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Why Did The FBI Murder Mathemetician John Forbes Nash?

John Forbes Nash was a contoversial figure, who complained about FBI gaslighting for most of his life and may have been murdered by them.
John Forbes Nash was a brilliant mathemetician and received the Nobel prize for his Nash Equilibrium theory. He also came up with an alternative formula for the theory of relativity. He complained about being gaslighted by the FBI for most of his life and was diagnosed as Schizophrenic for this, possibly falsely. The movie a brilliant mind, starring Russel Crowe, portrayed this. On returning from an award ceremony, which I believe was another Nobel prize ceremony, he, his wife and their taxi driver met their deaths in a traffic accident.

Fact: the FBI is notorious for gaslighting. They called this COINTELPRO, which they still practice today. They do this for social control and many other reasons, as they are America's and now the world's political police. They are the primary enforcement arm of the New World Order. I've traveled the world and seen this with my own eyes. They are also notorious for political assassinations in the US and abroad, most notably South Africa. They also may have assassinated the Kennedy's, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. It seems very likely to me that they did. No one else could have done it, especially under Hoover's FBI, who personally referred the FBI as a "Gestapo organization." The FBI is also notorious for assassination by running target vehicles off-the-road, just ask the Chinese embassy. Everything I've stated above correlates with Professor Nash's likely assassination by the FBI. So begs the question, why did the FBI murder John Forbes Nash.

I think the first person to ask is his former partner Cedric Vilani. Hopefully someone out there can answer these questions. Be fearless and pay it forward.

God Bless