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My synthesis of fbi offenses

Reflections on fbi atrocities in the overthrow of  *USA government:
Reflections on fbi atrocities in the overthrow of  *USA government:



As a result of my near half century study of fbi (including the institution, their agents/operatives and supporters across a broad spectrum of government and society, I now in good conscience offer this synthesis:

All components of fbi are hopelessly corrupt and participate in (or remain silent about) widespread unconscionable crimes by fbi personnel,  including members of the community at large who are not officially connected to fbi.

I have previously documented extensive examples of fbi's indefensible crimes against our people.

Clearly, the fbi corrupts all other government agencies & departments of government tripartite. No one dare expose fbi crimes because their positions require adherence to fbi dictates, written & implied.

The fbi for 100 years thrives by engaging in torture, imprisonment,  mayhem and murder in the name and by authority of the people and many federal judges. 

Those selected for persecution/prosecutions and death include:
Individuals identified as alleged 
A) terrorists B) criminals C) whistleblowers D) activists E) having professional or personal weaknesses which fbi deems unacceptable  F) miscellaneous categories which are known to fbi's inner circle of very evil human beings.

I have learned from my experiences and from the suffering of others that
our complex socio-economic system is often incomprehensible to many people and our laws obscured and inaccessible in courts. In some instances only fbi, federal magistrate judges and prosecutors are familiar with the laws that painfully impact millions of people.
E.G. :

All of the millions In jail, or under threat of imprisonment and all who are railroaded into mental wards or jail cells are victims of a system of justice gone mad.

Until the inhumanity of fbi's crime spree (unprecedented in human affairs,  including torture and forced suicide via DEW/ELF/PSYOPS, etc.), 
is thoroughly addressed & corrected, I now believe that all who are subjected to imprisonment or death are innocent on a relative basis.

 The fbi intends to harm and kill people and all police are trained in the fbi's macabre culture. The people of USA have a duty to all human beings, to mankind and to Providence to stop fbi's outrageous high crimes, treason, and unbridled violence.

For more information in support of this article, see my papers at 


Thank you kindly.


homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA

got it 29.Mar.2018 21:57


we all know


Anonymous fool 29.Mar.2018 22:06

GERAL gsosbee@gmail.com

is written by a coward who presumes to speak for all the people on a matter which is not generally 'known'.

We got it 2 29.Mar.2018 23:02


---> Shit GERAL look at the Newswire ----> every other few Newswire posts are from you ---- why be so repetitive?
---> I am not a coward I am only pointing out the reality ----> so as i said "we all know"

Fbi operative/assassin can't hide his hideous character 29.Mar.2018 23:22


"We All Know, II"
is written by cyber stalker, aka, J.Robert Upton, aka fbi disinformation agent who seeks to criticize me for my many reports on crimes by fbi. He is also probably one of the fbi torturers who seeks to kill me in any manner possible.

Talk About Paranoia 30.Mar.2018 11:13

We Know

Not true GERAL
How the hell would you know who I am
I live in Portland and read your post all the time
Not because I'm interested
But because you fill this Newswire up daily
Come on we know it - over n over
Run a website or a blog
But filling the PIMC Newswire with your rants over and over is getting old
No I'm not the FBI
Just a Portland citizen that is letting you know that "we know" all about it

"We know" is in fact a fbi foolish operative 30.Mar.2018 12:55


Background on fbi efforts to discourage me from publishing at Portland Indymedia:

Yes, the sneaky critic pretends to be a casual reader, but his second post/comment reveals his contempt for me by use of his filthy language and reference to  'repetitive reports.' 

For many years a similar effort is made to verbally assault me when I post on Portland Indymedia. 

SEE comments by Judy Spencer, aka, "ditto", aka J.Robert Upton,  aka fbi, aka "we know" and "ditto" here:

Again fbi's anonymous Judy Spencer (pretending to be a female) uses his usual 4 letter word in last comment here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/09/418123.shtml?discuss

New comment by "we know" where he pretends to be a casual reader in Portland:


Revealing timing of present comments by fbi stalker "we know":

Note that my article that he pretends to have read has several links to other articles and I wrote it at
29.Mar.2018 21:52

The full story that I present would take more than 5 minutes to study, but anonymous fbi critic pretends to have read it all in 5 minutes. The 2nd link in the post is to my article on NewCiv.Org which has several links to other studies.  My link to Academia also has multiple complex papers. So, our fbi thug "we know" pretends to have read them all in 5 minutes, and he proclaims to 'know' .

The fbi thug comments at
29.Mar.2018 21:57

and his last comment appeared at 29.Mar.2018 23:02

He stalks me online to try to discourage readers. He probably also tortures me with ELF.

BARBARA and I identified his previous alias as J.Robert Upton in different reports. In one post I quoted the thug and showed his dirty language:

 link to austin.indymedia.org

I believe that he is an assassin and serial killer for fbi.

If the little guy ' We know ' would just stop using aliases, identify himself with dob, photo. DD214, address, etc. we could all 'know' his real motive for harassment online.

GERAL SOSBEE, DOB:8-30-45, P.O.BOX 3834, McAllen Texas 78502

Over n over n over we go 30.Mar.2018 16:51

We Know

Well you are wrong about me being that "other" person and or the FBI
How do you tell a paranoid person anything?
The fact that you want to just argue that I am someone else is missing the issue
You constantly repeat your self over n over on this Newswire with the same messages
Heck you don't probably even live in this region do you?
There is at least a dozen posts "all from you" currently on the Newswire right now
For Petes sake how many articles do you have to post to tell your story?
I bet none of this will resonate and all you will say is I'm the FBI
Can't wait for your next article... I bet it's a repeat of what we already know

"We know" nothing 30.Mar.2018 17:25

GERAL gsosbee@gmail.com

"We know" knows nothing.
He is a punk fbi operative who pretends to obsess over my posts :"There is at least a dozen posts "all from you" currently on the Newswire right now "
Get lost little man.