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Fbi attacks on me

A sampling of attacks on me by fbi.
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
I have personally endured over 3 decades multiple assaults by fbi assassins sent by fbi to murder me, or to mortally wound me.
Some such attacks include the following:

Send nurse while I lay unconscious in hospital (following surgery for service connected injury) to smother me.

Pump toxic fumes into my residence everywhere I live.

Plant bacterial infection in mouth in proximity to brain in efforts to cause brain injury.

Send assassins to assault me repeatedly from my back in order to provoke a violent reaction which in turn has deadly consequences.

Attack me for 20-30 years with directed energy weaponry, including microwave and extremely low frequency sound attacks which have caused serious bodily injuries and potentially deadly coronary artery disease.

Send assassins to plant bio-chem-viral agents and apparent psycho active drugs in my food which in chemical combination causes the synthetic production in vivo of a synthetic kidney stone. Then, send an incompetent doctor to pretend to address the complications associated with the stone.

Send multiple assassins online to urge final exit, while fbi hoodlums tear up my car, invade my home, commit an unending series of crimes against my person, my wife and my property and orchestrate elaborate 'gas lighting' and psychological operations against me.

Some of these crimes and many others continue at this moment and are officially authorized by federal magistrate judges and fbi chiefs everywhere I travel globally.

So, wonder not at the decadence of our society as the fbi's own assassins reveal their demonic and inhumane credo:

'Nothing is true, everything is permitted'

homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA

Hey Geral 19.May.2018 22:42

What the fuck

Why hasn't the FBI just assassinated you? What super human powers do you possess in order to have withstood such attacks? Do you have any idea how full of suit you sound? Why don't you ever respond to any comments here? Why have you continued to post photos that are over a decade old? Why no new photos?

Why does this site continue to publish these delusional ramblings? What a fucking joke.

Geral Sosbee For President 21.May.2018 10:36


Hey why not? A good part of why I come here is to peruse the latest Sosbee offerings. His works are also featured on hundreds of other websites, but I prefer this one. As his messages spread to more and more websites, they are drowning out the tawdry, insipid porn, which has been suffered such a precipitous decline in quality as of late.

I look forward to assisting Sosbee in the struggle against the rancid forces of heresyphobia in the battles that lie ahead.