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Homeless-Man-Stabs-Portland-Citizen Story IST VERBOTEN ?

*why* did you delete that story from the Newswire?

it is local news and concerns the Homeless.
Explanation please, PDX IMC.

You Be The Media 30.May.2018 15:00


Corporate Media Repost with an inserted crass comment is not Indy news.

Great Sock Puppet Show! 30.May.2018 15:40

dee bee gee

Now it's just sad. Especially as it highlights the continuing absence of the compost bin for 2017 and 2018.


"Corporate Media Repost with an inserted crass comment is not Indy news." 30.May.2018 16:55


Thanks for the explanation.

( it figures )

as for DBG:
"after years working in finance"
why don't you stay the **** away from here.

p.s. RE: "Corporate Media" 30.May.2018 17:02


would it have stayed here _without_ the "crass comment inserted"?

and furthermore, just because you delete it from here doesn't automatically mean that the topic:

Homeless person Violently assaults Portland resident

has no validity or relevance.

i.e. the violent stabbing perpetrated by a Homeless person, actually did occur. In our community.

So do a report on it 30.May.2018 18:53

Crybaby Alert

Then do some reporting on it. Oh wait! You actually don't do any "reporting ".

RE: " Oh wait! You actually don't do any "reporting "" 31.May.2018 16:40


Posting (*even* a re-post) stories to Portland Indymedia newswire,

is somehow not "reporting"?

For stories which are relatively under-reported, selectively-covered, Inundated-or-Obscured by the Deluge-Of-Corporate-Celebrity-Sports-Instagram-Personality-News,

or otherwise not-so-easily obtained or heard about by users of Portland Indymedia
(particularly stories with a local Proximity [Portland neighborhood] relevance, and Local-Topical-Relevance [Homeless] such as the stabbing story),











what were the reported-on stories by "Crybaby Alert", again?

Compost Bin Request 31.May.2018 22:13

Fuck Corporate Media

that is a GOOD

damn i wish there was one

"damn i wish there was one" There Is, it's just presently invisible 31.May.2018 22:25


( so they say... )

sorry to have to say this but after 2 years the ex-FBI guy Geritol/Geral needs to have everything composted; at least it'll be _in there_ (not fully deleted) and not clogging up the main wire.

" There Is, it's just presently invisible"...and? 15.Jun.2018 16:45


So why don't you do something about it?

(this person is almost certainly the owner of the website)

Or did you run out of tech monkeys willing to work for free?