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NJ Police Officers Suspended After Storming Domino's Over Undelivered Pizza

A pair of New Jersey police officers were suspended after one of them was caught on camera pushing a manager at a Domino's against a wall because their pizza didn't get delivered on time.

Video obtained exclusively by News 4 shows the two Jersey City police officer storming one of the pizza chain's locations on Communipaw Avenue and pushing the branch's manager up against a wall in an incident the manager, Mena Kirolos, said was spurred because of a missed pizza delivery Tuesday evening.
Kirolos said the altercation followed an order where a driver got to the delivery location but didn't get an answer. A while later, Kirolos said he got a call from the officers, upset the pizza hadn't been delivered.

"He said he was coming to my store, so I waited 10, 15 minutes, no one showed up," he said.

Video and more info :

homepage: homepage: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Jersey-City-New-Jersey-officers-Suspended-After-Accosting-Dominos-Manager-Over-Undelivered-Pizza-478241573.html