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File Cabinets In World Trade Center Towers On 9/11: Where Did They Go?

As we know (from NIST, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce) the collapses of New York's two 1,300-foot tall skyscrapers on 11 September 2001 were gravity collapses.

Each of the two skyscrapers had many thousands of file cabinets in their offices.

What happened to all the steel file cabinets?

( Sure the paper file contents inside, especially for non-insulated non-fireproof cabinets would have been incinerated as would occur in any office or home fire. Cabinets themselves constructed of sheet steel. )

Does anyone know what happened to all of the thousands of file cabinets in the World Trade Center towers?

Are there any reports from Ground Zero in New York City, of file cabinets being observed-seen at the site?

In a gravity collapse of the buildings, the deformed or crushed remains of thousands of bulky, rectangular-shaped filing cabinets far more sturdy and durable than plastic computers, telephones, wood furniture, upholstery cloth or glass computer screens should have survived.
Looking forward to any evidence or documentation, of surviving file cabinets from the World Trade Center towers in New York City, September 2001.


Yet Another Thrillingly Informative "Article" 05.Jul.2018 11:10


Along with the "school shootings", and "bioscience" (plus pedobear and Trojans), we have this incredibly interesting piece about file cabinets. What about toilets? They are even tougher.

How interesting!

great question 06.Jul.2018 08:38


I wonder where all of the staplers went. Really makes you question the whole narrative.

Peanut gallery (Clyde, blues) offer no substantive comment 08.Jul.2018 14:55


Let alone actual answers.

but each has plenty of spare time to come here to portland.indymedia, deliberately ignore/Close Their Minds To what was written in the original post, and still share their vast and treasured wisdom.

p.s. 'blues' Toilets are ceramic, easily pulverized by gravity.