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Ultimatums instead of Diplomacy

In what phase is NATO's confrontation with Russia? Contrary to a promise to Gorbachev, NATO expanded eastward from 16 to 28 states. A military system is built along Russia's border. Military maneuvers with 10,000 soldiers are staged at Russia's border. Imagine Russia carrying out such a maneuver at the Mexican border to the US! Why does the US media never mention the US coup in the Ukraine in 2014 or the US regime change in Honduras in 2009?

How long before a shooting war?

By Albrecht Mueller and Joachim Kleppe

[This article published on April 19, 2018 is translated from the German on the Internet, www.nachdenkseiten.de.]

In his analysis, the historian Joachim Kleppe, born in Braunschweig, recalls events from a few years ago. Our short-term perception is clear. This is true for the conflict around the Ukraine and Crimea and for the events in Syria. That Gulf states and the West began the weapon shipments and incitement of the inner conflict in 2011 and Russia first came years later as a conflict party was completely forgotten. Politics and the media rely on this forgetfulness. A Spiegel article on the demonstration yesterday at the Brandenburg Gate is one of many depressing examples.

In what phase is NATO's confrontation with Russia? An escalation that can lead to a military conflict in Europe is developing faster than we imagined a few weeks ago. Does a military confrontation of the two nuclear superpowers threaten? An example from German history shows how quickly this can happen.

US and Russia - Threats Instead of Conversations

In 2014, the Mayodan uprising in the Ukraine began after years of US subversion. The US "invested" $5 billion for influencing the Ukrainian public according to European commissioner Victoria Nuland. After the Ukrainian president Janukowytsch refused to accept the conditions for the European Union association agreement (one condition was cancellation of the customs union with Russia), the Mayodan uprising developed under active participation in the demonstrations of leading US (McCain) and German politicians (Rebecca Harms, Westerwelle and Elmar Brok).

Janukowytsch fled after the shootings of demonstrators and police by sharpshooters at the Mayodan. Jazenjuk supported by the US was elected Prime Minister in the Ukrainian parliament in violation of the Ukrainian constitution (see Wikipedia). With that, the way was free for an annexation of the Ukraine in the European Union and NATO. The Russian military base in the Crimea would have been in a NATO country. Russia's access to the sea would have been threatened. Russia prevented this by reception of the Crimea. According to the political standpoint, taking the Crimea in the Russian state was judged an annexation or secession.

In 1999, NATO bombed Yugoslavia. International law did not play any role. Afterwards former German chancellor Schroeder described the NATO attack on Yugoslavia as a violation of international law. In 2014, the NATO camp criticized Russia for violating international law in the case of Crimea. There is a difference. NATO bombed Yugoslavia and recognized Kosovo without a plebiscite. Russia did not wage any war on Crimea. On the peninsula, a plebiscite was carried out within a few days and then a parliament vote. The Crimea was admitted right away in the Russian state.

Since then, the Ukraine has been split into an area dependent on the US and an area dependent on Russia. Thus, the plan of the influential US strategist Brzezinski to cut off access to the western sea by splitting the Ukraine and making Russia a regional power could not be realized in the past (see Z. Brzezinski: The Great Chessboard, 1997).

The US obviously did not want to accept this situation. Since 2014, the tensions between the two superpowers grew from year to year. Russia and the US meet directly in other countries like Syria.

In March 2018, the poisoning of a Russian double agent and his daughter in England remained unexplained. Without evidence, England gave Russia a 24-hour ultimatum to admit its responsibility and simultaneously refused all cooperation with Russia in explaining the crime. Because of the incident, several NATO states including England, the US, France and Germany expelled 150 Russian diplomats.

A few days later, at the beginning of April 2018, a use of poison gas in Syria was reported. Without waiting for the OPCW's investigative conclusion as in the case of the double agent, Russia was blamed and the US, France and England threaten with a military strike against Syria and against the Russian army stationed there.

Do we face the outbreak of a 3rd world war?

