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Why Are Linux Apps So Crappy

I've been a linux user for 11 years now; and like many others, I've been fooled by the US Government mandated, linux-false-flag-Psyop.
I've been a linux user for 11 years now; and like many others, I've been fooled by the US Government mandated, linux-false-flag-

I was originally attracted to linux as a replacement for Windows Vista, which was unable to provide driver support for my 64bit
Acer Laptop, that I wanted to upgrade from XP. My 'unfortunate' choice was Ubuntu, which 'did' install 'all' necessary driver
support; but turned out to be a persistenly 'buggy' distro. From the very beginning, Ubuntu has been plagued by major application
incompatibilities with its parent distro 'debian,' broken updates, that have 'fire-hosed' many users installs and persistent
versioning problems, which 'always' eventually creep-back-in to every new distro, especially around the EOL date, even on their
supposed LTS versions. Oh, and BTW, you 'never' got all, or even most, of the bug-fixes, in the Ubuntu LTS versions, 'any of them.'
The performance was just miserable, always. Then to add insult-to-injury, Apartheid-mogol, 'Mark Shuttleworh' decided, in his
infinte wisdom, to mandate the use of the Conformity, er I mean 'Unity' desktop, eliminating 'all' backward-compatibilty features,
such as 'application' and 'file-manager' menus; making this distro, not only buggy, but also 'user-UNFRIENDLY,' with 'all' of the
Amazon & co-conspirator 'spyware' turned on by default. BTW, I've tried all of the following distros in the last 11 years.

Ubuntu (as previously stated)

debian (many distros and spins)

fedora (the last four distros) '24 was excellent 'and' user-friendly; but had the following two problems: 1. frequent security-
policy alarms. Just turning the damn-thing-off, solved this. 2. Music indexing issues (serious issues). This appeared to be
DRM related. Here's what would happen. If you recorded some old songs off of one of your old vinyl LPs, "that you PAID for,"
including the crap 'filler material' and tried to play them in the native music player, which I believe was 'Rythmbox,' for
Gnome-Desktop, you couldn't play them, BECAUSE THEY WOULDN'T INDEX. Apperently Rythmbox and '24 itself, 'refused' to index
these songs, in any format, because they didn't have any metadata, aka TRACKING information, that IP Echelon uses to track your
music use.


This issue was fortunately repaired in '25, somewhat. I now use vlc & lolipop, exclusively. Fedora devs, don't
bother including a music player in your next distro. I'll get it myself, if I have to code-my-own. They also, unilaterily,
FORCED the XWayland desktop on everyone, years before it was ready. It's still not ready; and I've had to fall-back to Gnome-
on-Xorg, for the last TWO YEARS. BTW, this unilateral FORCING crap, is a classic Unbuntu-Shuttelworth play. For heaven's
sake, listen to the pain of the community, you 'pretend' to admire so much. Thanks for nuthin' guys. Also, things have only
gotten worse with fedora. They've hired a bunch of ex-Ubuntu devs that have brought with them, not only their Authoritarian-
Apartheid culture (which is pretty much the same as British Culture); but also their corrupt code base and programming techniques,
including 'all' of the Ubuntu bugs and versioning problems. I'm now getting 'all' of the lovely 'broken' updates, that I only
used to get in Ubuntu. Jesus, the fedora project 'voluntarily' took poison, by hiring the Ubuntu devs. I think I'll call this
PROJECT-UBUNTU-PAPERCLIP, perjoritive reference very much intended. BTW, have you seen their forum? It's called Ask-Fedora,
also authoritarian as hell. They require a blood sample and two forms of ID to join; and some of their mods are REAL FBI!
they also use the "CHINESE SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM" in this forum. Hey if it's good enough for Mao, it's good enough for the FBI,
er I mean 'Ask Fedora.'

