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A Partial List Black Ops, Assassinations, Destabilizations, Wars by the CIA

The current refugee crisis in the US was begun by Allen Dulles of the CIA who in 1954 overthrew the democratically elected government of Guatemala because of its attempt to initiate land reform. That action morphed into a 30 year civil war. It is only 1 of a trail of bloody assassinations and black ops of the agency.
This book is free and online at archive.org
This book is free and online at archive.org
Fidel Castro Survived 638 Assass. Attempts by CIA
Fidel Castro Survived 638 Assass. Attempts by CIA
Patrice Lumumba Murdered by Allen Dulles' CIA in 1960
Patrice Lumumba Murdered by Allen Dulles' CIA in 1960
The website ForeignPolicy.com alleges the US government overthrew 7 other governments. The actual list
is many times larger of which this list is a small fraction. In Guatemala Allen Dulles of the CIA was angered by the land reform of the democratically elected government as he also was by the democratically elected Mossadegh's right to nationalize oil in Iran. With its assassinations of 58 leaders in Guatemala, the CIA began the 30 year Civil War in that country. It is the CIA which spawned the current refugee crisis.

Allen Dulles assassinated 58 leaders in Guatemala in 1954. The CIA began the Civil War which lasted
for 30 years there.

Besides 58 assassination in Guatemala, the CIA killed 17,000 leaders in Vietnam (Operation Phoenix),
murdered Patrice Lumumba in Congo in 60, Salvador Allende in 73 in Chile, General Torrijos of Panama in 1981, has conducted countless assassinations in Afghanistan and many other Muslim nations.
The agency attempted 638 assassinations of Fidel Castro who must have been protected by angels.


Billionaires don't like nationalization of oil, land reform, or removal of their stolen wealth. The CIA has acted as hit men for these megathieves.

638 assassination attempts directed at Fidel Castro by the CIA

John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and a recent updated version
writes of the CIA's specialty: arranged plane crashes, as well as of many economic destabilizations by the CIA


A Partial List Black Ops by the CIA (government overthrows, assassinations, destabilizations, invasions)

1947 CIA works to defeat Italian Communist Party in 1948 elections
1949 Syrian coup
1949-1953 Albania
1953 Iranian coup Democratically elected Mossadegh worked to nationalize oil which the British empire
had seized. The result was the CIA overthrew him.
1954 Guatemalan coup The democratically elected Guatemalan government initiated land reform and
the breaking up of huge estates. Allen Dulles overthrew the government.
1956-57 Syria crisis
1957-58 Indonesian revolution
1959-2000 Cuba, 638 assassination attempts on Fidel Castro
1959 Cambodian "Bangkok Plot"
1960 Congo coup the murder of Patrice Lumumba by Allen Dulles operatives
1961 Cuba, Bay of Pigs Invasion
1961 Cuba, Operation Mongoose
1961 Dominican Republic
1963-1975 South Vietnam In 1971 John F Kerry (elected president in 2004) testified before Congress about the
16,000 assassinations of Vietnamese leaders by CIA swat teams escorted into N Vietnam by the US military. They were a small
fraction of the 3 to 4 million Vietnamese killed by the US government.
1964 Bolivia
1964 Brazil
1966 Ghana
1970 Cambodia
1971 Bolivia
1970-73 Chile Kissinger and the CIA supervise the murder of Salvatore Allende, democratically
elected leader of Chile and the destabilization of the Chilean economy
1977 Kissinger & CIA work with Pakistan to destabilize Indian economy by airdrops of counterfeit rupees.
The attempt fails and boomerangs, stimulating the economy as the counterfeits become part of the currency.
1979-89 Afghanistan, Operation Cyclone The CIA acting through Rep. Charlie Wilson funds
billions in weapons to Muslims of Afghanistan working to drive out the Soviets. When that
is accomplished the CIA works on the 911 black op as an excuse to invade Afgh1977anistan.
1980-92 Angola, UNITA
1981 Ecuador Jaime Roldós Aguilera past president murdered in plane crash by CIA
1981 Panama General Torrijos murdered by CIA Source: John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hitman
1981-87 Nicaragua, Contras
1982 Chad
1991 Haiti
1996 Iraq coup attempt
1999 through 2018 Venezuela destabilization
2000 Yugoslavia
2001-2018 and longer? Afghanistan US' longest war
2004 Haiti
2011-2017 Syria, Timber Sycamore


President Truman said the CIA violated its founding purpose to be an intelligence gatherer only and should return to that.
President Eisenhower warned of the CIA's power to corrupt democracy.
President Kennedy's plans after his election to abolish the black ops division of the CIA was one factor in his assassination.
Robert F Kennedy Jr has spoken of the CIA's hatred of the Kennedy family.
President Carter and Stansfield Turner's housecleaning at the CIA brought backlash from former CIA director G H W Bush who arranged through black ops for Carter's defeat

This article does not include domestic plane crashes arranged by the agency... 2 Democratic Senate candidates from Missouri... Jerry Little in 1976 and
Mel Carnahan in the 90's died in plane crashes.. as did
Libertarian Doug Boutzier in 2016. Boutzier's 5% of the vote was needed by the Koch Brothers and Joni Ernst in order to defeat the Democrats.
Paul Wellstone's death in a plane crash was followed
by the theft of the Minnesota Senate election of Mondale by the GOP candidate.
The attempted murder of Senator Edward Kennedy in a plane crash killed 2 but EMK survived with a broken back. Later his nephew John F Kennedy Jr was not so lucky when his pilot was mysteriously called off

homepage: homepage: http://https://archive.org/stream/ConfessionsOfAnEconomicHitman_257/JohnPerkins

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'Confessions of An Economic Hit Man'

( saw a copy of it at Goodwill the other day )

There are also a few documentaries, which features him in it :


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