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VIDEO: Fleet Week - Multiple Police Agents Arrest & Search in South Park Blocks

Fleet Week means it's the time of year for multiple Police Agencies to start sweeping the city
This is happening in numerous places in Portland during Rose Festival
Fleet Week in #Portland #Tourism - come watch multiple police agencies harassing the #houseless - Federal (NCIS) City, Transit & Undercover Police storm troop on low level (?) homeless citizens

 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_IZZYLrWfCY&feature=youtu.be (Cell phone video on YouTube)

#Navy #rosefest #copwatch #PoliceState

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Mercury Reports and Twitter video 08.Jun.2018 13:18

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The Portland Mercury wrote a piece on this Fleet Week Tradition:

TWITTER has a video taken in Old Town of the same gang of state agents ...Look Up the twitter feed on Twitter from @Bobbin_Singh