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Vol I 84 Varieties Of GOP Election Theft & Vote Fraud

The party of the rich, the Republican one, has always been a minority party and therefore has been involved in voter suppression and election thefts
Because of Republican election crimes, the Iraq and Afghanistan p wars were begun. Money has been stolen from the poor and given to the rich by their politician pawns. 21 trillion dollars have been spent on the invasion and/or bombing of 17 countries by GOP presidents since 1980.

Gerrymandering, phone line jamming, throwing away nonRepublican voter registrations, murder, search engine censorship and algorithm crimes, throwing away ballots, barring nonRepublicans from vote counting, exclusion of third parties from ballots, exclusion of third parties from debates, police intimidation, phony election instructions, racism, removal from voting rolls, absentee ballot fraud, draconian voter ID rules, voting precincts which fail to open or open late, electronic voting machine fraud, Supreme Court GOP party hack fraud, hacked computer sites, erased flash drives, corrupt polling, ownership of voting machine companies, ownership of media networks, libelous lies, switching precinct addresses, failure to notify voters of address changes, fraudulent search engine algorithms, etc.
Because of Republican election crimes, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were begun. Money has been stolen from the poor and given to the rich by their politician pawns. 21 trillion dollars have been spent on the invasion and/or bombing of 17 countries by GOP presidents since 1980.

Removal of voters from rolls:

1a. Jon Husted GOP Ohio Secretary of State removed several hundred thousand nonRepublicans from voter rolls prior to the 2016 election, giving Ohio to Trump. Some registrations were eliminated because of a missing zip code. Ohio, Texas, North Carolina
and Virginia have the most racist gerrymandering in the US.

1b. Jeb Bush and K Harris in Florida removed hundreds of thousands of voters from rolls in 2000 and 2004 giving election to G W Bush twice.

1c. Governor Scott Walker, Republican of Wisconsin, removed 300,000 registered voters, a crime which helped in Trump's fraudulent win.

1d The NAACP has sued the Senator Burr-connected GOP establishment in North Carolina for removing blacks from the voting rolls

2. Gerrymandering by Republicans in many states has stolen Democratic vote power. Karl Rove worked for years to set this up.

3. New Hampshire Republicans jammed handicapped Democras' ride request lines. Some NH GOP operatives were jailed.

4. Nathan Sproul was employed by Mitt Romney in 2012, McCain in 2008, by Karl Rove, and by state Republican parties in Virginia, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota. In at least 8 states he ran phony voter registration drives
throwing away all nonRepublicans' registrations.

5. In Ohio Kenyon College students were kept waiting til 4 am. In Democrat Akron's North Hill, people were left in rain for 1/2 hour.
a Delaying poll openings,
b shutting them entirely, as in Texas in which African Americans and Hispanics had to drive 2 hours or take a bus.
c frequently changing precinct addresses,
d failure to notify voters of address changes are four varieites of this Republican tactic.

6. Around the state of Ohio in 2000 available computer numbers were reduced.

Republicans have over and over in many states
a opposed same day registration,
b opposed automatic registration when getting a driver's license,
c opposed expanded voting hours,
d automatic registration at drivers' license bureaus
e universal voter registration
f more voting by mail etc.
g the GOP has truncated voting hours in Democratic areas

The Jacksonville Times Union in Florida in 2000 in cooperation with Jeb Bush ran a special newspaper edition in African American areas instructing voters to vote every page of the ballot. 20,000 black votes were invalidated.

9 Republican owned newspapers, radio, tv often do not remind people of voter registration deadlines, primary dates etc

10 Jeff Sessions' Alabama stopped issuing driver's licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters making it more difficult
to get to polls.