Green Lizard linux (I can't remeber the name now) (at least two distros, that had an overly complex and poorly-integrated package
management system, a completely disfunctional installer, and a technical-support-forum, oversaturated with 'trolls' who got their
'lulz' (shadenfreude for 'normal' people) by giving not only indecipherable, but 'destructive' advice, that in-my-case, deleted
my application-database, immediately after install. Some of these schmuckheads, were also trolling for Arch-linux; and the
'moderators,' let 'all' of this go-on 'completely' unabated, while completely humiliating new users, for failing to include
some 'insignificant' bit of info, that could have 'easily' been inferred, from the post as a whole. Clearly, the forums are
'intended' to make, otherwise 'highly' intelligent and capable, people 'feel stupid,' and to establish hierarcy. linux culture
is extremely authoritarian and coercive, by design. I'll get to more of that later...and oh, the trolls too.

Slackware & various derivatives



*other specialized distros, not worth mentioning.

Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't we all just 'kill-ourselves,' by installing desktop-linux?! That way, 'POISON-PILL-Bill' Gates,
who sits on the 'LINUX-BOARD-OF-DIRECTORS,' can F!@ us up, even more?! Oh, and BTW, our 'saviors' Linus Torvalds himself, the
disgusting FBI 'fake' hippie, Richard Stahlman, the late Francesco Vianelli (aka fravia) & the FEDERAL 'gang' from the Chaos-Computer-Club, who
are all celebrities now, are wearing the 'Beefeater' colors of the 'Queen's-Royal-Guard,' and acting as agents-of-the-state (and
big corprations, such as MICROSOFT). Didn't I mention POISON-PILL-BILL earlier?! BTW, those who wear the Beefeater Colors, (Red &
Black, there are others) are making the statement that they are there to protect the MONOPOLY POWER OF VIOLENT DOMINATION, that
the mafia, er I mean 'state,' claims exclusively. This has 'nothing' to do with any 'ordinary' notion of community; unless you
consider Communism & NAZI-Volksgemeinshaft 'community;' but hey, many of you do or don't know and don't care; and I mean to offend
the F@! out of you, you stinkin' collectivist COMMU-NAZIs.


I'll cut-to-the-chase for you. Scroll exactly halfway down the page and read the following section.

"Community Aliens and National Comrades"

Now, you can see where this 'shit' actually came from.

Now lets discuss the apps themselves. The apps are functional; but just passibly. They work no better and are no more user-friendly,
than the ordinary user will 'tolerate.' In fact they're quite 'suckey.' For instance, LibreOffice just barely works; and is NOT up
to the job of desktop publishing. It crahses contantly on every platform I've used it on, then 'apologetically' offers to restore your
document. I can't count how many of my documents it has corrupted or destroyed. Images do NOT anchor correctly; and the app actually
'loses' images. My images are constantly dis-appearing in LibreOffice. Just try to link a video and see what happens. Also, there are
no menu alt-keys. In MS Office I can press 'alt-f' to enter the file menu. This 'basic' convenience function is NOT present in
LibreOffice. I think we have POISON-PILL-BILL to thank for this and how 'sh!tty' our apps are in general. In fact most, if not ALL,
of our free linux apps work better in MS Windows, MUCH BETTER! Our apps are only good enough to prevent us from hacking or otherwise
'stealing' MICROSOFT apps. Microsoft, BTW, 'STOLE' CP/M from Dr. Gary Kildahl and Digital Research back in the 1980s, to make MSDOS.
The federal judgement, in favor of Dr. Kildahl and Digital Research, is now FINAL. Unforunately, for Dr. Killdahl, he never 'lived'
to see this day.


Be shore to mirror the above site. I guarantee you, it will be taken down shortly. This is an 'important' piece of American computer
and 'business' history. It should NOT be allowed to be destroyed.

Does anyone still remember what a TOR controller is? Well it 'was' an app that controlled TOR on an 'individual' user basis,
now impossible with the TOR BROWSER BUNDLE or the TAILS OS. This is also by design. TOR controllers allowed the user to not only
change TOR nodes around at will, just by clicking; but also allowed individual users to run their own volunteer relays, also by
clicking. We were all just a few mouse clicks away from sharing our extra bandwidth. This is no longer possible. TOR controllers
have been forced out of existence, by the US Federal Government and the Police-Intelligence industry. You will probably never see
another one, unless you code it yourself. The most powerful one was TORK, for the KDE desktop. I believe the source-code is still
available; but it is 'deliberately' unmaintained. It's the same for Vidalia, which had less features. So, get it while you
can boys and girls! It won't last long.

Does anyone still remember the "Dark Web?" Ooh, all those illegal narcotics, being sold to you BY THE GOVERMENT! Eye opener boys
and girls, the FBI runs the dark web. They also run the Freenet & i2p. The whole damn thing's a jail; and you're just one of the
'prisoners.' Manning and Snowden are STILL federal agents; AND Manning is related, by blood, to 'Lee Harvey Oswald,' another FBI
scumbag. Just compare their lips and gender markers. If you follow their example, you're going to MARTYR yourself, 100%. In fact
that's what they want you to do. Has anyone else even bothered to ask the most basic question, why the media 'only' presents
freedom fighters, rebels, etc., who martyr themselves (that is FAIL). It's to teach you a lesson, "DON'T BE LIKE THEM; YOU CAN'T
SUCCEED." I agree with them in this regard; be an EFFECTIVE hero instead. As General Patton famously said, "let the 'other' son-
of-a-bitch die for his cause. I'D RATHER LIVE FOR MINE!!! In fact, I'd be VERY happy, if both Manning & Snowden, whatever their
real names are, would just die.

So be courageous, LIVE.

Now back to trolls. I posted on Ubuntu Forums for at least five years and I would constantly get 'flamed' whenever I intoduced
a DIY topic; such as, coding your own Search Engine. In fact, I was flamed so badly and by so many people that it appeared to
be a 'flash-mob;' and now I think it was. FU 'ricemonster.' I was told, it was too complicated, that I wasn't smart enough and
that I would never succeed. Can you hear the diabolical laughter, "Ha Ha Ha, you will never succeed," on Ubuntu Forums?! This
was literally a thread 'death-squad,' that attacked me. Forget shadow-banning, Ubuntu Forums would just 'murder' you, in broad
daylight. Oh, and if you ever encounter 'buckyball,' beat-his-ass for me, he's a complete psychopath! God Bless you 'Apartheid
Mark, et al.' The fact is that a very adequate Search Engine can be coded with 'Apache SOL.' Which is free to download. So SMASH

Oh BTW, the link to the Corbett Report episode on Government trolls follows, they actually exist.



**Don't trust this FBI-Skinhead as far as you can throw him; but most of the information is informative and fairly accurate; but this
is 'allowed' if not 'covertly' government produced propganda; and as a US Veteran, that's met some of these people, I can tell you
that 'everyone' that teaches English overseas (like Corbett claims to have) ARE government spies.

*Code Your Own, Search Engines, integrated VPN-TOR Controllers (with anonymous bridges). Code, tracking-free and anonymous Browsers, that
don't download fonts, especially Google's. Code and host your own SECURE DNS Servers, Proxy Ham & Proxy Gambit. Code, and host your
own forums, with apps such as HUBZILLA, which allow complete control to make individual threads, forums, or the site as a whole
PRIVATE and by invitation only. Since, YOU host the site, YOU make the rules; Su Cocina, Su Reglas!


Create your own handsets. Create your own telecoms and ISPs. Dig trenches and lay your own Fibre. Get involved in amatuer radio
and cryptography; but DO NOT accept their 'heirarchy,' or the 'values' they demand that YOU practice. Create connectionless protocols,
like UDP/IP. Forget taking-back-the-street. The street was taken back by the 'mafia.' You DO NOT have to BE THEM to win. Play to your
OWN STENGTHS and be 'invincible' within them. The 'violent' must make you play to 'their' strengths, where they have the advantage. DO
NOT BE BAITED. Make them fight on YOUR SOIL, where YOU have the advantage and defeat them always! Take back the network and the airwaves.
Talk to whomever you want, for as long as you want, about whatever you want, fearlessly. And, if anyone interferes with you SMASH THEM!

linux culture:

I got my first computer in 1998. It was a six year old, white label 486-33, running Windows 3.1 for workgroups and was missing
most of the system files, which I had to copy from a similar unit, to get it to run. It had a 500MB hard drive and a 3.5" floppy
drive. I had to buy a monitor, and mouse separately. Needless to say, this wasn't enough in 1998. To upgrade this unit to something
usable, by the standards of 1998, I had to buy a CD-ROM drive, a modem and a sound card, which were next to impossible to install
under Windows 3.1. Once all this was done, I really still couldn't get on the internet, because Windows 3.1 didn't have a browser.
So that forced me to upgrade to Windows '95. This allowed me to finally get on the internet. First I tried AOL, found it limiting,
then tried Earthlink. Now THIS was the internet. It was the best that a v90-56k modem could obtain. And it was earth-shattering.
Hey, this was all very cool; but I couldn't really do any productivity stuff, so I realized I needed apps. And wouldn't you know it,
these were expensive, really expensive. At the time MS Word was more than I could afford and forget getting photoshop or anthing
else really useful. Everyone else was in the same boat at the time as well. There was no such thing as a free OS, at the time.
There may have been Red Hat; but this was mainly for hobbyists; and it wasn't free. I'm not even sure it had any apps.

Then came file sharing. Ordinary users got together to share not just their music; but also their applications. Password cracking
and reverse engineering suddenly became popular and highly publicised. There were even sites that hosted 'pre-cracked' apps and
passwords. It became a feeding frenzy. Many of these apps were offered by sites such as; Phrozen Crew and United Cracking Force.




In fact, these guys were so prolific, it seemed like they must have had access to STATE-ASSETS to accomplish all of their amazing
feats. Well, it turned out that they probably did. Ordinary people, regardless of their skill level, usually aren't and can't
become that well organized. I would be surprized if these guys weren't actually working for the FBI. The media stated that this
group was 'busted' by the FBI for copyright infringement; but these guys were way to big to not be working for the government or
the corporate kakistocracy.

The situation on the ground, at this time, was that many homes were just getting their first computers; but no one could afford
the apps needed, to get those computers to do anthing useful. I suspect the app makers, desparate to create a demand for their
products, without losing their retail-grosses, got together with the government, who wanted to get a computer into everyone's
home, as a surveillance platform, which they've tragically accomplished, with ruthless determinism. I'm guessing it was the app
makers themselves, that decided to give their products away for free, by clandestinely cracking and uploading their own programs.
What do you do if enough people aren't smoking? You give away free ciggarrettes; that's what you do. And that's what they did. Even
the password for MS Word, at the time, was all '111111111111s.' Come on, isn't that a give-away; a give-away, as in getting
something for free and as in a 'tell-tale.' They even made it more exciting-by wrapping it in the mystique of software 'piracy.'
and freedom of speech. I mean this was like getting your first sip of bathtub gin, or paying your first visit to a speakeasy.
Oh and the revolutionary slogans like 'information-wants-to-be-free.' Filesharing was going to save the world; but all it did was
create a demand for all of Hollywood's tired old catalog, spreading government propaganda, especially the 'American-brand' faster
and farther than ever before. Several Deep-State goals were acheived with this one; and they could turn-it-off anytime they wanted.
Now that they'd gotten those ciggarrettes into everyone's hands, out came the whip. Now you had to PAY for those ciggarrettes, which
you really didn't even need before and were probably better off without. I mean all this music and software downloading, really came
out of nowhere, when there was an extremely 'low' level of adoption. Now adoption is 'universal' and you can even be fined and jailed
for software and music downloading. That's what the DMCA 'Digital Millenium Copyright Act' is all about. You can be prosecuted,
fined, convicted and even jailed for NOT paying for those ciggarrettes.



The solution to downloading is really quite simple, use a VPN and make sure you only use the 'UDP' protocol, which is connectionless
and does not identify your IP. In fact it's not even needed until you start 'seeding.' That's when, and 'only' when, IP Echelon, can
see you. And if you get caught, DON'T PAY. Tell them to go F'OFF. This is still bathtub-gin stuff; and an IP is NOT a person. I
'think' there was a Supreme Court decision about this. In any case, the legal doctrine is sound. Here's the real solution, comsume
'selectively.' Let Hollywood drink its 'own' poison (which it provides to NORTH KOREA for free) and go-away.

Here's a 'telling' picture of Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un together.


Pay attention to the 'hand-signs,' please.

The last two generations have been indoctrinated into admiring gang-culture; and now we have gang-stalking in the name of the
'community.' Hey, "the community that stalks-together-sticks-together." Wellllll, this is true; but let me explain what's 'really'
happening. Gang-Culture and Gang-Stalking creates 'hierarchy;' and the 'elite' needs that hierarchy so that it can use it to make
'their community and by extension, the rest of society 'OBEY' them, without question or hesitation. The 'community,' as some people
like to call it, is really just another CROWD, in exactly the same way that the German people became a crowd during the Nuremberg
Rallys. The Nuremberg Rallys were MANDATORY, BTW; and so were your High School Pep-Rallys and for the same reason. "DE-FENSE, DE-

Knicks Defense Chant


A 'CROWD' can only OBEY; and that's what they want. Aren't you glad you're a part of it? But don't call them NAZIs, 'they'll
beat you up.' I mean the FBI sent agent 'Edmund Patrick Coffee,' to learn from the 'Gestapo' and copy their methods, which they use
to this day. But they're NOT NAZIs! You believe me right? If ordinary people treated each other like equals, this couldn't work.
It would disintegrate overnight. They also wouldn't be able to TAX us, or jail us for minor offenses. Isn't that worth something?
A 'little' risk shared collectively can topple castle walls. And really, don't you hate this King? Don't you hate all of them?

There are three pillars of power. They are: the financial system (money), the police and military (monopoly of violence),
Hollywood, religion and the education system (ideas & belief). Defeating the system is like putting out a fire, whose components
are a heat source, fuel and oxygen. You only have to 'remove one' to put the fire out. The 'system' has a triangle, just like the
'fire-triangle.' Fighting the first two components of the system are hard and may get you killed or thrown in jail; but you're
relatively free to fight the last part, with 'very' selective media consumption, home schooling and teaching humantarian values, not
religious dogma. BTW, Roman Emperor 'Marcus Aurelius Antoninus' was home schooled; and he spoke very highly of it. The financial
system may have some chinks as well; but you're going to have to be clever about this one. The best strategy for the police and
the military, is to just 'run-away,' when you can and 'live' to fight another day.

I believe Linus Whore-valds, when he says that the linux KERNEL (whatever that is) can run 1000 cores simultaneously, without
contention. It is also a fact that most Supercomputers run linux; but those are Home-Brewed, Custom, Bespoke linux Builds. YOU
AND I CAN'T GET ONE. You CAN HOWEVER, go the "linux from scratch," website, download a kernel; and build your desktop, package
manager and apps on top of it.



I'll bet you can even go deeper than this; and you should; but you'll have to buddy-up-to, or bribe a supercomputer dev, to tell
you how to do it; and I don't just mean lunch at Denny's. Perhaps, us poor linux users, who can't afford a cup of coffee, much less
a retail version of Windoze, can crowdfund this bribe and pay with Bitcoins; and sign the dev up for a complimentary birthday meal.
Hey, maybe we can even get Denny's to co-sponser our bribe, er I mean 'crowdfunding' campaign.

There is some good linux code; but we actually have to 'get it,' then use it like the REAL in-group actually does. Prepackaged distros,
castrated apps, and trolled forums aren't going to get us there, NEITHER IS SELLING OUT, unless of course, your doing it as a ruse.
Befriend and betray THEM, then take THEIR stuff, now that's an idea whose time has come. There can even be competitions to see who
can betray the global-elite and 'their' in-group most destructively. Now that's a ball-game I 'would' watch. Humanity 10 coppers 0,

Of course you know the FBI will be the first to comment. They always are.