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"I wish that I were THAT MAD MAN!"

The following is my poetic description of what its REALLY like to be ME...... OVERALL...... and...... ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!
".Look at him! Females flock to him as if he is a god to them! "
Doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, children, the poor, the rich, even police officers see him as a man amongst men! "

."SO attractive, SO intelligent, SO bold, SO intimidating, SO articulate, SO verbal, SO talented, SO unique, SO professional, SO powerful! I can't help but see him and be a hater! "

."For nearly seven years, he's united SO many people......... ALL BY SELLING A NEWSPAPER!"

."He's a multi-dimensional of a mad man, a superman......... God knows what else! "

."I wish that I were THAT MAD MAN, I wish that I were THAT MAD MAN, I wish that I were THAT MAD MAN!"

.Meanwhile, a certain "MAD MAN" laughs uncontrollably at these pathetic people as if they were in a walking group therapy session against him.

."Oh, y'all REALLY wish that y'all were me, huh?" Hmmmmm.

.Smiles friendly and wickedly at them. World goes to fade to black. Lights come on. Ahem.

."Well EVERYONE has had bad experiences. TRUE.

"Has EVERYONE as a child been abused at home, picked on by fellow classmates? "

."Has EVERYONE as a child had SUCH low self-esteem that they didn't even bother to look for a prom date? "

."Has EVERYONE worked at the age of 13 to provide for an abusive, alcoholic mother, and fighting off bullies going to school, coming from school, going to work, coming from work? "

."Has EVERYONE watched their own mother and grandmother violated before their very eyes? "

."Has EVERYONE ever had their own home broken into by cops, guns in their faces, handcuffed, detained, then released for allegedly looking like a suspect? "

."Has EVERYONE turned these tragedies into triumph through writing, art, and creativity as a cause of effect?"

.Slept on the sidewalk, in the rain, in a tent and STILL sold that ONE NEWSPAPER that unites ALL for longevity!

.And has EVERYONE constantly guarded that ONE NEWSPAPER from evil as Batman does Gotham........ or in my world, Superman to Street Roots and Portland Oregon?

.Still wish you were this "MAD MAN?" I thought NOT! Yawn. MMM OUT!!!!