11 In many states, racism directed at blacks and Latinos has included draconian literacy tests, poll taxes
and in the modern era other ways such as unreasonable document requirements for registration

12. Military control of nonofficer soldier absentee ballots has been a quick way to control thousands of ballots.

13. Diebold's CEO O'Dell, at that time marketer of easily hackable voting machines, at a Republican fundraiser at Ohio's Fairlawn Hilton, said his company would do all it could to insure a GOP victory. He quit but not before his company achieved a Bush victory through manipulation of votes in several states. Hackable Diebold machines are still in several Ohio counties.
and other places. Bev Harris of Black Box Voting showed Al Gore how Diebold machines could be hacked in 3 minutes' time

14. Mitt Romney's son bought an Ohio based voting machine company.

15. Republicans have in some cases opposed paper trails (hopefully recycled paper)

a. South Dakota Republican senator John Thune's thugs physically intimidated Native American voters, wrote down their license numbers, and achieved South Dakota senator status.
b Jeb Bush sent police to intimidate voters in predominantly Latino and black districts in 2000. This was verified by an IHart,
formerly Clear Channel, talk show host who witnessed it.
c Republicans intimidated black voters of Watts in CA presidential primary 1968

Five Republicans on the US Supreme Court voted to classify money as speech. Money apparently does talk. This opened the way
for the Koch Brothers and others to spend hundreds of billions buying the Senate and the House. This action further solidified
the function of the government as a plutocracy, not a democracy.

18. In the early 20th Century, after 125 years, the citizens' right to elect senators directly was finally recognized. It is time to elect Supreme Court justices and end their lifetime tenures. Five males over and over have quashed the will of 300 million Americans. They are on a mountain peak with the equivalent of automatic rifles shooting down democratic movements over and over again. Every Republican on the Supreme Court was nominated by a fraudulently elected president. Terms could be 9 or 18 years, with 1 justice elected every 1 or 2 years.

19. Wyoming with 600,000 population has the same power of 2 senators' votes in the Senate as does California with 40 million
people. This Wyoming citizens in cattle ranch country 66 times the power that Californians have. New York, Florida, and
Texas citizens' power is stolen by Vermont, North Dakota and Alaska.

20. Mysterious plane crashes in fall senate election campaigns ended the lives of Democrats Jerry Litton in Missouri in 1976, Gov Mel Carnahan of Missouri in 2002, Paul Wellstone of Minnesota in 2002 right after he publicly opposed US wars and in Iowa of Libertarian physician Dr Doug Boutzier, whose 5% of the vote would otherwise have defeated Koch Brothers funded Joni Ernst.

After the perhaps murder of Paul Wellstone, former vice president Democrat Walter Mondale also a peace Democrat, was double digits ahead in the polls on the eve of the election, but because of monumental fraud Republican Norm Coleman mysteriously won the senate election.

John F kennedy Jr died in a plane crash. His pilot had been told the day before not to show up. Senator Edward M Kennedy was subjected to attempted murder in a plane crash (after the murder of his 2 brothers). He broke his back but survived though 2 men in his campaign staff died. Another who survived a murder attempt was George Wallace, candidate of the American Independent Party in 1968, whose shooting prevented his third party run and helped Republican Nixon beat Democrat Hubert Humphrey. In 1968 the Nixon-Kissinger-Rockefeller-Hoover conspiracy was involved in the murder of Robert F Kennedy Jr, Martin Luther King (who would have promoted Kennedy's election) and the attempted murder of George Wallace. John Perkins who was once an economic hitman for the government courageously documented the number of leaders of other countries killed in the CIA's arranged plane crashes.*

Ron Brown, US Secretary of Commerce, Democrat, had a bullet in his head when his body was discovered in the crashed plane.

21. War profiteer network media have often excluded Libertarians, Socialists, Greens etc from debates.

22. In Ohio for a number of years before a successful lawsuit, third party candidates had to achieve 400,000 signatures to be
on the ballot. Other states as well have draconian rules for third party candidates.

23. Through racist fearmongering ads, G W Bush in 1988 stole the election from Michael Dukakis. Bush's campaign manager Lee Atwater asked forgiveness before his death from a brain tumor.

24. The electoral college has installed 5 conservative presidents though their opponents got more votes. These were John Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Grover Cleveland, George W Bush, and Donald Trump. the electoral college has survived because of the party of the rich.

