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Eric Hafner, a socialist Democrat challenges incumbent Earl Blumenauer in May 15 Primary

Eric Hafner, a socialist Democrat is seeking to win the Democratic Party Primary election competing for the party nomination for U.S. Representative, seeking to unseat incumbent Earl Blumenauer.
Candidate Eric Hafner for US Congress Portland (OR CD-3)
Candidate Eric Hafner for US Congress Portland (OR CD-3)
My name is Eric Hafner, a Radical Intersectional Socialist Feminist and Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in CD-3. I am running against incumbent Earl Blumenauer. I want to be the People's Representative.

I support Black Lives Matter and Assata's Daughters, both gender and racial equality are very important issues to me, as is cracking down on police misconduct, and allowing prisoners the right to vote. I also support Assata Shakur and providing reparations to the descendants of slaves. I support equal pay for equal work and ending patriarchy through a radical socialist feminist program.

While incumbent Blumenauer has over a million dollars, I am an indigent socialist, who helps others fight unjust criminal cases, providing legal services to people who can't afford to pay me and I am an ordained Rastafari minister. I will sleep in my Congressional office.

I'm running against Earl Blumenauer because he voted to federally ban gay marriage in 1996, he supports anti-worker, pro-polluter "Free Trade Agreements" and gets most of his money from sweatshop human rights violator, Nike.

The people of the Portland area are progressive, left-wing people. I want to build public housing for all, stop gun violence, provide free higher education to all, build free public transit, implement universal health care, legalize all drugs, and crackdown on police misconduct, as I have been a victim myself.

I was falsely arrested and thrown into a juvenile detention center as a teenager, I later learned the so-called witness was schizophrenic and was on probation for false public alarm. He had previously used an insanity defense. The police hid his record and used him to lock me up, and pull me out of the college classes I had started taking at age 15. I have PTSD and use medical marijuana. I volunteered on my first political campaign, Kerry-Edwards Presidential campaign at age 13 in 2004. I've had a crazy life, but you put all these unique experiences to some good for everyone by sending me to Congress, I know how to fix this mess, because I've seen how broken the system is first hand.

Having experienced street homelessness, I am the opposite of a rich career politician. Together we can make history and change America for the better.

I'm not asking for a handout, but I'm asking for you the people of Portland to hire me to do a job that I know I will be good at, and spend everyday fighting for the oppressed. I'm not on the streets or in a shelter anymore, but I'm still technically homeless. I can change DC for the better.

Please visit my website EricHafner.com or e-mail  eric@erichafner.com Vote by May 15, 2018!

In solidarity,
Eric Hafner
Democrat for U.S. Congress Portland
E-mail  eric@erichafner.com
Web  http://www.EricHafner.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.erichafner.com