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Chris Mathews- Zombie-Lib TV Troll Has A Thing For WTC Building 7

Mathews is the fake left patriarch with the best act- he actually convinces viewers he's somehow the "voice of truth in the wilderness". But he'll never convince himself. Or me.
"slimeball" is more like it
trust me= LOL
trust me= LOL
He hates
He hates "Building 7 People" - that's what he calls all conspiracy theorists
Mathews really has an obsession with World Trade Center Building Seven. No plane ever hit it. No major conflagration ever engulfed it, but it went down like a Vegas casino in seconds the afternoon of 911. Christopher has it in for anything he terms a "conspiracy theory". But instead of referring to theorists as crackpots he calls them "Building 7 people" because he claims people keep yelling "building seven" at him wherever he goes. So I guess he must really believe all the Bin Laden bullshit and in the "hijackers" who couldn't fly a kite much less a jumbo jet. No- Mathews is really getting squirmy now because 911 co-conspirator Rudy Giuliani is under the global microscope as never before, and RFK Jr. is on the warpath over the framing of Sirhan for his father's assassination. Mathews is always invoking Robert Kennedy as his mentor and all time political hero. He's made a habit of debunking all theories that digress from the official government positions. Pretty damn strange for a so-called "liberal icon" to blindly swallow the likes of the discredited Warren and 911 Commission Reports. They compete with Grimm's Fairy Tales for pure unadulterated bullshit. And so does Chris Mathews. The thing is, Chris and his cohorts at General Electric, Microsoft and NBC are the last people on earth who are going to encourage any rewrites of the 911 screenplay as directed by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Just the very idea that 911 could have been staged by Americans makes a boy scout like Mathews piss in his boxer shorts. That's how he comes on anyway. But the truth is that all of these media celebs know damn well what happened on 911 and what happened to those who scratched their heads as the towers disintegrated. Anthrax happened. Chris and his brethren got the message but good. Rachel Maddow is no better when it comes to trolling for the official versions of everything. Remember- MSNBC claims to represent the more libertarian side of political discourse. FOX is predictable incompetence and loony people. CNN is competent but it's steel propaganda in a velvet glove. Check out David Axelrod- a total Democratic Party stooge. His leftist bus stops far short of 911. But MSNBC's image is false too. The MSM is incestuously married to the political and corporate structure of the nation to such a degree that it's nearly impossible NOT to find "fake news" on a regular basis almost everywhere. Mathews is like a medieval Jesuit knight without a clue. He's going to right the wrongs and fight the good fight. Crusader Rabbit. But he's just too ossified into his elderly personality of always being suspicious of anything UNOFFICIAL- and it's a great excuse to avoid any real questions about the attacks in 2001. Bogus news hacks like Chris Mathews are becoming dated with history. TV is so full of shit anyway. So if you see Chris on your rounds, yell out "Building 7" at the top of your lungs. Do it for the people who had to fucking JUMP.

Chris Mathews = TV Personality. 29.May.2018 17:59


who (besides zombies still watching / addicted to television) gives a **** what he thinks?

and yes obviously denigration of "conspiracy theorists" has apparently now been assigned to his watch.

as you mentioned, the other 'Talking Head' TV Personalities (ascribed their own 'relevance' and gravitas by their legions of TwitterSphere followers) are also in slander-any-deviation-from-Official-Story mode.

This Idea of denigration has infiltrated the Law-Enforcement Community as well. 30.May.2018 11:12

Tracy Mapes

Recent Law-Enforcement Quotes:

"Do You believe that We landed on the Moon?"

"Are You one of those Constitutionalist Guys?"

"Do You believe 9/11 was an Inside Job?"

CHPD Sergeant - "Why did you call that Fireman a Pussy?"

Me - "I did not call him a Pussy Sir!" - "I was just encouraging him to exercise his First Amendment Right to free expression."

90% 02.Jun.2018 14:55


Unfortunately 9 out of 10 Americans ARE addicted to TV and creepy heads like Mathews are still extremely influential. I know it may be hard to grasp this in the leftist havens of the Greater Northwest, where TV and the MSM are only mentioned by the ignorant and uneducated. But believe me, that stupid tube still decides an awful lot of our future. And Netflix and Youtube are getting just as dumb as the cultural malaise gets deeper. The Trump era is the new Dark Ages.