Ultimatum instead of Diplomacy 1914

There was a very similar situation in 1911 when the colonial powers could not find any peaceable solution for the division of their colonies in Africa. At that time, Germany sent a warship to Morocco to strengthen its demands to the other colonial powers. Ultimately, Germany withdrew at the protests of France and England. There were further conflicts after 1911.

On June 28, 1914, a Serbian assassin murdered the Austrian-Hungarian successor to the throne in Sarajevo. The Habsburg monarchy consciously imposed an ultimatum to Serbia that could not be fulfilled combined with a threat of war. Previously, Austria-Hungary gave a mutual assurance to Germany that Austria-Hungary would assist German militarily in case of Russia's assistance to Serbia. Although Serbia fulfilled nearly all the points of the ultimatum, Austria-Hungary declared war and Russia as expected began a general mobilization as Serbian mutual assistance. Germany had its desired reason for war and the media had its title "We are attacked and must defend ourselves!"

It took 5 weeks until the politics of the ultimatum started World War I in Europe and the offensive German war. After 4 years and more than 17 million deaths, the assassination of the successor to the throne was "avenged" and Europe devastated.

Ultimatums instead of Diplomacy 2018-04-29

The 2018 developments are very similar. The rivalries between the US and Russia have intensified since the Ukrainian crisis. Russia made clear it will not withdraw from the Crimea under any circumstances. But the US and NATO will not accept the integration of the Crimea with Russia in any case. The US and NATO seem to have resolved that the time of diplomacy is over. The change of political actors and advisors in the USD government is a sign of that. Pompeo follows Tillerson and Bolton follows McMaster. At the same time, the personnel in the NATO states England and Germany were changed with advocates of a confrontational policy towards Russia (Boris Johnson and Heiko Maas).

The poison gas attack is represented in England by the English government as an attack against England and against all NATO states. Diplomatic conversations for conflict resolution are refused. In addition, a military attack on Syria and against the Russian military there is threatened without any previous investigation.

An acute danger exists for a 3rd world war - in Europe!

The example from German history shows the time period of a policy of ultimatums to an outbreak of war can be very short.

After the regime change in the Ukraine through active collaboration of western politicians, the arming of fascist Ukrainian forces, the deployment of US mercenaries and the arming of the Ukrainian army followed. A missile system in Europe is built along the Russian border in former eastern bloc states newly accepted in NATO. Military maneuvers with 10,000 soldiers are staged at Russia's border with Germany assuming the leadership of NATO battalions. Not very long ago, Russia made possible Germany's reunification through the peaceful withdrawal of its military.

Imagine Russia carrying out such a maneuver at the Mexican border with the US!

In the leading German media, Russia's role in the 1989 reunification is not mentioned anymore. Instead, there is propaganda against Russia as the evil demon and its elected president Putin as the devil incarnate. Critical voices are often slandered as "Putin sympathizers." A mobilization of diverse NGOs occurs and a promotion of just war circles in the parties and foundations with millions of euros.

Everyone should raise the following questions:

Even if all the reproaches by the English government in the case of a poison gas attack were true, would that justify conjuring a military or nuclear conflict of NATO (in the worst case) against Russia in Europe? Could NATO use an attack on a double agent and his daughter, an unexamined use of poison gas in Syria, as a legitimation?

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Because the U.S. Media never mention the coup in the United States. 29.Apr.2018 18:31

The Red 'X' Society

The Shame of U.S. Based Journalism ...is
February 5, 2015 at 6:42pm
by Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO,California -in fact that many of the Current On-Air-Talent was culled for the unlikely source of Prisoners and Street Prostitutes, many of which came from the Sacramento-Area of California. (Updated Info) (While this piece centers on TV Personnel, the placement of felons and prostitutes includes many key positions of power, including Public Information Officials, Senators, and even a Supreme Court Justice. (Sen. Kamala Harris, CA AKA Carla Barros, Supreme Court Justice Sonja Sot-Mayor AKA "Angela".)

