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On Behalf of My Friend RAMOLA DHARMARAJ

Human Rights Leader and Champion of Liberty, RAMOLA DHARMARAJ struggles against sociopaths for her great work.
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
On behalf of my friend, RAMOLA DHARMARAJ 

RAMOLA's * report on : "  US-EU Joint Investigation Team JIT/Press Release"
is a powerful work that is as compelling for world attention and  comprehension as it is urgent in implications  for our dear friend and leader, RAMOLA DHARMARAJ.

I trust that all will stand by RAMOLA now and always because her brave struggle is also ours. She is a modern day and universal  he r o i n e  in the truest sense of the word.

May God Bless this wonderful woman and give her the strength to overcome the dark forces  threatening her and her family  from government sociopaths, torturers, calumniators and murderers.

Thank you.
GERAL  SOSBEE,  former fbi Special Agent

* Posted on April 30, 2018 | 2 comments
US-EU Joint Investigation Team (JIT) Press Release: For Immediate Distribution Worldwide

JIT/Press Release: Quincy Central Middle School Principal Richard DeCristofaro, Jr. Makes Irresponsible & Malicious False Report of "Neglect" to Child Protective Services Against School Mother, a Journalist and Human Rights Advocate with Brilliant, Thriving, Contented, High-Performing Child

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