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Progressives wrestle with dilemma on migration

Canadians' over-riding committment to a "multicultural identity" has served as a kind of "cultural glue, forestalling broad antagonism to immigration based on fears it will reduce support for the country's welfare policies (which, in terms of generosity, lie somewhere in between those in the US and northern Europe).
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Since "progressives" tend to support both strong immigration and a generous social-safety net, they are put in a bind, say Canadian scholars. It's why Canadians are often in some denial about the correlation between in-migration and support for a welfare society.

The Farm bill will fail in conference debates like the Immigration bill since hatred and greed only lead to mistrust and exploding inequality.
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Protect Immigrants' Rights: End The Crises That Drive Migration 22.Jun.2018 22:50

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers