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Police corrupted by fbi all over country

This report is repeatedly deleted by fbi.
McAllen Texas false police report
McAllen Texas false police report
The fbi deletes the following report everywhere I publish it, including at


Here is the report:

On 1-20-18 I was assaulted from behind by the store attendant, one Jose Solis, at Stripes store, 3620 Pecan Blvd., McAllen Texas. I do not accuse any person referenced herein of any crime.

I filed a police report on the incident (which was similar to other past provocative assaults) on 1-24-18.

The police department repeatedly denied me access to my report, but when I received it on orders from the AG under the Texas ORA, I discovered that the police report was false or fraudulent on its face. I reported the false report to Internal Affairs Officer M. Foley who admitted that the police report was wrong.

On March 5, 2018, I met with the same police detective who filed the false report, Detective D. Cruz. He re-opened the case and advised me that Jose Solis admitted to the assault and stated that he was 'just being friendly'.
Such a statement by Solis is absurd. Solis previously admitted to me in the presence of another Stripes employee, Jesus, that he knows that he 'could lose his job and go to jail' for the conduct.

Detective Cruz was fully aware of the above admissions, but on March 13, 2018, Cruz advised me that the city prosecutor, Assistant City Attorney Evaristo Garcia, Jr., refused to prosecute the case, stating that 'the accusation against Solis is not reasonable'.

As of today, the McAllen Texas police continue to violate ORA by refusing to provide me with a copy of Garcia's refusal to prosecute.
Presently, I am reviewing the professional implications of the refusal.

This report is repeatedly deleted by fbi because they may (and probably are) involved in some manner.

SEE my reports on corruption of fbi and federal judges in efforts to manufacture a way to arrest, imprison or kill me , even as the fbi tortures me 24/7/365 for life:


SEE attached false police report, Case Review and Assessment :

homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA

Assaulted in Oregon, Police crimes for covering up their mistakes 10.Apr.2019 07:27

Still standing.

I was brain injured and brain herniated by an unprotected assault in Oregon. The police let my assailant go deeming me intoxicated when sober. I had a large hematoma on the back of my head, severe concussion, whiplash and a torn tendon in my neck. I got out, "Taylor hurt me". They placed me on a curb for 41 minutes, per the CAD note without medical help, claiming "I" denied medical. They claimed I had the smell of alcohol on my breath and was slurring. I was sober and severely brain injured. They never took pictures of the large bruise on my arm or of my head but noted large lump on my head. My cerebellum herniated 6mm. Then we met with the Chief of police and he continued to have his detective lie. He wanted to the know the neursurgeon's name that I was going to see. The neurosurgeon, from what once was a State Hospital and still gets money from the State, lied about the way I was assaulted. Both my husband and I saw him. I've been suffering for 4 years now without medical help, because he said, "You're fine". No follow up care with a neurologist, cancelled my follow up appt by voicemail after going through 4 hours of MRI's, and stated possible Chiari in the documentation of his lies. I found a neurologist that then must have talked to the neurosurgeon because she lied in my chart notes too and said that I was taking multiple pain medication and my headaches are not caused from Chiari but from medication overuse. This is an egregious lie. Chiari, which causes severe headaches. This one sided, injured side, brain herniation, is so rare unless caused by neck and head trauma. I have 3 other tests over the last 50 years that showed the cerebellum as normal. They didn't know this. They "Altered" a 2010 MRI to read I always had this very rare and painful brain herniation. 2 other MRI's say, "Cerebellum normal". We sued them and it was so corrupted. The attorney had massive federal and state tax liens and just stole from us, and my Hipaa rights were violated, They all were protecting the police and the attorney was sitting on the client security fund board at the bar. So corrupted. The FBI came to our home and just wanted to know how much we knew. I've reported all the corruption. The FBI agent was an attorney prior to becoming an agent. The white collar crime division wrote, "We don't have the resources to help you and we have other investigative priorities. The police report that was lost for over 5 weeks doesn't match the CAD note. A completely different story was allowed to be told by my assailant. The City manager for the police ignored me. The mayor ignored me. And we were robbed of a lot of money by the attorney that was in cahoots with all of them. The IRS then filed a lawsuit against the attorney to collect their $237,000.00 that she still owes in liens and a lot of our money went to pay off her 12 years in a row of tax liens. Everyone is ignoring me and not helping our family, except that my Hipaa Rights have been violated and 23 years of my medical records, 18 years past the subpoenas were given to the attorneys and they gave them out to 30 other people. The bar has the records have has denied any dishonesty by the attorney, their client security fund board member, AND the bar has threatened me in writing that my Hipaa Violated medical records that they should have never received are now "Public Record". Not a single person has helped us for 4 years since my assault that happened on 5/26/15. People should be in prison. Many involved. I figured it out with a brain injury. I've had zero help and a US DOJ paralegal stated the police did nothing wrong and then the police were flown to Washington DC and won an award. This is not the America that my father fought in WWII for.