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"Dear Hater's Club: MAXIUMN MAD MAN MARLON MODE!!!!!

My following poem is a creative written counter attack against ALL haters who have worked tooth and nail to smear my good name and reputation for quite sometime now.
.The stench of your jealousy rivals a sea of skunks!

.A spread of your rumors and lies stormed down on me in heavy chunks!

."Pimp, player, hustler, con man, alcoholic, womanizer, rich man, snitch man, asshole, actor, sweet talker, or maybe "psycho perhaps"?

.Well only a "mad man" could have survived the wars PAST and even PRESENT laid before my feet with MANY traps!

.Child abuse, horrific memories, horrific family, police guns in my face, in my place where Im supposed to be safe!

.I fly through each of the said above in a world now FILLED with Kryptonite!

.For EVERY SINGLE DAY is a day to day fight to even take flight!

.Ive saved lives LONG before these lies!

."Watch what he does EVERYDAY!"

."He's SO special so lets us LOVE HIM!"

"He's SO special so lets us LOVE and be DONE with him!"

."You must be INSANE to embrace both sides!" Says my angel and demon side.

.I smile both FRIENDLY and WICKEDLY with a gleeful "YEAH!"

.The man upstairs smiles genuinely from HIGH above! The man IN OFFICE frowns at me from LOW below!

.You touched my cape...... TWICE!

.Your office administration felt the force of men coming at you like MIAMI VICE!

.I feel SUCH gratitude that you breached my Fortress of Solitude!

.It just puts me actually in a GOOD MOOD!


.And do not go on Twitter and be rude!

My last shoutout? MMM OUT!