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"The American Deception"

SACRAMENTO, California-For the People of the United States, so lives the island of "FAKE NEWS", so long as the deception continues to pervade Our Nation through the backing and support of Law-Enforcement, and Our National Security Services.
by Tracy Mapes
May, 5, 2018

SACRAMENTO, California-For the People of the United States, so lives the island of "FAKE NEWS", so long as the deception continues to pervade Our Nation through the backing and support of Law-Enforcement, and Our National Security Services.

While the development and depth of the Criminal Enterprise that feeds upon the American People and Tax Base may seem insurmountable in the face of the individual American Citizen, recognizing the tragedies created by this organized manipulation of Politics, Media, Law and Justice in America is paramount to its dissolution.

These Criminals wrap themselves in the American Flag, tout the beauty of Our National Constitution, and champion Law-Enforcement as the standard bearer for American Freedom. And this practice, while extremely effective in managing to fool the American Public into believing that "They" provide the best option for America's way forward, in the long term, the fallacies, falsehoods and deceptions created for their own profit at the expense of the American Public become all too present.

And, in their failing to maintain the Pillars of Truth, and Integrity, just as they appear to the Common, all too Powerful, they have, in their sloppiness of tying their intricacy of lies together, have supplied the American People with the greatest wealth of ammunition to destroy their very ability to exist.

For, in the Flag of Our Nation, there is built within its fabric, a strength of National Pride. We can still hold the Honor and Tradition that has been constructed by the years of lies they have generated over the last 100 years to spank them for their egregious indiscretions of Our Trust.
They violated this oversold falsification, yet gave the American People the biggest stick they have ever held, to punish them.

Nationalism has a strength that can exist in its promise of cooperative existence of a Great Nation, far beyond the criminal elements resources, once their crimes have been brought forth to the American People. And this War begins with the integrity of Our Nation's News Services that have been invaded by this criminal cancer. A Demand for the redemption of the guarantees of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America are as integral to the Promises of Nation, as when we were required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to Our American Flag.

A Free Press, unfettered by government collusion or interference, so that "We the People" would never have to fear the subjugation of Our Will or Right to Democratic and Legal Process.

And, in this, Our Nation's News Services, have not held strong against the temptations of such abuses. Not only by misdirecting the American Public with glittery infotainment, but also through the manufacture of false drama, playing out like a television mini-series to cover-up their omissions of vital information to allow the People to thwart the very Criminal Corrupt Enterprise that we face today.
This includes such debacles as the O.J. Simpson trial. A National Christmas present for the Media to keep the American Public distracted for over a year with high stakes drama. The only problem is? ...It has already been perpetrated against the People of America."They" can't take it back, or exonerate themselves for the responsibility.

Nicole Brown Simpson, Also known as AKA - Silvia Nast, at one time, a Sacramento street prostitute AKA - "Mercedes", in the early 1990's, lives on as Megyn Kelly, famed FOX and NBC News asset. Scott Disick from the Kardashian Enterprise is none other than our friend Ronald Goldman, that we were to extend our grievous sympathies. Still tied to Robert Kardashian of the O.J. Simpson Dream Team's extended family. His last name even a veiled reference to his reported death.

Famous Megyn Kelly Quote, while on the News Desk of FOX. "I want all you girls out there to know that the name "Mercedes" is owned right here!" (Pointing at her desk).

Megyn Kelly - Nicole Brown Simpson - Photo Comparison

What misdirection in American History was this incident designed to mask? Or was it just the ploy for the generation of interest and dollars to the Media Machines, of Print, Broadcast and Publishing to develop a false narrative to bind the American People to their Dreamland World, while the abuses of American resources goes not only unanswered, but never disclosed.

1997. The Death of Princess Diana. International tragedy faithfully reported by Journalists Worldwide. 750,000 Viewers watch the ceremonial event. Involves Agencies MI5, MI6, Interpol. Collusion and Manufactured News developed in both World and American Press as the Truth.

Princess Diana - Photo Comparison

Only problem? ...Boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed, is the executive producer of F/X, FX-2, and FX the TV Series, which specializes in the clandestine murder of known subject to instigate a state of "Deep Cover." Problem is? ...I met Princess Diana on the streets of Sacramento, California in the Winter of 1992-93, and traded her 4 - $20 Dollar pieces of rock cocaine for sexual intercourse. After we had finished, she said, "That was totally worth it!"
I said, "Yes it was!"

