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US Death Penalty Violates Several Constitutional Amendments

Republicans on the Supreme Court call themselves respecters of the US Constitution. Yet judicial or governor murders
violate several Constitution amendments.
US Death Penalty Violates Several Constitutional Amendments

Only 16% of US states still perform the barbarism of prisoner murder. Less than 20% of the world's countries do. The US is among the top 5 execution countries.

US Executions Violate The 14th, 8th, and 1st Amendments To The Constitution
Federal Government At Odds With 3/4 Of The World

The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution states each has a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government prisoner murder, judicial execution, is unconstitutional.
The 8th Amendment to the US Constitution outlaws cruel and unusual punishment. Executions, even more so those approved by Neil Gorsuch and Scott Pruitt, are unconstitutional. Those 2 gentlemen, one an appellate court judge and the other an attorney general of Oklahoma, tried to sweep under the rug the 45 minutes an Oklahoma prisoner writhed in agony from an execution cocktail known to cause great pain.
The 1st Amendment has been violated by Merrick Garland, speedy executioner, and other prosecutors and judges who have placed gag orders on proceedings and have sealed files.
We are called a democracy but our laws are made by unelected Supreme Court judges ratified by an unequal Senate in which Wyoming senators have 72 times the power per capita of California. Countless prisoners have been murdered by a pentocracy of 5 Republicans. Five male unelected Republicans have trumped the will of the vast majority of 360 million Americans on countless other issues.
Our law is based on the concept that all human beings are equal. The death penalty for those who kill a policeperson or member of Congress violates that principle as it establishes a double standard of justice within the citizenry. In 42 states there has been no death penalty in 2017. Michigan has not had an execution since the middle of the 19th Century. The federal government though has the death penalty. The law is not consistent and equal. Over 81% of the world's countries do not murder prisoners.
The federal government has made the US one of the top 5 prisoner murderers in the world, along with China and 3 Muslim countries,
Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia whose execution methods include stoning, decapitation, hanging, and crucifixion. All of these countries also murder in illegal wars. Our government has bombed and/or invaded 17 countries since 1980.
US attorneys sometimes file writs in court attempting to seize a nonexecuting state's prisoners in order to murder them. Most of the of the world knows that the CIA has assassinated millions extralegally through bombs and assassination squads.
Ambitious prosecutors wanting more scalps on their belts are guilty of malicious prosecution, suborning of perjury, bribery of witnesses, use of unreliable jail house snitches, fabrication of evidence, hiding of exculpatory evidence.
While many who kill do so in momentary hot passion, the serial killing of judicial murderers is cold and premeditated.
What is a 'death qualified jury'? A jury in which all who have spiritual, religious or other opposition to the death penalty are eliminated. Our justice system in many cases removes from juries the more compassionate, leaving someone to be judged by the minority
in the US who support government murder. It is the federal government, the DOJ, which most utilizes unconstitutional 'death qualified juries'. In Britain in the past, butchers were disqualified from juries because it was felt their
jobs desensitized them to suffering.
One study indicated that if New York had had execution in recent years, the cost would have been 118 million dollars annually. For 20 years. NBC promoted capital punishment in the show Law & Order despite the fact NY has not murdered prisoners since 1963.
Racist execution patterns indicate that of those prisoners on death row, 3 to 4 times more blacks than whites per capita are murdered by the government. Only 7 southern states with centuries of racist execution (AL AR FL GA MO TX VA) and Ohio have murdered prisoners as of October 2017. Of the 7 racist pattern states, Virginia executed the most prisoners in US history while Texas did the most judicial murders in the 20th Century. Jeff Sessions when attorney general of Alabama oversaw only black executions. No whites were executed during his tenure. The brutal hitching post was used in Alabama prisons and defeneded by him during his time in office. Racist execution patterns violate the principle of equal protection under law.
Can anyone name a billionaire or centimillionaire who has been executed in a US state? Money buys copious out of jail free cards. Money and bribes silence prosecutors. Economic disparities in the US justice system also violate the principle of equal protection under law.
As 'an eye for an eye makes everyone blind', so does capital punishment make our judicial system blind, not to money, but to
the nonviolence taught by Jesus, founder of Christianity, Buddha, founder of Buddhism, Mahavira, founder of the Jains, to the teachings of the Hebrew Kabbalah, the Muslim Sufis, countless humanist writings. May our US justice system be among the best, not the worst.


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