The Prostitution aspect along with the use of such Narcotics as Heroin appears to be being utilized as a "Mind Control" Feature along with the Degradational Effects of "Hazing" these people into "Compliance" by setting firm examples of what their lives could consist of without complete compliance and cooperation of their "Handlers".

These People that I have purposely Identified to show a Pattern of Incident and Distribution has remained unchallenged for over 4 Years. (Updated Info - (10yrs.) First list published 2007.

It includes the Names of Two Presidents of the United States, a First Lady, the Duchess of York, a Republican Vice Presidential hopeful of 2008, and an as yet unlisted Justice of the Supreme Court.

The Disturbing Pattern not only points to a significant Influence of American Politic across the board, but lends itself toward Criminal Racketeering in the effort to Disenfranchise the Entire American Political Process and the Free Press as these people are used to supply "The Advantaged" with sexual favors and escort services.

These Illegal Actions, Infiltrations and Subversion of the Free Press and Government cannot be allowed to Stand, as Its Danger to the Public Good is All to Clear.

See: President and the Press Speech of April 27, 1961 by President John F. Kennedy.

Here are the Lists I have compiled on American Journalists so far:

Media Subversion List 2010

Media Subversion List 2012

Media Subversion Map of Sacramento and Hub Distribution United States

You can also find Court Records from Sacramento County Superior Court for approximately 20
Subjects Listed in regard to the participation in PC 647b activity related to prostitution, at this

Address:  https://services.saccourt.ca.gov/PublicCaseAccess/

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes


The How and Why "I know this information."

Failure of the National Security Infrastructure - A 30 Year Window

By Tracy Mapes
SACRAMENTO-CA, Ladies and Gentleman,
It is in my sincerest and most serious regard that I am here to inform you of the single most egregious failures of Our U.S. National Security Infrastructure in the protection of the American People and their ability to remain a viable part of the American body politic, and most certainly any assemblance of anything We as a People might recognize as a Democracy.

I come from simple beginnings, as a common laborer, and son of a school teacher and working mother. There is nothing spectacular in the nature of my education, or lack thereof, that would predicate the nature of the truths I am about to share in the nature of what Our Country has allowed Our Nation to devolve over the last 30 years, if not the past 70, and the Assassination of Our President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

But, I do know the knowledge I possess of that 30 year window brings together the most serious elements of Our Nation's Integrity, and the Failure of Our 17 Agency Security Infrastructure to keep Our Nation Safe from Organized Criminal collusion, and the lack of focus in the protections of a Free Press, and the sanctity of the Vote for competent leadership in the Government Itself.

In or about the end of 1987, I was displaced from the town I grew up in as a child do to so circumstances revolving around my youthful, rebellious nature and a poor regard for traffic laws; mainly speeding and the fact that I embarrassed a local judge during a traffic court proceeding during my attempt to file a 170.6 PC Disqualification of allowing that judge to proceed in the matter due to perceived prejudice on my part.

This led me to Sacramento, California, where my parents resided, and the seeking of any type of unskilled work I could obtain as a construction laborer, auto mechanic, or firewood delivery person.

As a child, I had always been of an extreme shy nature, avoiding conflict or attention by becoming the silent observer in becoming aware of my surroundings and how my person might fit into this World. Severely socially retarded in the interaction with both male and female relationship development, I chose, or was compelled to never develop any close or intimate contact with others, other than the necessities of employment, and even then found myself less than confident in the company of others.

The importance of my shy nature will become a prominent reason for why this Story even had a chance to develop, and also the necessary honesty with which it will be shared.

As a lonely construction worker, torn away from my comfort zone in the small community of South Lake Tahoe, California, both age and loneliness compelled me to seek out some human interaction. Survival instinct? ...or boredom? ...I was flagged down by a girl on a local boulevard not far from where my parents lived in Sacramento. She had a bright engaging smile that shone through the darkness of the evening, and I was curious enough to stop and she what she needed.

She approached the passenger side truck door and upon opening, she said, "Would you like a date?"

I said, "What's a date?"

Whereupon, she said, "Let me get in, and I'll show you."

