israeli military of allowing ISIS to stay on the border of occupied Golan Heights, and the UK of funding proxy terrorists. Fares says the goal of the Syrian government is liberating regions from jihadi Islamic radicals and to spread secularism and democracy.

From CUBA- The Cuban government has called on the US to stop the political manipulation of alleged sonic attacks, which they say have been proven false in joint investigations. Argentinians took to the streets to protest President Macri for borrowing $50 billion from the IMF. Famed Brazilian musicians are rallying to demand the release of former President Lula da Silva. The Colombian President-elect Ivan Duque affirmed his intention to withdraw from the Union of South American Nations and reverse the historic peace deal reached 18 months ago. Israel closed the Gaza Strip's main commercial crossing, and its Navy seized a boat carrying injured Palestinian civilians.

From JAPAN- Record rainfall in Western Japan caused many deaths and much destruction from floods and mudslides. The US increased the number of tariffs on Chinese goods, about half of all products the US imports from the country. German Chancellor Merkel met with the Chinese Premier in Berlin and they agreed to maintain multilateralism in global trade and protect free trade. Tesla will build a new auto plant in Shanghai to produce 500,000 cars annually. The Japanese government wants all auto manufacturers to shift to electric power by 2050.

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