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NYPD Probing Female Black Officer Who Rapped About 'War' On White Cops

NYPD investigators are looking into whether a black probationary cop crossed the line in 2016 when she made a racially-charged rap video declaring "war against the white man on the beat."

The officer has tried her best to scrub the footage from social media, but at least one clip still remains on Instagram.

"It's the war against the white man on the beat with his handguns, quick to pull out on a n-ga if he dare run," says Atisha "Nukstarr" Samuel, now a probationary cop serving the Midtown North Precinct, according to police sources.

"They say we gotta make America great again, we were never great, we were slaves and caged in," the 26-year-old adds, as images related to police violence flash across the screen.

"They see us like a gorilla in a jungle... So we gotta get it... A black ski mask and a black fitted... Got my crew and a couple hittas... My momma need bread so Imma go and get it."
Needless to say, Samuel's brothers in blue are a bit worried about where her loyalty lies.

"I don't feel safe," said one cop. "How can I trust she will have my back?"

Another officer added, "If a white cop said that about blacks he would be fired."

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I'm of two minds here 29.Mar.2018 05:55

Mike Novack

Because I remember an incident 50 some years ago. Outside the main library in Philadelphia, a number of us were trying to help a man get into his car (keys locked inside). Now this make/model of car made that very difficult to do (lock door with keys inside ==> a partial lock malfunction, usually ice) but also a very hard make/model of car to break into without breaking a window. The anti break in shields meant a wire going in had to snag the opposite side door lock.

We tried and tried with no success. Finally a very young Black cop showed up. He asked if he could give it a try. It didn't take him 60 seconds. Then he all of a sudden looked very sheepish. All too obvious with that professional level of skill that a year or two before he had been "playing for the other side".

Look, I taught HS in the inner city. You could not all that well predict how some of the kids would turn out. I ran into several a couple years later in surprisingly respectable career paths.

Corporate Trash 29.Mar.2018 19:17

tom foolery

The mere fact this crappy repost was posted here is because of ignorance of the reposter.

Mike Novack's response legitimizes this article 30.Mar.2018 09:19


and invalidates 'tom foolery'.