25. Similarly the Republican Party has fought the District of Columbia's statehood though it has more population than Wyoming. Puerto Rico too has had statehood denied. DC and Puerto Rico have predominantly Democratic Party registrants.

26 In what other alleged democracy do members of the party of the rich own many of the voting machines? Besides the aforementioned purchase of a Hamilton County Ohio voting machine company by Romney was Diebold of Green Ohio which was owned by Republicans (They've now sold the voting machines.) A Canadian plutocracy company controlled the voting machines in Wisconsin.

27. Talk radio in the US is 95% Republican controlled. Romney bought Clear Channel, now IHart Radio. ABC secretly installed Rush
Limbaugh and disguised their role renaming his network. Rupert Murdoch owner of a newspaper chain, Fox television and radio stations violated FCC rules limiting one owner to 33% of the airwaves. Murdoch went to 39%, an unconstitutional violation of free speech and control of the public's airwaves/

28. In what other alleged democracy do the rich warmonger owners of corporate media profiteer from election ads?

29. Ballot box theft thousands of times

30 Absentee ballot forgeries

31. Unpostmarked absentee ballots (In Ohio the 2 counties (Cuyahoga and Summit) which had the highest percent of unpostmarked ballots delivered are predominantly Democrat). A number of absentee ballots are fraudulently filled out and delivered to the election counters in boxes. In 2018 an Ohio county sent out envelopes to those who requested absentee ballots, but there were no ballots inside.

32. NonRepublicans were locked out of vote counting in Warren Ohio in 2004 and elsewhere.

33. Voting the dead (as Nathan Sproul did in Florida and elsewhere for his Republican paymasters McCain, Romney, Rove and others)

34 The 5 Republicans on the unelected "Supreme" Court unplugged the 1965 Voting Rights Act enabling once again the racist
election patterns of TX, AL, AR, FL, GA, SC, NC, LA, MS etc.

35. Denial of prisoners' right to vote and under the guise of removing felon names, removing many others.

36. Coupled with the failed attempt of Trump, Kobach, Bannon at datamining all state records to be stored on White House computers and supervised by a member of Pence's staff is Jeff Sessions' DOJ letter implying voters (nonGOP) be purged, (Rachel Maddow report)

37. Lies and libels about candidates as the John Thune campaign did re Tom Daschle in South Dakota and as the Ohio GOP Party did re Democrat Ed Fitzgerald

38. Invasion of privacy as did Republicans with the help of the Miami Herald destroyed Senator Eagleton's candidacy for the vice presidency, revealing he had been hospitalized for depression. The electorate is more informed now than before about depression.

39. Because Bill Clinton did not want to invade Iraq, Republicans and other warmongers sent in spy Monica Lewinsky with the help of Linda Tripp of Delta Force and Lucianne Goldberg of Regnery as coaches for their black op seduction and impeachment plans. Brett Kavanaugh wrote the report which summarized the 45 million dollar unconstitutional attempt of Republicans to impeach Clinton.

40. Search engine fraud: Google designed fraudulent algorithms countless times. In 2004, they caused 14 negative Kerry sites to pop up for every 1 positive one.

41. Google and other search engine hiding of nonRepublican links.

42 After billionaire Sam Fox funded sites attacking John Kerry, he was awarded by Bush with an ambassadorship to Belgium while Philip Anschutz, dovehunting billionaire, helped fellow dovehunter and judicial killer Neil Gorsuch to become a Supreme Court justice. This required also Mitch McConnell's abuse of power in never scheduling a vote for Obama's nominee and his
change of the rules from 60 votes to a majority for a Supreme Court justice.

43. Treason e,g, G H W Bush and James Woolsey, 2 former heads of the CIA as private citizens on March 12 of 1980 negotiated with the Iranian government to continue to hold US hostages until the election. They also used their petroplutocracy contacts to dry up gas and direct the anger toward Carter and through Oliver North sabotaged the hostage rescue helicopters.

44. Allowing the recipients of stolen elections to remain in office, as has happened in the 2015 election for Kentucky governor, both elections of G W Bush, Donald Trump and tens of thousands of other examples.

