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A Wrap Up Of fbi and fmj Crimes

This report summarizes the methods and practices of fbi and fmj in their heinous crimes against innocent Targets.
Fbi wax house of horrors
Fbi wax house of horrors
A Wrap Up Of fbi and fmj Crimes

The main point that I believe all people need to realize with regard to Targets of fbi/cia/nsa neutralization campaigns (which today includes ordinary citizens with no connection to government operations) is this:

I have uncovered this  big secret by which these federal agencies ( in our case the fbi & cia) take over lives, torture and kill people:
 federal magistrate judges (fmj)  arm the fbi with secret,  sealed, civil court orders citing obscure  federal regulations that even attorneys are not familiar with. 

These orders are effective wherever the Targets travel, globally. The orders are modified whenever fbi forces any type of reaction to their assaults on Targets. Any sign of neurosis in a beleaguered Target is presented ex parte to the fmj for horrendous assaults and attempts on his/her life.
Remember that fmj owe their jobs (starting annual salary of around $200,000)and their careers to fbi. The fmj permits or entertains fbi secret ex parte meetings where fraudulent data is offered in order for fbi to institutionalize or imprison the Target (viz: HOOVER's statement, "Neutralize Them").

The fbi then further terrorize the Target by poisonings, pumping toxic fumes into the Targets' residence, attacking the Target with a variety of bio-chemical-viral agents and DEW/ELF  (deep space based military weaponry). 

Every where the Target goes, he/she is marginalized, demonized and endures character assassination based on these secret civil court orders. No constitutional protections from civil abuse apply.

In my case the fbi hijacked my life in revenge using a secret fmj court order in *El Paso, Texas in 1988. From that moment to now, my life is a living hell.

I was homeless for a decade. For the past 25 years I have been forced to move about 30 times from one apartment to another. The fbi engages drug dealers,  common criminals and foreign nationals to assault, harass and try to pick a fight with me. All government employees engage in harassment and threats when I meet them. ICE, DHS, IRS, US Marshals,  USPI, Border Patrol, Police, Texas DPS & Workforce Commission, Senator John Cornyn, etc., help fbi terrorize me. Even local police and private security guards eagerly 'pick on' me for their fbi friends.

Any attempt to flee the USA is a hopeless exercise because all governments honor the fmj secret orders against Targets (see my experiences in THAILAND).

The goal is to provoke a violent response from the Target and then to present to the insane fmj a recommendation for hospitalization in a mental ward, or imprisonment in jail (with coordination with controlled District Attorneys).

Recently, thugs have assaulted me in the mall, in movie theatres, in grocery stores, libraries and on the streets. Fbi operatives also assault me with their cars in traffic and then speed off in opposite direction. A few nights ago, as I and my wife were strolling, two fbi thugs described below stalked and assaulted us in their late model Ford truck: H/M 25yrs, 5'6", 160lbs, H/F, 25yrs, 5'6", 170lbs. The male pulled  out his smart phone and tried to engage us in his gibberish.  The female remained quiet, as though she was a witness. Finally, after about 4 minutes, I asked my wife why the two thugs stopped the truck to speak with us (I could not hear due to loss of hearing caused by ELF). My wife responded that the H/M (speaking English and Spanish) was crazy and pretended to need money. The female sat stupidly listening .

* Regarding my El Paso experience:

In 1998, while I lived in El Paso, Texas, my tenant JANE HATLEY was murdered by toxic fumes which fbi operatives directed at me. HATLEY had just moved in to my rental property which the fbi thought I was inhabiting. No one, except HATLEY & me) knew that I relocated overnight to a new temporary residence in order to escape terrorist assaults by fbi/cia in El Paso. Two prominent citizens in El Paso had direct connections to and received benefits (including money) from fbi/cia. They are accessories to the murder of HATLEY. 

All of these crimes with fmj acting as Principals with fbi are ongoing this minute against me and perhaps thousands of others.  My coronary artery disease and other injuries are directly related to fbi attempts on my life.

Our nation and all the world must discover the unconscionable crimes ongoing by fbi and cia and demand USA to stop them.
This truly is a tipping point in world and perhaps evolutionary history. Abominations by fbi/cia/mi5,6/ Surete/SS, etc. abound globally and their Targets have little or no support from the general population which sometimes eagerly joins in the atrocities delivered on Targets.

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