And that's where this Story begins. I met a prostitute, she took me to a local motel just down the street where we had met, and she entertained me into perform a act of oral sex upon me.

It was the first time I had ever been with a girl, naked or otherwise in intimacy.

This began the curiosity, and in my timeline was about 24-25 years of age. I had a love interest before I left Lake Tahoe, but was rebuffed in that pursuit. This destroyed me, but I was somehow able to convince myself, that it wasn't really cheating in the regard of an unrequited love affair, as long as I did not engage in sexual intercourse. That becomes important later in someone else's story of prominence when in their moment of human failing stated under oath that "they did not understand the meaning of a blow-job to be an act of sexual intercourse.

(See: President Bill Clinton, Re: Monica Lewinski scandal, testimony).  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton%E2%80%93Lewinsky_scandal
As my 26th birthday was approaching, I was suffering a severe personal social dilemma of realizing, "Am I even going to be included in life?" Should I just go out and have sex to see what I had been missing in life? ...Or ...would I ever be a whole person if I hadn't lost my virginity by the age of 25? So, I waited til the last minutes, of April 13th, 1988 to decide that I would just go do it, by picking up a Black prostitute on the Broadway corridor near Stockton Blvd. and have sex, and just get it over with.

I was not pleased by the chosen arrangement, and don't know if I would have considered it intercourse, but it cost me $80 dollars overall, and I don't believe it was success. I had intercourse with a prophylactic and that was the only barrier between me and being able to maintain that I hadn't really lost my virginity. It was on it's way to 1 AM, when I found the girl, so even in meeting my 25 year of life to lose my virginity, I had failed.


Every Story needs a set-up. A background of the Author's understanding for the Reader to get a clear picture of why the story is worthy of listening to. I can't say it will impress you, or, instill a sense of its honesty, but what I do know, is that discounting this 30 year window in the understanding of how Our Country has put itself in the worst position of the American Ideals and preservation of Our Democracy because of the pathetically poor background from which it spills, and how key elements are tied together by the interactions, prostitute contacts, people and tragedies met along the way, present a picture of a Criminal Circus running Our Country, and the lack of the United States Security Infrastructures refusal to acknowledge or respond to the gravity and implications as they relate to Our Nation's Safety.


After a period of about 7 years, I became disenchanted with all of my street prostitution contacts, and vowed not to return to that life of chasing mis-adventures. I picked up a video camera, with some ideas that motion video captured from the helmet perspective of a motorcycle had some magical qualities that other forms of videography didn't possess, so I build a helmet-camera, and eventually interest in shooting video for local TV Stations. This started slowly from 1995, to 2005, when over the years of 2001 to 2005, more and more circumstances presented themselves toward pushing me right out of the News Business altogether, including the professional theft of all my main video news gathering equipment in the beginning of 2004.
Little did I realize at the time, that it all led back to the years of prostitution involvement between 1988 and 1995, and the people I had encountered along the way. This is the part where life hits you in the back of the head like a boom-a-rang and literally destroys everything you thought you knew about your direction in life and perceived goals. People from the past were coming out of the woodwork, in a place that I could never have imagined.

They were on TV. Not just a few Hookers. Nearly 150 plus persons that would all have interconnected relationships to prostitution, narcotics, police, and clandestine persons from both the CIA, and British Intelligence Services.
This list includes the following people involved in street level crime, prostitution, and some of the most important and prominent positions in the United States government, the Media, and local politics.

If this is only the account of my person, the existent knowledge of this phenomenon and its purpose and plausibility of the dynamic ramifications of this Organized Criminal Enterprise are enormous. In fact, there is only one group in the History of the United States that even closely resembles its command structure, and that is of the "Golden Triangle" exploitation of United States assets to the development of a Worldwide drug trade and sex trafficking organization, controlling Security Assets, Banking, Trade, Politics around the World, with basically their hands in the pockets of every judge or public official in the Country.


So? ...Why am I pissed off?
I Can't be a God Damned Newsman Anymore!

