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My synthesis of fbi offenses

Reflections on fbi atrocities in the overthrow of  *USA government:
Reflections on fbi atrocities in the overthrow of  *USA government:



As a result of my near half century study of fbi (including the institution, their agents/operatives and supporters across a broad spectrum of government and society, I now in good conscience offer this synthesis:

All components of fbi are hopelessly corrupt and participate in (or remain silent about) widespread unconscionable crimes by fbi personnel,  including members of the community at large who are not officially connected to fbi.

I have previously documented extensive examples of fbi's indefensible crimes against our people.

Clearly, the fbi corrupts all other government agencies & departments of government tripartite. No one dare expose fbi crimes because their positions require adherence to fbi dictates, written & implied.

The fbi for 100 years thrives by engaging in torture, imprisonment,  mayhem and murder in the name and by authority of the people and many federal judges. 

Those selected for persecution/prosecutions and death include:
Individuals identified as alleged 
A) terrorists B) criminals C) whistleblowers D) activists E) having professional or personal weaknesses which fbi deems unacceptable  F) miscellaneous categories which are known to fbi's inner circle of very evil human beings.

I have learned from my experiences and from the suffering of others that
our complex socio-economic system is often incomprehensible to many people and our laws obscured and inaccessible in courts. In some instances only fbi, federal magistrate judges and prosecutors are familiar with the laws that painfully impact millions of people.
E.G. :

All of the millions In jail, or under threat of imprisonment and all who are railroaded into mental wards or jail cells are victims of a system of justice gone mad.

Until the inhumanity of fbi's crime spree (unprecedented in human affairs,  including torture and forced suicide via DEW/ELF/PSYOPS, etc.), 
is thoroughly addressed & corrected, I now believe that all who are subjected to imprisonment or death are innocent on a relative basis.

 The fbi intends to harm and kill people and all police are trained in the fbi's macabre culture. The people of USA have a duty to all human beings, to mankind and to Providence to stop fbi's outrageous high crimes, treason, and unbridled violence.

For more information in support of this article, see my papers at 


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