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Rudolf Ghouliani- Outing the Beast of 911

How much absolute BS can American society put up with before the pressure cooker pops?
Watching and listening to Trump legal mouthpiece Rudolf Giuliani call the entire intelligence community "clowns" and "liars" and calling the Russia probes "fake news and witch hunts" is no surprise to anyone who has studied the 911 attacks with an objective mind. Rudy's role in the inside-job was major from the get go. The WTC building that was never hit by a jet but somehow imploded in 5 seconds anyway, Building 7, housed Hizzoner's offices of emergency management. It was a nexus for the police state like administration he forced upon the (mostly Black) residents of New York City and it's environs. It also appears that it was the command and control center for the actual demolitions and explosions that brought down the Twin Towers that despicable day. His good buddy, WTC owner Larry Silverstein admitted the building had to be "pulled" that day do to damage. It was so obviously controlled demolition that live footage of it was basically banned from network and cable news broadcasts. If WTC 7's destruction was by explosives, ergo: so were the towers. Then Rudy morphed into his most evil undercover role yet- that of "America's Mayor", as Bush and Cheney feted and paraded him as the finest example of leadership and humanity you could ask for. He "healed" his "broken city" and was among the first public figures to openly trash Muslims and their beliefs on a national scale. What he did to minorities in N.Y. during his cruel reign, he began to do against the Muslim world. Undercover cops in Mosques was a specialty. "Looking for terrorists". He enlisted the entire NYPD in their total crackdown on civil rights and freedom of movement. Machine gun guards in airports and even on the streets. His major fear campaign fit right in with Bush's "Total Information Awareness" civilian spy program that actually convinced the public that every email and phone call they made was somehow being scrutinized by Big Brother. The ushering in of a fascist 21st Century and the Trump era was lubricated by Rudy's enthusiastic acceptance of the explanations. Bin Laden was the instant mantra. How fucking evil do have to be to play the role he played back then, and to continue to exploit his false narrative for decades just to satisfy his psychopathic need for constant attention and publicity. He's so much like Trump it's unreal. He waltzed his latest Immoratta around fancy restaurants in NY as his cuckolded wife hid her face from reporters. A brazen dirtbag on so many levels. Just like Trump. My main point here is that watching Rudy pretend to be the moral force in this Shakespearean tragedy is one of the most gruesome. hypocritical, repulsive events to ever hit the big time. The man is a devil and always has been. Most people are outraged at Giuliani's defense of Trump and assault on all that is truthful and decent. If these same people really knew just how demonic and insanely murderous he actually is (regarding 911 and his true role) they would stage a massive revolt. But against who? The Press who knew the truth but were all cowered by Anthrax attacks? Obama, who went along with the plan and claimed too kill OBL, who really died a decade earlier? earlier? 911 will always be the wound that never really heals. Our Achilles Heel in so many ways.

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Didn't someone protest Guilliani in Portland a while back? 29.May.2018 15:30


Along with the other conspiracy lunacy?



Wish you had been at the Giuliani "gathering" at Rose's...it seems no filming is making it to indymedia, but fingers crossed. Your explanation to bystander was very good, and I think those who are not as active, or activist, surely can look at the periodic peace marches, and think of them as futile. If those people were to come out every Friday afternoon and join Portland Peaceful Response Coalition in our 5pm rally and march through downtown, often with the same No War Drum Corps that provided rhythm for yesterday's march, they might have a more informed perspective on the value of raising awareness and developing one's own activist voice.

Maybe some of the newcomers in the PPRC Friday group will comment on what their experience has been, or meant to them...

Thanks again! "

The circus never ends!

year 2007 "a while back" from the DBG-lluminattii Archives. 29.May.2018 21:14



kindly get the **** out and

stay the **** OFF this site.

it's _GIULIANI_ not "Guilliani" k thx bi

Dumb Bastard Goofball 02.Jun.2018 15:04