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Let's "Re-Write" History

Today's "educational" system still lies to your kids 24/7
"I'm just a (fill in) dupe, patsy, lamb, sacrifice, misfit, commie, psychopath
If you grew up in the 70's or 80's or 90's, you were taught in school that there were certain truths about America and it's history that were sacrosanct and could never be seriously questioned. The Civil War was all about slavery and Lincoln was a heaven-sent saint who "saved the Union". The Lusitania was attacked by Germany for "no reason" and scores of civilians were callously murdered. The fact that she carried tons of armaments bound for England's war machine is never mentioned. It goes on and on. Pearl Harbor was a "dirty sneak attack" although we had broken the Japanese military codes and knew all about it. Enough to evacuate all the aircraft carriers and submarines from the island, just leaving ancient destroyers behind to become mass graves for the sacrificial sailors. A "day of Infamy" indeed. It goes on and on doesn't it? A never ending parade of fascist plots designed to confuse and rile up the masses into war frenzy. Yes, the old "false flag" is alive and well but the very concept is alien to the thought processes of our "educated" youth today. Most will mature into blind sheeple idiots that will still believe the Bin Laden fairy tale when they're old and grey. Show them absolute scientific proof that large traces of thermite were detected in WTC dust from the 911 attacks and they just stare and refuse to even consider what you are saying. "fake news" they whine. The government isn't THAT crazy and evil. Another deluded truther. Unfortunately most of these assumptions, propaganda, and deceptions all wind up in the history books as THE TRUTH. Oswald shot JFK all by his lonesome on a whim. A total space cadet in a semi-coma shot RFK from 6 feet away although the coroner says the gun was just six inches away. Your kids are actually going to believe all of this shit as they grow up because to question any of this Nazi-like revisionism is to brand yourself a potential subversive and possible future terrorist material. Of COURSE Oswald did Kennedy they'll swear. The generations that actually experienced Nov. 22, 1963 were much more skeptical because the media back then still had some reputable people that questioned authority on a regular basis. But as years rolled on, the official BS became the Bible. Just like the 911 Commission report. Same as the Warren report. Doesn't even mention 7 WTC, much less it's spectacular Alladin Hotel-like instant collapse via controlled demolition. No plane ever hit it and no fire ever brought down ANY skyscraper in history. If one building was already wired for controlled demolition, the other two (WTC Towers) had to be wired also. No way around that. But to identify with this belief can be hazardous to your health. The American Gestapo is a real entity. We're now in a crucial stage of almost total totalitarianism via the never ending stream of outright lies that are uttered every few hours by not only Trump, but Democrats and their MSM cabal as well. The Dems are flexing their lib "creds" right now by floating former Secretary of State and serial baby killer Madeline Albright in the cable news swamp. Her new book purports to espouse an "anti-fascist" viewpoint, warning of Trump's "undemocratic tendencies". This is the same woman who said "it was worth it" to kill 500,000 Iraqi children in order to topple Sadaam and steal his oil. THIS is who the Democrats are holding up to the world as an example of genuine humanitarian and anti-fascist sentiment and belief. She's always been nothing more than an Israeli puppet, attacking Netanyahu's enemies (just about everyone) in the guise of "anti-terrorism". Remember, her boss, Bill Clinton, was raking in millions laundering Coke $$ for Ollie North and buddies at the Mena Airport when he was Arkansas governor. Guns flew out, Cocaine & cash flew back. Barry Seal was the pilot and innocent civilians were massacred all over Central America, cartels grew fat, crack took over the streets and the Rose Law Firm grew fat on washed blood $$$. But he played the saxophone so he was "cool". The deceptions are flying fast and furious now as Trump is on the ultimate of public embarrassment ropes: Having a piss orgy with Russian hookers on a DVD the Russians peep-holed him with. Is he really THAT stupid? Duhhh- YEAH- he just might BE. An ancient Roman emperor's wife would have already jumped off a cliff behind Trump's disgusting behavior and arrogant disdain for anything resembling empathy or protocol or even common manners. He might really be the Antichrist for all I know. But my main point is that it's up to you and me to straighten out history while we still have the opportunity. Think of it like this: The average high school senior or college freshman was still gnawing at Mommy when 911 came down. They are wide open right now to digest new information. The gun thing has really radicalized a ton of kids- opened their minds to the fact that the government lies as a matter of policy and that they are bought by corporations like the NRA and their gun making cohorts. Same idiots that keep stockpiling nukes keep flooding America with portable WMD's. History is written by the winners unfortunately. Letting these goose-stepping gore-mongers win anything should be made as hard as possible. Let's "re-write" history and give the next generation a small chance of seeing through the cyber curtain into the realm of the REAL.

