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Well, I've been told to stay off the site

And apparently by someone who administrates the site because no comment I've made since has been published:

And apparently by someone who administrates the site because no comment I've made since has been published:


I was replying to this fellow:



year 2007 "a while back" from the DBG-lluminattii Archives. 29.May.2018 21:14
_ link


kindly get the **** out and

stay the **** OFF this site.

it's _GIULIANI_ not "Guilliani" k thx bi


I sincerely hope this is NOT one of the one/few indy bees left.

Wandering to the policy page (for the new, naive, or casually interested)



We do not censor, if you cant find an article or post contact the workerbee's as to why.

If you wish to contribute info to or refute info in an article you may use the "contribute to this article" link. These will appear directly below the article. To comment on the ideas in a particular post, use the "add comment to discussion" link at the bottom of that article. These will appear through a link at the bottom "view discussion from this article". The free-wheeling discussions that take place through such comments are another interactive feature of the indymedia website.


I'm not exactly sure what the current point or purpose of Portland Indymedia is, but a "censorship free" place of "free wheeling ideas" is not it.

Oh, this is the comment I posted last night that was so scandalous:


Someone needs a nap
"year 2007 "a while back" from the DBG-lluminattii Archives."

Yep, 2007 is "a while back". And I'm pretty sure Portland Indymedia archives have nothing to do with the Illuminati.
(Or...DO THEY? *spooky music*)

Not sure what your point is...apart from the usual tinfoil paranoia.

"kindly get the **** out and

stay the **** OFF this site. "

I'll get right on that.


Now, I'm perfectly aware this article will not likely see the light of day. But will take satisfaction knowing, IF there is an indybee using the site for their own agenda, they will be forced to face their hypocrisy.

The irony is, unlike that lovable tinfoil spammer Geral, who is nearly never "censored" (technically only the government can censor one, so what someone really means is they claim to never removed anything written) I hardly ever post here. So go figure.

I assume I'm being IP banned....which is something else Indymedia subdomains claim not to do, mostly because they claim not to track IP's at all. So I'll leave it to the reader what that says about the people running the site...



Ahh shucks 31.May.2018 22:06

I have rights

dee bee gee - ee ee ee (d.b.g.) (DBG) (whatever) Too bad you cant actually see or know who is typing this or that, I know its driving you mad. He said, she said, they said, I said, who said what, when and why.

Take a nap, its all irrelevant and is driving you mad online and offline. I know it was you. etc., #Joke

What I love 31.May.2018 22:31


is his egocentric nature, as in wanting to be "known" (around these parts) as 'DBG' or .d.b.g. etc.

like we're supposed to 'recognize' him (?!), as poo-o-owww Widdduw DBG whose sense of online 'personhood' has been transgressed somehow or other.

then he signs his name, lulz :




lollerskates DBG: the troll with FEEE-EE-EELINGs, wo-wo-wo .....