As long as these ill-gotten Whores and Felons placed in positions of this Country's Power Structure flourish without challenge, and the 1st Amendment has been reduced to a State run Propaganda Service, this God Damned Country is Over.

And, It's the Direct Responsibility of this Nation's Security Infrastructure to have documented and answered these questions in the defense of their Own Integrity. You cannot maintain the status of Law-Enforcement and Security's meaning if you cannot clearly defend the meaning and importance of the United States Constitution.

You have destroyed you own credibility through in-action. You should all be gathered up and imprisoned for this egregious failure. This means all bodies of the U.S. Government. The tainting of Our Executive Branch, Legislature and Supreme Court can all be traced back to this trail of criminal street level crime as a hazing instrument over Our Leadership as they are presented to the American People.


List of Players:

President Bill Clinton, then a Governor of Arkansas, seen for a 3 week period in Sacramento, California, using narcotics, prostitution contacts that were later employed in both local and national news markets. 1989. Was required to raise money for narcotics use by stealing and selling tires, and selling stolen "Rose Buds" from an area lumber store. Other proceeds for drug use were though association with Sacramento, prostitute Lavin L. Bastio. (Deceased Sept. 29, 1993, Re-Appears as AKA Weather Person 2007. Rosemary Orozco, KTXL Fox 40 and KTVU Channel 2 Bay Area).
President Barack Obama, involved in one incident of street level prostitution approximately 1992. (Obama performed Oral Sex upon said Author, as a Cross-Dressed Prostitute, which invokes the idea of "Hazing".

Michelle Obama, AKA Michelle Robison, both Michelle Robison and her brother Craig Robinson were involved in local prostitution and drug trafficking in the Stockton Blvd. area of Sacramento. I personally dated Michelle Robinson, as a prostitute in Sacramento County and also possess court records for Michelle Robinson in the years described by this report, including a conviction for P.C. 647b in Sacramento County.


I also had dealings with Craig Robinson in regard to street level narcotics.

Supreme Court Justice, Sonja Sota-Mayor. Street prostitute dated in 1988-89. In the Del Paso neighborhood of North Sacramento, AKA Angela lived on Plaza Dr. and was a known associate of "Bunny" Michele Kane, a KOVR News Anchor and Sacramento street prostitute.

Mayor of the City of Sacramento, Heather Fargo. Street prostitute AKA "Scary Mary", also had associations with 2010 Media Subversion List #27 Palace Hupe of KOVR Channel 13, and Michelle Robinson, Media Subversion Update of 2012.

Senator Kamala Harris, former California State Attorney General. AKA Carla Barros. Dated Author several times, and exchanged jail correspondence in 1991-92.  http://timetraveler2.zohosites.com/

Catherine Zeta-Jones, AKA Debbie Marie Rentfrow, dated Author several times, and even tried to encourage Author to work as a professional escort in Sacramento. Jail correspondence available for review dated 1994-95. Explains initial contacts of infiltration program through NORCO Woman's Prison Facility involving herself and 80 other female prisoners. After further research, the Progam could be traced directly to Church of Scientology's Prison Narcotics Outreach organization Narcanon's teaching curriculum.

District Attorney of Sacramento County, Jan Scully. AKA Danielle, Sacramento prostitute 1990-91. Dated Author several times.
How Many does it take to say, "We have a Problem?"
I have not only been disadvantaged and attacked by U.S. Government assets over this information, in 2015, my sister succumbed to similar treatment, ending in her death.

Just the names on the Lists, and the level at which this Criminal Complaint is based, should have afforded me and my family Federal level Protections.
This is an American Tragedy that I cannot let the 30 Year Window Expire On.

Now! Do Your God Damned Job! You Fucking Assholes! =(17 National Security Agencies Combined).

Sincerely, Tracy Mapes

March 10, 2018
Media Subversion List - Published 2010  https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8752/17349971918_448bebfd3b_o.jpg

Media Subversion List - Published 2012

Media Subversion Map -  https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8790/17537830525_080b90fb98_o.jpg