45. Spamming opposition party websites with pornography or commercial spam to discredit them. It is very easy for a hacker to
send incriminating files into a victim's computer.

46. Sending those trained in provocateur behavior to disrupt internet forums, public meetings

47. Campaign infiltrators who take charge of fundraising, financial records, media ads etc.

48. Hacking third party sites such as Cleveland Indymedia and many other Indymedia sites off of the internet and censoring others
as Google has done to WSWS.org

49. Changing the rules mid campaign, e.g. Democratic voters who showed up in Jeb Bush's election of 2000 were told they needed 2 forms of photo ID

50 Whole counties of votes in New Hampshire were thrown away by Republicans in NH desperate to defeat Ron Paul. Ron Paul had several state victories which were never recorded.

"Party leaders at the county and state level have changed or violated party rules, cancelled caucuses, changed vote counts, thrown out entire counties of votes, counted public votes privately, called-in the SWAT team, and inexplicably replaced Paul delegates with Romney delegates to block Ron Paul from winning the nomination." Quote from Jaret Glenn wordpress site

51 Romney operatives in 2008 destroyed computers of Democrat, Green, Libertarians etc. AT&T computer protection was nil.

52 Phony pollsters Many polls such as Rasmussen, Gallup, are propaganda machines owned by Republicans.... with fraudulent numbers reported, fraudulent samples, biased questions. Gallup reported in 1948 in the week of the election that Truman was 20 points behind Dewey.

53. Candidate lies to the electorate. In Alabama, Richard Shelby ran as a Democrat in order to be elected and then switched to the Republican Party. In Colorado, Democrat Ben Nighthorse Campbell switched to the Republican Party after elected. In 2015 and 2016 Trump portrayed himself as the peace candidate. After his fraudulent installation in the White House in the first few months he spent
nearly a billion dollars bombing Yemen, sending 59 missiles into Syria, largest ever nonnuclear MOAB bomb onto Afghanistan people, animals and trees, and further violence in Iraq.

54. An attempted coup against Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 by the DuPonts and Morgans

55. Elections should be decided by congressional district numbers, and not by giving someone with 50.2% of the vote of a state all one hundred % of the power.

56. Republican Ronald Reagan ended the fairness provision of the FCC which required equal time to candidates. He was the candidate of General Electric and made them one of the top 10 arms merchants when he tripled military spending.

57. Forged and phony signatures such as Newt Gingrich campaign workers did in Georgia's 6th having forged 4000 signatures

58. An Israeli defense firm, Elron Electronics, did the 'official' count of the 2008 Iowa caucus precincts, something which could have been done with a cheap adding machine.

59. The 3 first presidential primaries have been in conservative New Hampshire, pig butchering Iowa, and South Carolina which in the past had one of the most racist histories in the nation. 3 small states have been given power beyond their numbers.

60. In Republican counties in Ohio, the number of Republican registrations exceeded the population, resulting in a lawsuit.

61. Microsoft actively prevented Free/Open Source/transparent software from being used for elections. Open source voting was almost single-handedly derailed by Microsoft. This was reported by the website techrights dot org.

62. Campaigns of false news e,g, several Trump operatives churned out thousands of stories, one of which was that socialist pacifist Pope Francis had endorsed Donald Trump. Trump projects his own reality in charging fake news.

63. Ballot design a. Tennessee has had a deceptively designed primary ballot which invites people to check names of delegates in different blocks, and then disqualifies any who have voted for more than 1 block.

64. The infamous butterfly ballot in Florida gave many of Gore's votes to Pat Buchanan

65. Republicans often put their favorites in first place, knowing that 10% of voters vote for the 1st name on ballot.

66. CNN reported on the eve of the Iowa caucuses in 2016 that Ben Carson had left the state, falsely implying that Carson was dropping out of the presidential race.

67. Super Tuesday comes with SEVEN of the 13 states being Southern racist. They are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

68. Winner take all primaries are inherently undemocratic and have been promoted by GOP parties in Florida, Ohio. Maine is the
first state in the nation to have a preference number for each candidate. Voters rate those on the list with numbers. If there
are 5 candidates, the most preferred receives a number 1, the least a 5.