"government bought by corporations like the NRA" / "portable WMD's" Huh ??!? 30.Apr.2018 12:25


the NRA is not a "corporation", rather they are a not-for-profit entity.
Trump recently BTW, has strayed from the NRA line and given a tacit "approval" for additional gun legislation (particularly at the non-Federal level).

if both new production and imports into the U.S. of firearms had somehow stopped in 1993 TWENTY-FIVE Years Ago there would still be over 300 million guns existing in the United States.

Further: "assault rifles" (not really, because select-fire assault rifles are restricted to military-only ownership), that is semi-automatic rifles, account for less than 2 percent of _all_ gun deaths in the U.S. annually.
_All_ types of rifles (including semi-autos) account for less than 4 percent of U.S. gun deaths.

Three-fourths of gun crimes annually in the U.S. are committed with *STOLEN* or No-Serial-Number / serial-number-Removed (i.e. illegal) firearms; even with all of the gun Laws and regulations in place.
For example, the Clackamas Mall shooter back in 2013 *stole* that rifle; as did Adam Lanza, guns he used in the Sandy Hook school shooting.
As did the Central Michigan University  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/02/435525.shtml#452143
shoooter (stole gun from his Policeman dad, who was a cop in the Palace of Nation's-Most-Restrictive Gun Laws, Chicago).
Additionally, the recent Parkland school shooter had YEARS of warnings along with DOZENS of official school reports, acquaintance/classmate reports, law enforcement home visits and concerns about his behavior and use of firearms, but NOTHING was done to stop his deranged assault in advance.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/02/435507.shtml
Oh, and the Mass Corporate Media hasn't reported too much more on the Vegan who shot up YouTube HQ in California  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/04/435669.shtml recently... )

[RE: Laws and enforcement ] Remember, when seconds count the police are just minutes away...  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/01/435435.shtml

Additional gun laws (atop the already 100% Ineffective-For-Public-Safety and Penalizing-Solely-Law-Abiding-Firearm-Owner laws in place) will of course do absolutely ZERO to stop a psycho from renting a Van or automobile from Ryder / Hertz to mow down citizens in public or construct explosives (like the Colorado movie theater nutball did) to otherwise accomplish their mass destruction intent. Mere existence of firearms (of which there are presently over 400 million in U.S. citizen circulation) does not inherently characterize a risk, anymore than does the existence of 2-ton automobiles on our roads (which can be piloted by drunk drivers and flatten pedestrians), jet airliners (whose engines can explode over populated areas and suck out passengers from the cabin), etc.

2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a 'doomsday clause'; it explicitly allows for general populace to defend against oppression of a tyrannical government, by virtue of being basically armed (with standard weapons of an occupying infantry). How'd all that overwhelming military superiority and nuclear weaponry work out for the U.S. and Soviet Union in conquering Afghanistan? Iraq? Small arms and citizen access to them are key to holding oppressors and imperial governments at bay. Think about that next time you freak out about the NRA.

Get a brain, rAT

hahahahaha non profit??????????????? 14.May.2018 20:35


They gave Trump 30 million bucks!!!! Non- profit? They've become nothing more than a lobbying group for gun manufacturers who would sell nukes to Mexico if they could get away with it. Fuck them and Trump. The 2nd Amendment is fine with me, but I'm with the 94% that say "Fuck the NRA".
fuck the NRA
fuck the NRA