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Trump Restaurants: Over 150 Health Code Violations

Trump's attack on the Red Hen restaurant has boomeranged on him 100 fold
The Red Hen in Lexington Virginia was attacked by Trump because its employees did not want to serve his press secretary. Trump erroneously called the Red Hen dirty. It was cited last year only for storing pickles in the wrong kind of jars.

Who knows how many incidents of food poisoning have been caused by Trump restaurants or if anyone has died from the food he sells.

His eateries have been cited over 150 times (in recent years.. not including many years before) for month old caviar, expired yogurt, having flies and cockroaches, food not stored at cold enough temperatures, filth, dirty counters, dirty wiping cloths, dangerously undercooked fish and meat, food not labeled, food not stored according to code, food mishandled, restaurants with structural code violations etc. etc..The Trump Cafe and Grill, and Trump Bar,, and restaurants at Mar-a-Lago as well as Trump Golf Links in the Bronx have been cited many times.

This year inspectors charged Trump International Hotel in DC with 9 code violations including dirty counters, cross contamination of foods etc..
In 2015, Trump Cafe and Grill was cited 21 times for dirty cloths, dirty counters, insufficiently cold temperatures. In 2016 it was cited for roaches (although why restaurants which serve corpse pieces bother about innocent roaches is inconsistent.)
Trump's restaurant at Mar-a-Lago had 78 citations in 3 years including undercooked fish and hot raw meat
Trump's Vegas steakhouse was cited 51 times and shut down for a while.

Jesus' Aramaic was translated into 'sarcophagus' in Greek which means flesheater
(sarx flesh phagus eater)





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maybe we can turn the U.S. Supreme Court, into a Restaurant? 27.Jun.2018 17:14


surely that will keep the proper balance of Supreme Court decisions for generations.

I mean, everyone likes Russian food Amirite?

WHO CARES? 01.Jul.2018 12:26


why is this topic *STILL* on the newswire?

**** YOU to whoever spammed this GARBAGE on the wire.

HuffPost, NYDailyNews, VICE.com (-->**GAVIN MCInnes**) 01.Jul.2018 13:00





is this garbage still doing here?!

what is WRONG with you people, holy ****

kQJkHtWkOwHbGNggOZ 21.Dec.2018 01:11

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q8pYOL The issue is something too few people are speaking intelligently about.