69. Republican owned 'polls' don't include third party candidates in their questioning, for instance Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who tripled his numbers from 2012 to 2016.

70. Republican Vote Fraud In Arizona: Republican Helen Purcell of Arizona denied the franchise to many blacks and Latinos. Some spent a whole work day waiting in line. Many precincts were closed. Voters were told certain sites had run out of ballots etc.

71. Kris Kobach, Republican election official in Kansas, election crimes. He and Kansas GOP required proof of citizenship. He published a separate voting instruction pamphlet for Latinos which gave them the false impression that they had more days to vote than in actuality. In addition, he eliminated passports as acceptable ID in the Spanish edition.

72. Billionaire operatives pay pornographers to spam political internet discussion groups as a way of driving them off of the internet. The Koch Brothers, Robert Mercer, Philip Anschutz have all acted unethically.

73. In many states the homeless have been disenfranchised because of lack of address. Jon Husted removed homeless people from Ohio rolls. He is now running for lieutenant governor of Ohio

74."An appointee of President George W. Bush, Judge Schroeder argued in a nearly 500-page ruling that eliminating same-day voter registration, cutting a full week of early voting, barring voters from casting a ballot outside their home precinct, ending straight-ticket voting, and scrapping a program to pre-register high school students who would turn 18 by Election Day does not overly burden voters of color. He also upheld the state's strict voter ID requirement, which residents argued waspassed with the intention of suppressing African American votes."

75. Election officials in some cases have changed names and birthdates to spread mayhem.

76. Violent rent a mobs: e.g. Roger Stone, Republican operative working for G W Bush, organized thugs into the "Brooks Brothers Riot" in Florida, through intimidation shutting down the recount vote which stole the election from Al Gore. Simultaneously, Republicans organized mobs outside the vice presidential mansion asking Gore to leave. This is the same Roger Stone who worked with fellow violence inciter, Donald Trump.

74. Everyone has a right to vote very quickly, to vote before election day, to have many
precincts available, a paper trail, and a voting network free of hackable voting machines.

75. Books and articles have been written by Congressman John Conyers, Robert F Kennedy Jr in Rolling Stone, the Free Press of Columbus Ohio about the Ohio Republican Party theft of the 2004 election. A book has been written about Thune's thuggery in South Dakota.

76. Ohio Republicans in court were forced to testify that antihacking software had been removed by Secretary of State Husted's operatives.

77. Korean Americans and Asian Americans, often Democrats, have had their votes suppressed by the GOP.. Greg Palast, author of many books on election fraud, has reported that in the 6th District of Georgia, that infamous district of Gingrich, then Tom Price, and in 2018 Karen Handel, 6000 Koreans were prevented from voting, told their registrations had not been received. When they produced photocopies of the voting rolls, one was arrested. Karen Handel suppressed the vote when Georgia Secretary of State.

78. Republicans have often eliminated nonRepublican people with the same 1st and last names but different middle names such as Robert A Smith and Robert L Smith, or Stephen A Kim and Stephen M Kim

79 Libel "One of young Roger Stone's first dirty tricks for CREEP, The Committee To Reelect President, was sending a campaign check for $200 to liberal Republican congressman (and Wilson Sonsini co-founder) Pete McCloskey on behalf of the Young Socialist Alliance, and then forwarding a copy of the receipt to the publisher of the largest daily newspaper in New Hampshire, the Manchester Union-Leader" Source: Mark Ames writing for the StoneZone

80 Republicans in Pence's Indiana thwarted the registration of 40,000 African Americans
"Patriot Majority USA, a liberal group that runs the Indiana Voter Registration Program, which calls itself the largest voter registration program of African-Americans in the state. It says it submitted some 40,000 registration forms this year until Republican officials stepped in."

81 Vote fraud by Republican Secretaries of State in Georgia, Ohio
and other Republican vote fraud incidents

Another Republican Secretary of State, Karen Handel in Georgia was sued by the ACLU for voter suppression. She was 'elected' in the 6th congressional district of Georgia recently.

