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Fbi lords

This report shows how fbi establishes itself as Lord over all, as though on a nearly deserted island of subjects.
(Ramola Dharmaraj contributes significantly to this presentation.)
Welcome to fbi lords' wax house of horrors
Welcome to fbi lords' wax house of horrors
Fbi as similar to ' Lord of the Flies' who are on a mission to conquer body, mind & soul.

Fbi acts out as Lord over their island of Targets (i.e.,'flies') whom the fbi isolate, torture, force into suicide and murder, all such crimes authorized by all powerful and secret federal magistrate judges. In a sense fbi is ' Lord of the Flies' (Golding) who govern their subjects with cruelty, animal barbarity and a markedly inhumane mentality. Fbi lords become so powerful that all people fear and obey them and all other government officials tripartite do whatever fbi dictates. The world and even the universe are the next domains for subjugation by fbi lords.



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