In 2011, I was watching CNN Weekend, Atlanta, when Shannon Bream, who looks like a "Trophy Wife", said on-air, "You know, I may never see you again, but I want you to know, it was totally worth it." The curiosity about the "Trophy Wife" thing? I had told her back in 1993 that I would like to have a Trophy Wife, when she asked "What kind of wife I would want when I get married?" So, there's your Princess, World. Just another human trying to escape from the Circus.

Next. We have such novel creations as the JonBenet Ramsey Murder to strike the fear of, even the rich are vulnerable to sick tragedy. Yet, the story set up the possibility of the "Unknown Perpetrator". This operation went on to a Worldwide manhunt for a man, John Mark Carr, who could possibly be the primary suspect in the case, who had fled to Thailand.

The country of Thailand was flooded with over 400 incoming Journalists. Perfect cover, for a story that turned into nothing, yet, One Month later the Government of Thailand was toppled by the CIA, with no subsequent objection from the American Government. JonBenet Ramsey lives on as beauty pageant hopeful, Keli Kryfko.AKA - Keli Kryfro. Put her face next to that of Patsy Ramsey if you have any doubts.

Keli Kryfko - Patsy Ramsey- Photo Comparison

<b>CIA Director, William J. Casey - "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false," Director of Central Intelligence from 1981 to 1987.</b>

It wasn't good enough for Interpol to throw their hat in the ring of the International Criminal Media Circus, just in the Death of Princess Diana, they had to try their hand at Computer Graphics and Adobe Photoshop. Presenting as a part of the thickening saga, the descrambling of the Photo of an Online International Pedophile.

The only thing is? ... The Photo was "Faked" by Interpol, the Famous, Now, Infamous International Security Agency of Europe. You see, the filter used in Photoshop is called "Twist" Distortion, and can only be unscrambled by the Original Creator in Adobe Photoshop. Otherwise the software filter's signature would not be able to be replicated. This means that Interpol was responsible for creating the entire deception of a News Product.

And, while this may seem outside the scope of the American Deception, it's included to introduce how extensive the deception actually is. It is the Leviathan of an Internationally cooperative deception.

Back to America.

Scott and Laci Peterson. Another American tragedy. Lovely Laci, found in the Bay. So, Sad. But rejoice you avid News Hounds! You can find her on KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento, California as a Sports Weekend Anchor and Reporter Michelle Dapper. KCRA is a major Hub component to this American Deception. I found Laci Peterson in 2014. Her lovely beau, Scott? I found him this year in Washington D.C., sporting slightly aged look as Jim Acosta. Afterall, the murder was 16 years ago. So don't get too wrapped up in the American Deception.

Jim Acosta - Scott Peterson Photo Comparison

Laci Peterson - Michelle Dapper Photo Comparison

While it is a Un-Ending Circus, it is Our Responsibility as Citizens of this American Nation to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and Demand the Rectification of this Criminal Enterprise, if not for Ourselves, Our Responsibility, Our Children.

-Tracy Mapes

American Public \\\\\WARNING!//////

Oh my god 06.May.2018 16:07

What the fuck

Seriously pdx indy? This is who you are now? First Sosbee and now this conspiracy garbage nut? Have any of the editors of this page actually READ and/or VERIFIED any of Sosbee's questionable drivel???

I am laughing so hard right now as to wet myself. You guys are just embarrassing.

. 07.May.2018 13:18


why do you give platforms for people who have lost their damn minds?

GFYS! 07.May.2018 13:35

Tracy Mapes

This is a platform for News that is Never Reported.

It is Censorship and Omission of Information that has Our Country in its current State of Affairs.

If you would like Us to forget about the 1st Amendment or the Free Expression it was meant to Protect?

...you must be out of your minds.

@ "What the fuck" & "." 07.May.2018 18:42


You must not have been lurking recently. I feel you but this site has been a sewer of altright conspiracy garbage for years. Just wait til the fan bois show up to call you shills and "disinformation trolls".

Mocking the media with sarcasm. 07.May.2018 21:26

Converse Murdoch

This is great stuff. Princess Di recycled as a crack whore is far more engaging than exchanging body fluids with Carolyn Kennedy.

You have to give credit to Tracy Mapes 08.May.2018 15:28


He provides comic relief, if nothing else.

Like the time he told me he was sending a hitman to portland to kill me! It was as barrel of laughs.

Btw tracey, they still haven't shown up. You should ask for a refund. Did you pay them in bitcoin?