Allen Cty Indiana sheriff is said to have denied right to vote to those in jail

84 NAACP works to expose and fix Republican Party voter purging in North Carolina



In 9 Central and South American countries, Andres Sepulveda, now in jail, rigged elections in favor or right wing candidates.

Romney ties to voting machines


Florida's Jeb Bush voter purge

span class="link"> http://www.asktog.com/columns/042ButterflyBallot.html


The book Ratf**cked about Rove and Jankowski fraud.


Republicans account for most vote fraud


Judge George C Smith has upheld the criminal removal of 2 million people

from Ohio's voting rolls by Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted,

thus requiring that many people reregister each time they vote.








Scofflaw Republican Kris Kobach of Kansas

span class="link"> http://americablog.com/2016/02/kansas-proof-of-citizenship-voter-registr




The Kasich machine made Ohio a winner take all Republican primary in 2015.


span class="link"> http://frontloading.blogspot.com/p/2016-republican-delegate-allocation-b

Supreme Court: Because of the thefts of elections by Republicans on the Supreme Court, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars resulted, with milions of deaths and casualties, and the impoverishing of the US

Many prisoners were murdered by states etc.



Nathan Sproul vote fraud hired by Romney McCain Rove and several state GOP parties


10 dirty election tricks


CIA murdering populist leaders


Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.


Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.


Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Stealing Elections


5 ways Republicans make it harder to vote




NC voting machines flip votes to Republicans


Romney's Plan To Rig The Electoral College






What Happened In Ohio\: A Documentary Account (how Ohio Republicans in myriad ways stole the national election from Democrats and John kerry


*22 How Republican Party stole nomination from Ron Paul





South Dakota: suppression of Native American vote by Senator Thune



How Jeb Bush role in 2000 election in Florida led to a new wave of voter disenfranchisement


Alabama to stop issuing driver's licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters


Georgia: Handel's cheating

Republicans in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia have plotted to remove popular vote totals in electoral college.


5 links on the conspiracy by G W Bush and Ohio Republicans to steal the election from Kerry in 2004

Congressional report


Robert F Kennedy Jr writing in Rolling Stone

 link to truth-out.org









Election officials changing names and birthdates, e.g. in Mike Pence's Indiana


Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted is removing 2 million people from the voting rolls
as Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris did in Florida, stealing the election from Al Gore.

Husted manipulated the legalization of marijuana vote with the help of old Diebold voting

machines. Diebold sold the hackable machines but they remain in many Ohio precincts.

Following 3 are re Arizona's Helen Purcell, Republican and her varieties of vote fraud




In 2008 Elron Electronics, an Israeli defense firm, tallied the Iowa precinct total.


Microsoft suspected of vote fraud


Romney family investment in Ohio voting machines






Ohio Republican election workers convicted of fraud

 http://rangevoting.org/OhioConvictns.html (Thank you to Mitchel Cohen)

(Hillary Clinton disenfranchised 3 million independent voters in NY, stealing the state victory from Bernie Sanders. Her campaign was involved in Arizona, Iowa, Wyoming, Nevada and other vote fraud as well.)

Karen Handel further vote fraud in Georgia runoff


Newt Gingrich campaign workerforges 4000 signatures


Nathan Sproul GOP operative for Romney and McCain who operated a 'voter registration' drive in 8 states and threw away all nonGOP ballots




Karen Handel, was sued by the ACLU for voter suppression. She was 'elected' in the 6th congressional district of Georgia recently.
 https://www.rt.com/usa/364478-naacp-complains-of-voter-purging/ in North Carolina

Election officials changing names and birthdates, e.g. in Mike Pence's Indiana



npa correct ap vote fraud add 5th electoral college: trump and collate 2 lists someone changed g h w bush treason to 2012 from 1980

Jeff Sessions re African American drivers license repression
Unexplained bullet in Ron Brown's head
 http://www.rense.com/politics6/bullet.htm the unexplained bullet in Ron Brown's head