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New Evidence of City Corruption By fbi

In this report I draw on Texas AG order to city of McAllen to honor law. Also, I show how many Indymedia groups allow fbi assassins to block and ban me.
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
New Evidence On City corruption by fbi:

This report is in two parts which address 1) the corruption of local authorities and 2) provide background data that fbi deletes from most sites as soon as I post. 

Part One:

Crime spree continues by fbi & federal magistrate judges and cover up of same  by some government authorities .

After 15 years of fbi's  crimes against my person in the RGV which I document with police departments, prosecutors and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (AG), I now show evidence of professional corruption of the  local officials who cover up evidence of multiple *provocative offenses against me with apparent intent to find a way to subvert all laws and to assist fbi who seek to silence me.

See my original report from my site that fbi has not yet deleted:


In the alternate links below I document recent elaborate efforts by fbi, McAllen police, City Attorney and others to prevent me from access to some records in above referenced assault case.

The AG now addresses in his  letter dated April 18, 2018, the failure of the city to honor my Open Records Act (ORA) requests, AG  file ID number on my request: 705035, W025808-021318.

I also asked a member of the Texas legislature (L) to request AG to honor the ORA and to respond to my inquiries. I also advised the L of fbi 's torture by DEW/ELF/PSYOPS 24/7/365 while their provocative , criminal assault program continues.

The fbi now prevents most authorities from performing their lawful  duties and fbi thereby provides implied permission for fbi operatives  to continue to repeatedly engage in covert, criminal , provocative assaults on me regularly. The goal is to fabricate a way to arrest the Target.

All police, prosecutors et al.,  are transparently T r a i t o r s to the U.S. CONSTITUTION and should be prosecuted for their role as accessories to unending felonies committed by fbi agents & operatives over the past 15 years against me. 

The fbi also regularly deletes some of my online reports on their crimes.
The fbi and many Indymedia groups block and ban my reports on this and related topics.  

(NOTE: In the next link the fbi operative assigned to assault me expresses in 'comments' his frustration over my online documentaries
 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/03/435634.shtml?discuss )

Reports deleted by fbi and Indymedia:

Cruz case involving Jose Solis:

Detective Cruz in the Jose Solis case:

Alt links:



The following link on the Jose Solis matter is not yet deleted by fbi:

See the effects of fbi corruption on law and society in my papers here:

Separately I have documented crimes by USPI, Texas DPS , US Senator Cornyn et al., who help cover up the fbi crime spree; USPI KNIPFING & Tx DPS RODRIGUEZ are fully aware of, but ignore, fbi's attempts on my life and extensive psychological operations on me in El Paso,  Texas. The two corrupt cops also plant my name at the scene of a crime, knowing that fbi seeks to silence & discredit me.
Fbi and Austin Indymedia remove the report and ban me from all efforts to publish.

Fbi also repeatedly tries to ban me from publishing at Portland Indymedia, but without success to date.

Part two:

Reference and background information and law:

My open records request to AG on the Jose Solis assault case (mishandled by police) wrongfully denied by city attorney Evaristo Garcia who also refused to prosecute the man who confesses to the assault & battery.

In the 1st link of the BARBARA HARTWELL  report here:


...the fbi assassins delete the report from Chicago Indymedia. The same report is also removed from NYC Indy media. 

Additionally, many Indymedia block me from publishing. Eternal shame on NYC & CHICAGO Indymedias for their cover up of crimes by fbi operatives.





Evidence of cover-up across this country:

By letter dated April 18, 2018, to Evaristo Garcia,  the Texas Attorney General orders Evaristo Garcia to release the documents that I requested. 

The AG also shows in his letter that Garcia claims exemption from release of data under Section 552.136 of the Government Code. 

AG holds, "...we find you have not demonstrated any of the information at issue consists..." of those addressed by statute.
The AG OR number is OR 2018-08871, CITY I'D #707421, PIR No. W025808-021318.

GERAL SOSBEE  therefore concludes that the city of McAllen arbitrarily violated Open Records laws and cited irrelevant issues which the city officials knew did not apply. 
This deceit was uncovered by the AG. 

Thus, I suggest that cities across the country may intentionally hide or refuse to release data on crimes by fbi which are documented by this and other Targets.

homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA

Important report by RAMOLA DHARMARAJ & BARBARA HARTWELL 20.Apr.2018 14:32

GERAL gsosbee@gmail.com

Important podcast from RAMOLA DHARMARAJ and BARBARA HARTWELL on fbi/cia high crimes:


Texas A.G. is Mr. Ken Paxton 20.Apr.2018 17:05

GERAL gsosbee@gmail.com

Reference to the Texas Attorney General should be to Mr. Ken Paxton.