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Lloyd Hart Meme


Hmmmm 02.Apr.2018 12:27

LH dadapop@dadapop.com


hmmmm 02.Apr.2018 12:28

lh dadapop@dadapop.com


Man's greed shows no sign of diminishing. 03.Apr.2018 22:01

Red 'X' Society

I imagine the same taxation path as cigarettes.

When I was a kid, cigarettes were .50 cents a pack, an $5 bucks per carton. The industry was gutted by excessive taxation by any entrepreneurial non-profit that could legislate their slice of the pie for the sake of humanity, whether their cause had anything to do with smoking or not.

The price ballooned to $7 dollars a pack, or $70 dollars a carton. A 1350% increase in cost to the consumer.

When people voted for legalization, I imagine they pictured kicking back in the back patio with visions of a new found freedom, when in fact, they had just set themselves up for the financial abuses of the same municipalities that steal the farmer's water and land, and build over every inch for the tax and permit fees they can generate.

Yesterday, cigarettes, tomorrow pot, the next day??? Your guess?

We should out law municipal administration, the pack wolves of societal degeneration before their self indulging dissemination of natural resources destroys us all.

They are the Apocalypse.

-Tracy Mapes

Why the sin tax? 10.Apr.2018 19:10

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Tax this!