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Just say no to Jo Ann Hardesty

Don't let this racist be on the city council, please.
Virtually every decision she would make would be based on skin color and race - that's all she cares about. Her voting record as a Oregon House Representative (1995-2001) speaks for itself.

If you have listened to her vile rhetoric on KBOO like I have you realize this woman is only concerned about police accountability (of white officers), which is definitely important, but there are many other issues facing the city.

I beg you, do not vote for Jo Ann Hardesty.

Thank God 09.May.2018 09:38


Thank God white people never, ever think in terms of race or skin color. Never. Zero. At all.

I proudly voted for Jo Ann. I want police held accountable for their actions. I want a city bank. I want housing for people who do not have it. I want a bulwark agains the Portland Business Alliance. I want someone who is not a corporate tool. I want someone who will stand up for racial justice.

So I guess if you oppose such things, take anon's advice.

Thanks Matt 09.May.2018 10:11

Clear Thoughts (white guy)

Excellent reply

Jo Ann Hardesty is an apologist for murderers 09.May.2018 14:18


If you've listened to here past KBOO shows, she clearly feels that young black men who murder other young black men ... well it's not their fault. Her claim is that they are victims and the police somehow compelled them to carry guns and endanger innocent people.

If elected, I predict she will go down in flames and then sue the City of Portland for millions - she's just that type of person.

she makes me smile 09.May.2018 19:09

Joe Walsh-Lonevet

I voted for Jo Ann and like her

to anon 09.May.2018 20:34

fuck you

another white supremacist drones on with their black on black crime bullshit. this tactic is used by white nationalists to derail discussions about police accountability. get a clue anon. the issue is racist profiling by police, excessive force and their inability to de-escalate volatile situations.

and i listen to Jo Ann and you have absolutely no idea about what she is talking about. your interpretation of her words is just stupid, stupid, stupid.

and you're probably one of those who thinks antifa and BLM are terrorists, am i right? and that both groups are funded by soros? and you get all up in people's shit about why there is no white lives matter movement? when innocent, unarmed white people are shot by police at a rate that innocent unarmed black people are, maybe then such a movement will be initiated. cuz it sure as hell isn't happening now and never has.

mm hm... and i'm gonna vote for her just to irritate your uninformed ass.

also, anon 09.May.2018 21:05

fuck you

you says she's a racist? jeeps. should someone tell her husband?