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anti-racism | community building


embracing an "indifferent culture" from a humanity standpoint.
.dear diary, a "mad" black man died (inside....for now) this year for the rights of "people" to feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll "white"

.a "black knight" embraces a "white knight" who carries no shotguns, burned no crosses, nor tied no nooses. (people in general)

.i ran maaaaaaaannnnny miles by walking with "footlooses" of hope snapping each rope with a heartache of gold

.if "people" wore no "sheets", we wore each other's worn out feet

.whether you pride your heart through your skin with loooooovvvveeeeee, or diiiiiiiiiieeeed inside your skin with haaaaaaaaaattttteeeee!!!!

.one brotherhood, one love, one blood unites each other high above (on and off ground)

.i"m that "man of color" beyond your own eyesight. my own "man of steel" that died for your own right to take flight (in a joint effort with your humanity)

.every single newspaper sold from me to you (street roots)was alot more than a "thank you" or even "have a blessed day"

.every article written by me was a coverage of courage to create within yourselves to see the world beyond just "news". (poor magazine)

.every greet upon greet on just one corner, helped heal me, save me, and embr4ace my innerself

.blood of our owwwwwwwwwnnn blood. a torn flesh of our owwwwwwwnnn (you decide) flesh. and essssssspppppeecccciiaallly our "skin" is no sin........within.....and/or without

.my "black pride" to even "matter" is for mankind to never be left behind. love in a battlefield of brutality and betrayal.

.heritage is not fate for hate. heritage perishes with age like any other "brother from another mother"

.tears that shed sorrow for every single tomorrow for a (maximumn) mad man marlon to say.......man man marlon out!!!

(there is always a chance for the riiiiiiiiggggghhhtttttt peeeeeeeeoooooooooppppple supremacy.

ITS A "TINY" ERROR. SORRY ABOUT THAT.............. 11.Jul.2018 16:45


recognizable hand writing i'd say. it's a veeeerrrrryyyy nice "framework" in a "tiny" sort of way i'd say? mmmm out!!!!!

MY VERSION of the poem....... 11.Jul.2018 19:17

Marlon Crump a.k.a "MAD MAN MARLON."

My version of the poem........